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A Query for Disease Through Prashna Jyotish Using Tamil Texts

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In this Article I am going to discuss a Query regarding disease through Prashna Jyotish using the Tamil Texts .

A Query was raised recently for disease of a Native  and the Chart is Below . For Reasons best known I am not disclosing the Details  of the Query .I am sorry for the Negative results of the Prashna .


The Panchang of the Day

Day is Wednesday and the Lord is Mercury  Placed in 8th house

Tithi is  SP-11

Nakshatra  Jyestha  Lord is Mercury and Placed in the 8th house  . Moon in the nakshatra of Mercury and Rahu with Mercury in the 8th house aspected by Retrograde Saturn and Fallen Saturn is another Critical parameter

Yoga  Indra

Karna Vanija and the Lord is Placed in the 6th house and is the Lord of the 10th house . Its Placement in the 6th house is not Good.

Hora Lord is Venus  Placed in the 6th house and its dispositor is in the 8th house .

Gulika Placed in the Sign Virgo at 21.08 degrees hence Gulika Lord Mercury and Navamsha of Cancer and Hence the Navamsha Lord of Gulika is Moon

Mrityu Sputa Scorpio 14.18 degrees

Deha Sputa Libra  18.50 Degrees

Pran Sputa Libra 8.34 Degrees

DBA Planets Mercury-Mercury-Saturn till 14-9-2017 and then Mercury-Ketu, Mercury is Gulika Lord Placed in the 8th house with Rahu and aspected By Retrograde and Fallen Saturn  are Moat Malefic Parameters for Recovery  and Dasha of Mercury -Ketu will be still worse since Mars and Sun are Placed in the 6th from Ketu

Principles of Disease In the Prashna as per Tamil Shastra  

Please note the Parameters are with respect to Tamil Prashna Jyotish and Not Parashar Prashna Jyotish and the Friendship of Planets is different in this Technique then the Parashar 

6th and the 8th houses are the most difficult houses  and 6th house talks about Disease and 8th house talks about death associated , if inimical Planets in these houses then disease cannot be cured. Here in the Chart the 6th Lord is in the 8th house in inimical sign and with Rahu is most difficult parameter since the Fallen and Retrograde Saturn aspects this house from the 11th house . Rahu and Mercury in the 8th house are extremely Malefic Component in this chart.

Moon with Rahu or Connection with Rahu is extremely malefic for Disease associated Prashna and here Moon is in the nakshatra of Mercury and Mercury is with Rahu in the 8th house , hence cure is not possible.

The Day is Wednesday and the Lord is Mercury placed in the 8th house with Rahu who is in Gandantha and about to enter the 7th house . The Day Lord is Placed in the yama of Scorpio the 11th house of the Chart where Fallen Retrograde Saturn and Debilitated Moon are Placed and the Yama Lord Mars is also In Debilitation and Placed in the 7th house of Diseases with 8th Lord Sun  is the Most Malefic Parameter for the Recovery of the Native from Diseases

Mercury is also the 6th and the 9th Lord and will go in Retrogression on the 13th August 2017 at 17.32 degrees in Leo and will become direct on the 5th Sept. 2017 at 4.20 degrees . This Parameter is not at all good  for the Native for whom the Query has been put. Mercury is the 6th Lord and has crossed the 15 Degrees and also crossed the MEP of the Lagna at 12.25  the Disease of the Native is in full form and since Mercury is going in Retrogression there will be Relapse and on the 26th Sept. 2017 Mercury going in the 9th house becoming strong is the Most malefic Parameter for the Disease of the Native


The Lagna is Prishtodayo  and Malefic and Prishtodayo Planet Saturn aspects the Lagna in Fallen and Retrograde condition is Extremely weak and Not good for cure

Arudha Lagna is Gemini as per the Direction faced by the Querist and is the 6th house of the chart and a Shirshodayo Lagna , but was aspected by Saturn after 26th Jan 2017 and also By Mars after 20th Jan 2017, hence these Dates become extremely important for this Prashna .

The Chaitra Rashi is Scorpio  and Need not be explained, since having Fallen Saturn, Debilitated Moon and the Dispositor of Both Debilitated in the 7th house of Disease  totally Combusted and Debilitated

Disease   Since the Lagna is in the 2nd Dreshkanne the Disease is between the Neck and the Waist., Since the Navamsha is the ist Navamsha of the 2nd Dreshkanne the Disease is in the upper part  and Just Below the Neck and the Productive Parts Breast .The 6th Lord is in the sign Leo which Governs the Chest , 6th House has Venus hence Disease in Private Parts of the Body, since a Women , The native has Cancer in the Breast and also Issues in the Utres.

