Analysing Brawl Between Countries

The Brawl Between the Countries and Explosive Planetary Positions Indicate Bumpy Rides On the Corner

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In his Article I am going to discuss the planetary configurations which may provoke the possibilities of the Brawl Between the US- North Korea, Indo-China and the Gulf War taking an aggressive stance for a short period between the 7th August to 26th Oct. 2017  

US has No Options left now as the Twin Eclipses in the 1/7 axis of the Moon in close degrees  and  are on the corner and Nodes change to direct Motion between 7th August to 25th August 2017  capable of turning the tables upside down and then Mars Joining Rahu on the 26th August when Saturn will be stationary from 20th August to 30th August 2017 is Most Provocative Period. I am Afraid to write the impact can be huge and may blow off the Surge in the Financial Markets. The  Mars and Rahu Degree conjunction is called an Angarak yoga and indicates Explosions, Fire, Disasters from 26th August to 9th Sept. 2017 when the Nodes also regress in the Cancer-Capricorn axis and Ketu gets the Aspect of Fallen Saturn in the Darkest sign of the Zodiac till 26th Oct. 2017. The above indicates that though the Period is short for big wars , Mars can definitely act as an ammunition dump between the 26th August to 2-3 Sept. 2017 as per true Nodes and as per Mean Nodes after 17th August 2017. After 8th Sept. 2017 Fallen Saturn will aspect Ketu in the Darkest Sign of the Zodiac till 26th Oct. 2017

Roman God Saturn reaching in Fallen Condition after 59 years in Scorpio will be more explosive now since at the time of its getting fallen is connected to all planets except Venus on the 21st June 2017, hence the Situations are likely to get more complicated that what they were 59 years back. Apart from this a Major Earthquake natural and unnatural disaster is also on the Cards like the ones happened 59 years back. Hence the Planetary configurations will be adverse till Nov. 2017  and may be till Mars Reaches its own sign Scorpio on the 16th Jan. 2018
The Indo -China Brawl is not better and can escalate during the above time frame and China will take an aggressive stance with India , since the Ascendant of China is Capricorn and Rahu and Mars conjunction in the 7th House in Transit as per Mean Nodes and as per True Nodes 26th August could be explosive between the 2 Countries
Need less to Talk about the Gulf War as well which may also take a sudden change like the June 1990 war

The ISIS will also be active during the above Time Frame .
The Planetary Positions and the Twin Eclipses in one Month could be responsible for all the above any time from the 7th August 2017
Read My 13 Articles on my Webpage since 6th April 2017 and even before that . My Predictions on dot. No Astrologer Predicted the fallen Saturn effects since in Parashar we do not Consider Saturn in Scorpio fallen and also Adverse Rahu is not considered .
I had written and Predicted long back of all these happenings and Now Astr0logers have started writing now when every thing is obvious for the Future

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