Fallen Stationary Retrograde Roman God Saturn On The Wheel,Fate of Dera Chief Ram Rahim Hanging

by anil aggarwala

This is in continuation to my article “Verdict on Dera Chief Ram Rahim: What Stars Foretell ?” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/08/verdict-on-dera-…t-stars-foretell/ dated 24th August 2017

Let me again reproduce the same here for ready reference 

A day after a special CBI court in Panchkula reserved its verdict in the rape trial of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim, alias MSG, for August 25, the police in Haryana’s Sirsa, where the sect has its headquarters, held a security drill at the Police Lines on Friday to deal with any untoward incident in case of a verdict against the sect head.
Alerts have already been issued by Punjab and Haryana as the Dera has following concentrated in the inter-state border districts of the two states, which have sought central forces from the Union home ministry. Police in Panchkula, Mohali and Chandigarh have cancelled leave of the staff. The case goes back 15 years, and the allegations are that the Dera head sexually exploited at least two female followers.

A special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court in Panchkula will pronounce its verdict in an alleged rape case against Sirsa-based Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh on August 25.
After hearing final arguments in the 15-year-old case, special CBI judge Jagdeep Singh reserved orders for August 25 and asked the dera chief, who was earlier questioned through videoconferencing due to security reasons, to remain present in the court at 2.30pm on the said date.

  • April 2002: An anonymous complaint of a woman follower alleging sexual exploitation by Dera Sacha Sauda chief reaches Punjab and Haryana high court
  • May 2002: HC directs Sirsa district and sessions judge to conduct an inquiry
  • September 2002: HC hands over the case to the CBI when the district and sessions judge report indicates possibility of sexual exploitation
  • December 2002: CBI books dera chief under sections of rape, criminal intimidation and acts intended to insult modesty of a woman
  • July 2007: Chargesheet filed against dera head
  • August 2008: Trial starts after framing of charges
  • August 17 2017: Arguments closed and August 25 fixed for pronouncement of orders.

On Thursday, thousands of dera followers gathered at the Sirsa district courts from where Ram Rahim was to appear before the CBI court through videoconferencing. The dera chief, who enjoys a Z-plus security cover, however, did appear.

Let us have a look at the Planetary positions at the time of the verdict on the 25th August  14.30 hrs.   for the anonymous complaint  of a women follower alleging sexual exploitation by Dera Sacha Sauda in April 2002.

The Decision is being taken after  over 15 years  4 months . As Far as Astrology is concerned the Planet Venus Comes into Play  due to the Declination Figure of Venus ., Hence the Decision will come when Venus and Mars are together  and Mars about to Join the Kendra and Separate from Venus . 26th Nov. 2017 Venus will reach the Lagna Scorpio will also be an Important date for the Defender Totally Surrendering  it so seems 

The Predictions depend upon the Time given 14.30 hrs. if this changes then the Predictions may not hold True But Saturn Significations will hold since in Most malefic Condition and Stationary  and represents the masses , death and massacare

In the cases of Litigations, the plaintiff is the one who goes in the Court to seek justice  and file a suit. The defender is the one against whom the Case is framed . Here in this Case Dera Chief is the Defender

Houses and Planets 

9th to 2nd house are the houses of the Plaintiff and 3rd to 8th the houses of the Defender. The Plaintiff or the defender wins depending upon which group of Houses have more Benefics . In the above chart the Houses of the Plaintiff has all the Benefics , hence the Defender  Dera Chief Ram Rahim will lose the case and the Verdict will come against him

The Panchang of the Day

The Day is Friday and the Lord is Venus placed in the 9th house with Debilitated Lagna Lord Mars and ill Placed from the 10th house/10th Lord and also 8th house / 8th Lord . Venus the Day Lord is Placed in the Yama of Leo which is the 10th house of the chart of Judge  or Authorities and the Investigation. The Yama Lord is Placed in own sign with Rahu in Forward Motion and Mercury the 8th and the 11th Lord In retrogression

Sun is the Judge

Mercury the Lawyer is afflicted in the chart hence the Lawyer may not be prepared properly

Rahu the Jail  and will  be extremely Malefic for the Judgement against the Defender 28th August to 9th Sept .2017 Rahu Adverse 

Protesters in favour of  Dera may be active during this Time for Protests against the Verdict

Lagna Lord Mars Ingress in Leo will be most malefic for the Defender on the 27th August 2017 08-30 hrs. The Planet which is about to enter a sign acquires a special dimension and Mars is about to join the 10th house and Gain Strength , hence most important in the chart 

Lagna Has Retrograde  Saturn and Stationary and in the 9th Navamsha and aspects Moon and In Navamsha also with Moon , hence since Retrograde the Case is 9 years old of August 2008 when the Trial Starts of the Framing of Charges . Saturn is also at the MEP of Lagna.  This Parameter is most alone is most Malefic , Venomous for the Verdict and the untoward happenings after the Verdict 

The Karna is Vishti  and most malefic for the Karya siddhi . The masses are represented by Saturn who is the Vishti Karna Lord and Placed in the Lagna f and is Stationary and Fallen , this can make the Verdict Status Quo hence the Defender in Jail for a Long time 