Malefics in the 7th house and Moon afflicted badly the native will not recover and can lose life . Mars Debilitated and Combusted  with Sun the 8th Lord in the 7th house most difficult Parameter for the Recovery

6th house has Venus hence the Diseases of the Stomatch  , Dyssentry,Dheoria

Rahu with 6th Lord  Poison, Mercury Skin Problems and Mental Problems

Dhoom aspects 6th house Mums and Odema

Saturn aspects the 6th Lord Mercury hence disease associated with Lungs , Asthama

The Worst Parameter is the Lagna of the Prashna chart is the Dwadamsha Sign of Sun which is Capricorn in the D12 Chart for Recovery 

Moon is Extremely weak Debilitated and with Retrograde Fallen Saturn the lagna Lord  and the Dispositor of Moon is Mars who is Totally combusted and Debilitated , hence very weak chances of Recovery and Disease will linger on

Evil Planets in the 8th house Rahu and 6th Lord who is also the Gulika Lord  Mercury

From the Rising nakshatra  the problems are in the abdomen

Gulika and Rahu in the 8th house the Native may face acute Problems due to Food Poisoning

The Arudha Lagna Falls in the 6th house and in the sign of Mercury the Native can lose life due to Honey

Rahu and Mercury in the 8th house the ill effect of the Pretas and Family Diety

D6 Chart 

6th Lord of the Prashna chart is Mercury and is associated with Mars and is 12th Lord is not good

In the D6 chart the Placement of the Lagna Lord Saturn , Lagna Lord of the Dreshkanne chart Venus has to seen w.r.t Ketu and they are ill placed hence there will be no cure

D8 Chart 

The Lagna of the D8 Chart Cancer is afflicted badly along with the Lagna Lord Moon placed in the 10th house aspected by Saturn the 8th Lord

8th Lord of the Ashtamsha should be strong then Life is ssmooth here it is Fallen and afflicted By Debilitated Mars in the Lagna , hence it is not smooth sailing for the native , weak 8th Lord of D8 is short Life and hence the Native has to be careful and get her Treatment in time to escape the worst things on the Cards

Mrityu Sputha is the Highest Longitude Most malefic Parameter

Navamsha of Moon is Sag 16.0 degrees , Gulika Navamsha is Cancer  and Mrityyu Sputa Navamsha is Scorpio, Hence if the Native gets good Medication then can come over the Diseases when Jupiter goes in the Sign Scorpio the Chaitra Rashi  which is the Most Importat Rashi in the Chart 

Timing of Events  

The Navamsha Lagna is also Aries and a Malefic and Prishtodayo sign having Rahu and when Mars reaches the Lagna of the Prashna Lagna on the 3rd May 2018

Navamsha Lord Mars is in the 5th Navamsha hence adding 5 Days in the Query chart 7th August will be most malefic for the Native Health and disease.

Moon is in the Navamsha of Jupiter and Jupiter is in the 7th Navamsha hence the worst Time will be after 7 Months  1st Feb 2018

Sun will reach the Dwadamsha Sign on the 14th Jan 2018, Hence From 7th August to 3rd May 2018 will be the worst Period for the native health more so till 14th Jan. 2018

Navamsha of Moon is Sag 16.0 degrees , Gulika Navamsha is Cancer  and Mrityu Sputa Navamsha is Scorpio, Hence if the Native gets good Medication then can come over the Diseases when Jupiter goes in the Sign Scorpio the Chaitra Rashi  which is the Most Important Rashi in the Chart

The 6th Lord Mercury will be in Slow Motion from the 13th August when it becomes Retrograde till 5th Sept. 2017 will be most Crucial Period for the native and Relapse of Disease and Repeat of the Medical Treatment again and again, Unfortunately Mercury the 6th Lord will become Exhalted on the 27th Sept. 2017 will be most Crucial for the disease of the Native 

Remedies Mercury is Karka for Injections and Mars for Operations and both afflicted badly . The native is advised to Propitiate Lord Kartika on Shasti Tithi and also Propitiate 9th Lord from Sun Jupiter for Reliefs . Recovery only possible when Jupiter goes in the Chaitra Rashi after 11th Oct. 2018. Advised Yellow clothes, Thursday Pooja for Jupiter and Donating clothes and Books for the Poor Children.

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