Gujrat Rajya Sabha Elections Today 09-00 AM.: What Stars Foretell ?

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The Gujrat Rajya Sabha Elections are taking place today at 09-00 am  and the chart is Below

The Day is Tuesday and the Lord is Mars and combusted and Debilitated

Now Look at what is happening Around the Lunar Eclipse and Rahu Adverse and in the Leo Ascendant and Mercury afflicted and hence the Voting Dispute arises and Lets see what Rahu has in Store . 7th Lord is in the Kendra and the the Lagna Lord Sun in the 12th house with Debilitated Mars and Moon badly afflicted by both Mars and Saturn at the time of the Start of the Elections at 09-05 hrs.
According to me Rahu will turn the Tables and Placed in the Lagna will be adverse for the Party representing the Lagna and hence the Previous Rajya Sabha Members from Gujrat and hence change is on the Cards . It so seems. Prediction made at 21.34 hrs. Predictions made on the Facebook page already link Astrologer Anil Aggarwala- www.astrodocanil.com

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8th August 2017 2017  21.34 hrs 

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