Catastrophic Planetary Positions Knocking On the Door ,What They Have Up Their Sleeves ?

As already mentioned by me in more than 2 dozen of Articles written on my webpage the Planetary Positions are Catastrophic and knocking on the Door . My Predictions for the Dera Chief Ram Rahim have been on Dot along with n number of Events Predicted on my webpage and the link for MY TRUE PREDICTIONS

The Twin Eclipses in the Month of August can be Explosive Lunar Taking Place on the 7th August and Solar Eclipse On the 22nd August 2017 already taken Place and Rahu in Adverse motion from 7th August to 24th August 2017 is the Most Crucial Parameter and has the Capacity to Aggravate the Situations and Turn the Tables upside Down , Saturn Becoming Direct on the 25th August 17.36 Hrs and Mars Joining the Sign Leo on the 26th August and Activating the Eclipse Point on the 2nd Sept. 2017 could be ammunition dump and the Present War Like conditions may aggravate till 8th Sept 2017. The Mars Rahu Degree conjunctionin Gandantha on the 26th August when Saturn will also be in Stationary motion and aspecting Rahu could be Bolt from the blue as Discussed in this Article…/twin-eclipses-in-august-201…/
Also Read My 12 Articles on my Webpage since 31st May 2017 and even before that . My Predictions on dot even as per the dates now Look from the 26th to 31st July 2017 are most malefic Dates since Rahu isn Adverse motion in Gandantha in Fiery sign and aspected by Fallen Saturn from Scorpio whose Lord is Debilitated and totally combusted and see what all is happening in the world . No Astrologer Predicted the fallen Saturn effects since in Parashar we do not Consider Saturn in Scorpio fallen.and also Adverse Rahu is not considered . I am much Surprised on these Parameters . Read the following articles 
I had written Long back of these Happenings and Now Astrologers are writing when the Events are coming very close and Obvious. No One could Dream or write Earlier
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In this Article I want to Remind the Viewers that we are on the Brink of the Natural, Unnatural, Manmade Disasters such as Earthquakes, Volcanos, Tornados,   Explosions, Fire, Military Attacks, Chemical weapons usage War Like conditions , Political Tug of War ,  from 27th August to 4th Dec. 2017 and to fine Tune it till 13th Oct 2017

The Following Parameters acquire a Special dimension 

  1. Fallen Saturn has Turned Direct and Stationary till 30th August will be most Venomous for the above  and strong Effect on the Financial Markets 
  2. Mars will ingress in Leo and will be Degree conjunct with North Node on the 27th August 2017 at 08-30 hrs. and will have the aspect of Fallen, Stationary Saturn most Catastrophic in the Present Scenario. 
  3. Mars Reaching the Eclipse Point between the 2nd Sept. to 5th Sept. 2017 will be Ammunition dump for those Countries who have the Eclipses in the 1/7 axis , 4/10 axis or 2/8 axis over the Ascendant , Sun, Moon or the 8th House or the 8th Lord  
  4. The Total Annular Solar Eclipse has taken place in Leo on the 22nd August 2017 and the Countries who will be influenced most will be US, North Korea, China, India and so many  other Countries  and will be prone to the above mentioned Tragedies . US  and China will be Influenced most along with Countries along the Coastal line Specially for Natural disasters and an Earthquake of over 8.00 is on the Cards 
  5. Mars will remain in Leo till 13th Oct. 2017 and will have the return aspect of Fallen Saturn till 13th Oct 2017 and then again after 26th Oct. 2017 by Saturn from Sagitarius sign on Mars in Virgo till 29th Nov. 2017. There will be degree return aspect of Mars and Saturn on the 11th Oct. 2017 most crucial 
  6. Mercury the Karka for  Stock markets will turn Direct on the 5th Sept. 2017 will also influence the Financial Markets  and Reach the Exhaltation sign on the 26th Sept. 2017 bringing a downward trend since in the Bearish sign .
  7. Mercury Retrograde till 5th Sept. 2017 will be responsible for an Earthquake with high intensity since aspected By Fallen Saturn from Scorpio and will be degree conjunct with Mars on the 5th Sept. 2017 the Day it becomes direct . Mercury will rise in the East on the 1st Sept. 2017. The Surge in the Stock Market was due to Saturn and Mercury turning Retrograde , hence the change will come from 28th August to 8th Sept. 2017 and a big one it so seems , specially when the North node is also with Mercury , Mars and Having aspect of Stationary Saturn till 30th August 2017
  8. On the 28th August 2017 can prove to be Most Catastrophic , since Moon will be with Fallen Saturn  having aspect of Mars after 13.32 hrs. IST which seems to be most Malefic and a Catastrophic Day since the Decision of the Dera Chief Ram Rahim has also to come on this Day and again Violence is on the Cards . I will write separately for the Results for the same on the 28th August 2017
  9. North Node Rahu will be in Forward Motion from the 28th to 8th Sept. 2017 and will be with Mars and having aspect of Fallen Saturn , Rahu will be in ths Position will be at the Junction point of Cancer and Leo. Rahu has the Capacity to turn the Tables upside down 
  10. Jupiter changing sign to Libra on the 12th Sept. 2017. A Planet which cannot Exhalt in a sign is supposed to be weak in that sign, Since Cancer sign is the 10th from Libra and we have only 9 Navamsha , It can Debilitate in the 4th Navamsha . it will pass through 3 Nakshatras , Chitra, Swati and Vishaka, 
  11. The Planetary Positions are changing Till 26th Oct. 2017 Saturn will aspect Ketu in Capricorn the Darkaest sign of the Zodiac, hence around the 11th Oct 2017 will again be most malefic , since Mars and Saturn will have a return aspect degree  wise and Ketu will have degree aspect of Saturn by 3rd aspect in Capricorn
  12. Saturn will cross the Retrogression mark around the 2nd Dec. 2017 till such time it can Prove disasterous

The Countries Prone to Natural Disasters are Indonesia, Japan, Phillipines, Portugal, Marocco, Spain, UK, China, India and US Strong Earthquake, Tornado, Volcano cannot be ruled Out 

Brawl between US-N Korea , Indo-China, Gulf War, ISIS becoming extremely Active for Terrorism Cannot be ruled out 

Terrorism  Prone  India, US, Europe, Pakistan , Specially UK 

Political Tug of War In India  Read this– I have already Predicted some time back and Proving on dot —–

Astrology is amazing . Saturn on the wheel till 30th August and most malefic for the BJP as written by me in my Article…/what-stars-foretell-for-bjp…/ Dated 12th August
The Transit Fallen Saturn aspects the Natal Fallen Saturn cancelling the Rajyogas in the Foundation chart of BJP and Rahu Adverse and Transit Saturn over the natal Moon in Scorpio at almost same degrees . Saturn aspects the 3rd House of Rail Tracks and hence the Happenings


In a Nut shell the Period Starting from the 28th August Monday can be Catastrophic in the Present Scenario for the Global events in all respects 

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