The Masses will resort to Breaking of Law and Untoward happenings with Magnitude  by the Protesters of the Dera Chief

Dispute will Prolong due to following Reasons 

  1. Lagnesh and Moon are not Related the defender may go to higher court
  2. 7th Lord Venus with 6th Lord
  3. Mercury is afflicted in the 10th house
  4. Fixed Lagna the Case will proceed further

Nature of Judgement 

Strong 10th Lord in the 10th House Sun aspected By Saturn , courts favours the opponent

Sun in the 10th House Punitive Punishment since Rahu is also Placed there  is Jail

Mercury in the 10th House Mixed Judgement and with Adverse Rahu is capable of turning the Glass of water upside down tp give  unexpected Judgement .

Success In appeal

Since the 3rd Lord Saturn, Nakshatra Lord of 3rd Lord Mercury and sign Lord of 3rd Lord Mars are related to 6th and 11th House or Lords , there will be success in appeal to go in higher Courts

The Defender will  not get Bail 

Lagnesh and Moon are not in movable signs hence Bail will not be granted , Lagnesh and Moon are not in Kendra

DBA Planets are Moon-Sun-Venus, since not related to the Relevant houses , hence no bail to the Defender

Strength of the Lagnesh  in the Varga charts

D1 Malefic

D2 Benefic

D3 Benefic

D9 Benefic

D7 Debilitated

D12 Benefic

D30 Own Sign Benefic

Lagnesh although Debilitated is strong in 5 Varga charts

Mars about to enter the Kendra and a Planet which is about to change the Sign acquires the Status of Most Important Parameter and signifies the  Future

Mars, Saturn and Jupiter very close to Lagna Degrees and very close to MEP , hence they are strong to give results , hence the Court will give adverse Verdict for the Defender .Keeping in Mind that Rahu is Most Important and Can give unexpected  Results

Uday Lagna is Scorpio having Saturn Fallen is the Most malefic Parameter at the time of the Verdict , as I have been mentioning that a Fallen Planet is most venomous  and in the Present case in Stationary motion and about to become direct at 17.36 hrs. could be  Explosive for the Verdict coming and a Mass Reaction is on the Cards

Arudha Lagna  Is Pieces and aspected By Jupiter gives some Saving  till 12th Sept. 2017 only

Chaitra Rashi  Future and Hidden things are seen from this Rashi and Saturn  entered this sign on the 26th Jan . 2017 and was Fallen on the 21st June 2017 to review the situations  and when it goes back it will be hell for the Defender  and when Mars Joins this sign on the 8th March 2018, before this Date Both Mars and Saturn will meet in the Lagna on the 16th Jan 2017 hence A period from 16th Jan.  onwards till Mars Become Exhalted in Capricorn where Ketu is Placed will be the Time Crucial for this Defender .

Let us Have a Look at the chart of the 17th August 2017 when the Arguments were closed for the Case 

Rahu is In adverse Motion at the time of the Closing the Argumants and Most malefic for the Defender , 7th Lord and Moon in the 8th house and Saturn becoming extremely slow in the Lagna  and is Most Malefic for the Day when the Verdict will be given  and  shows the Court will give verdict when 7th Lord goes in the Sign of Moon the 9th house   and in the Navamsha of Leo after Being In the Rahu-Ketu axis in Navamsha and influenced By Moon in Libra Navamsha

Let us also look at the August 2008 Chart calculated on the Basis of the Above chart of 25th August 2017

Astrology is amazing . I have reached this chart on the Basis of Astrology and not asper the actual happening on the Basis of the Eclipse Taking Place on the 22nd August 2017  and Reached this chart

Amazingly this chart open the Future since the Lagna Lord Mars is with Nayaya Karka Saturn and Moon and When Saturn will reach the Lagna will give the Results when it Reaches the Degrees of Mars and Moon which is exactly happening on the 25th August 2017

Mars and Saturn Connected to the 7th Lord Venus the Karka for Sex and also the 7th Lord clearly shows the evidence is against the defender and latter may go to the higher court


Timing of Events 

With in 5 hrs.  36 minutes since Moon is in 7 th Navamsha and own sign untoward happenings in Protest of the Verdict by Dera followers at  20.00 hrs will be crucial as the Protesters will Protest with Magnitude 

Lagna Navamsha is of Jupiter hence after 8 Months also some Verdict for the Above  or Review Petition  or Appeal

Nut Shell  

From the above it seems that there will be severe Verdict for the Defender and Jail  and May Be Unexpected due to Rahu , but it seems it will be extremely bad since the Combination aspected By Fallen Saturn in the 10th House , Strong Punishment . There are no benefics in the Group of the Houses for the defender and Lagna Lord Mars entering the 10th house further Escalates Verdict which may be bolt from the Blue for the Defender 

Saturn Stationary in the Lagna and aspect on the 3 Planets in the 10th house can make  Status Quo till Saturn is in the Scorpio 26th Oct. 2017  looking at the Law and Order Position which may be influenced by the Verdict and the Decision may also be taken after that , but The Results will be Negative for the defender since no Benefics in the Group of the Houses Represented by the defender. The Results can be very severe and Hard one for the Defender ultimately if Verdict now is Status Quo for the fear of Law and Order Breaking  since large number of People have gathered even after imposing Section 144

As Per Wikipedia Dera Ram Rahim is Born on the 15th August 1967 

As Per https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gurmeet_Ram_Rahim_Singh  The Dera Chief Ram Rahim is Born on the 15th August 1967 

Let me construct the Chart with Scorpio Lagna since Saturn is Stationary and also the Same Lagna at the time of the Verdict by the CBI 

Since the Time of Birth is not known. It seems that the Moon is in Gandantha  and such Persons the Lagna May  be Leo or Scorpio only . From the built also it seems he is Scorpio Lagna and Venus in the Kendra  and Retrograde for such people have extra energy as far as Venus is concerned 

Here I will only compare the Planetary positions at the time of Birth and on the 25th August 2017 

As Per https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gurmeet_Ram_Rahim_Singh  The Dera Chief Ram Rahim is Born on the 15th August 1967 

Let me construct the Chart with Scorpio Lagna since Saturn is Stationary and also the Same Lagna at the time of the Verdict by the CBI 

Since the Time of Birth is not known. It seems that the Moon is in Gandantha  and such Persons the Lagna May  be Leo or Scorpio only . From the built also it seems he is Scorpio Lagna and Venus in the Kendra  and Retrograde for such people have extra energy as far as Venus is concerned 

Here I will only compare the Planetary positions at the time of Birth and on the 25th August 2017 

The Following Parameters Acquire a Special dimension

  1. Fallen Retrograde Saturn in Stationary mode in Scorpio in Transit aspecting the Natal Venus in Leo and also aspecting the Natal Navamsha Venus Debilitated most Crucial for the Verdict for the rape case against him on the 5th August 2017
  2. Saturn Becoming Direct just after the hearing at 17.36 hrs. IST most Explosive for the Verdict and the Masses may react adversely against the same 
  3. It seems the Native may have the Natal Moon in Scorpio or has just changed sign to sagitarius and hence in gandantha  and Transit Saturn most Malefic in both cases since Saturn will pass through the Gandantha points over it and also give the results of the Sadesati.
  4. As Per  Transit Debilitated and Combusted Mars Over the Natal Sun degree wise on the 25th August at the time of the Verdict   and Mars In Transit Navamsha Also Influencing the Natal Navamsha Venus Debilitated and Sun will be most Crucial for the adverse verdict for this Dera Chief.
  5. On the 25th August 2017 Venus is also over the Natal Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in the Sign of Cancer . This Makes the things crystal clear what would emerge from the Verdict 
  6. Eclipses over the Natal Venus in Leo and Mars Reaching over the Natal Mars on the 27th August will create an Explosive situation for the Native as well for the Protests  from his Followers . This Eclipse will be in the 10th house from the Natal Moon if we take Moon in Scorpio and May be the Degrees of Moon are also around the 27 degrees over which Saturn will be in Stationary Mode as a Fallen Planet to give a Verdict against him in the Rape case by CBI
  7. The Native Has Rahu-Ketu in the Aries -Libra Axis and the Navamsha Rahu-Ketu are over the same axis in Transit Navamsha , most critical for the adverse verdict  and On the 9th Sept 2017 Rahu will come over the Natal Sun in Cancer and also over the Navamsha Sun and if we take Mean Rahu it is already over the Natal Sun  along with Mars Debilitated makes every thing crystal clear of a verdict against him
  8. Transit Sun in Navamsha is over the natal Rahu in Navamsha in Gemini  and both Rahu and Ketu are afflicyted by Mars and Saturn from Pieces respectively 
  9. Venus In the Natal Chart is Debilitated  and asper Declination Method Venus will be over the Declination point after 16 years from the Act in 2002 hence in 2018 Venus will be over the Venus as per Declination at the time of the rape Event and will definitely Punish Him

Hence from the above it is clear that the Stars are not favouring the Dera Chief Ram Rahim and there may be fear of Law and Order Problem after the Verdict which will be adverse in any case . The Large number of People Gathered may break the Law and the conditions can become uncontrollable and as I have already Predicted it may bring a bad name to BJP till Saturn is there in Scorpio and More so till 30th August 2017.

Saturn on the Wheel may prove most Catastrophic and the Protesters may break the Law, Fire, Explosions are not ruled out with Magnitude and the Protest may spread in other states as well

Astrology is amazing . Saturn on the wheel till 30th August and most malefic for the BJP as written by me in my Article https://www.astrodocanil.com/…/what-stars-foretell-for-bjp…/ Dated 12th August
The Transit Fallen Saturn aspects the Natal Fallen Saturn cancelling the Rajyogas in the Foundation chart of BJP and Rahu Adverse and Transit Saturn over the natal Moon in Scorpio at almost same degrees . Saturn aspects the 3rd House of Rail Tracks  and house of the Other Ministers  in the BJP and hence the Happenings. This may Lead to Tug of War between the BJP and the Opposition Parties who will unite to make this Issue a Breaking News 


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