“Natal Chart Reflects Past Karmas,Deeds Of The Present Life Can Be Effectively Depicted,Only Through Prashna” My Interview With’EXPRESS STAR TELLER’

by anil aggarwala

My Interview with the Editor of The EXPRESS STAR TELLER For the Subject  “Natal Chart Reflects Past Karmas, Deeds of the Present Life Can Be Effectively Depicted , Only Through Prashna Chart” has been  Published in the Sept. 2017 Edition on the Page 33 . I am Hereby Reproducing word by word  here for the Astrology Lovers and Students of Astrology

According to me Prashna Chart limitations are not upto one year, it depends upon the slow moving planets. It is not that Birth chart cannot be used, the general trend of life can definitely be seen there , but the day- to-day and Date wise Predictions , specially regarding the 10th house matters, can only be seen through Prashna chart. In Fact I Combine the Prashna Chart, Birth Chart and the Vedic Progression chart to give the comprehensive prediction. Any Planet which is taking a major dimension in the three charts can give vital clues 

Anil S Aggarwala  in conversation with Hemamalini Raghunathan

Ganita , Samhita, Hora, Shakun, Muhurat and Prashna  all these are integral Parts of Astrology. Prashna deals with casting of Horoscopes at the time of the query, event or thought. In cases where the accuracy of the birth time cannot be guaranteed, Prashna Kundali gives amazing accurate Results  of our past karmas get modified by our present deeds, which can be depicted only through Prashna chart. Mr. Anil S Aggarwala is an Expert in Prashna Shastra  and he Boldly declares  that matters pertaining to lost articles, rain, travel, disease , Career  and Marriage  can be effectively decoded, only through Prashna .

Mr. Anil S Aggarwala (email astrodoc.vedicastrology@gmail.com ) mobile  +918527884764  +919810038903 ——- You can  also read in the above Pic Regarding me 

Q : Kindly tell us about your interest in Astrology and your first exposure to feel its greatness. How did you learn the Subject ?

My father used to visit an astrologer Narayan Pundit in Kilokari Maharani Bagh New DelhiWay back in June 1986. One day he took me along,  after looking at the Prashna chart and my horoscope he said , I will be visiting 5 countries shortly in Dec 1986. I told him astrology is all fake and I don’t believe in it. I also told him ,I will not get my Passport made so where is the Question of my going to these 5 Countries . My Brother in law had a Challan in Farodabad in August 1986  and since I was working in Faridabad he gave me this work and in this connection I had to contact the local Police Station in Faridabad through an Influential Supplier and my work was done . 2 days after the Police Inspector who had done my work visited my Office Escorts Ltd in Faridabad and wanted a recommendation for his son to get some work as a Contractor in the Industry.  I was looking after the BOP items from the Suppliers and Rang up the same Influential supplier to help him in this regard . Fortunately the Supplier helped the Police Inspector son with a Job. All this was done in a couple of Days. The Police Inspector again visted me to Thank me for the same and want to oblige me. He told me He was Looking after the Passport officer of Faridabad  Harayana and asked me if I had a Passport ? To this I narrated him the story and told him that I had challenged the Astrologer and did not want a Passport to be made. On this he insisted and all though I was not a resident of Faridabad he got all the formalities done in few hours and told me that the Passport will reach My house in the next 7 days . This was the biggest surprise for me and I got my Passport in the next few Days in August 1986. After reaching home I immediately went running to the Astrologer who lived very close to my Apartment and Touched his feet and begged pardon, by this time I could make out that his Predictions will come true for the Dec. 1986 Visiting the 5 Countries in the East. In the Next couple of Days as Luck would have it the Same Influential Supplier signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Maruti Udyog LTD. and offered me a Job as the General Manager of the Joint Venture Project. I changed  My Job in Sept. 1986 and Visited Suzuki Motor Corpn. Japan For Training and then also visited South Korea Deawoo Corpn. for exploring the Possibilities for procuring the Tools for the Joint Venture Project. I also Visited Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taiwan. On my way back.

I was Very much influenced by the episode and started to visit him on weekends and started to learn Astrology from him slowly , but could not devote much time since I was occupied in Job from 6-00 am to 9-00 pm as the General Manager of the Joint Venture Group.

Prior to this episode I also had some exposure of Astrology in the Year July 1983

My father knew the most famous Astrologer  Pundit Hardev Sharma  of  Solan who used to write the Vish Vijay Panchang, now being written by his Son and Daughter in law . He had predicted that I will do astrology in my late age after 60 years. On  26th July 1983    Pundit Hardev Sharma was in Delhi and my father had gone to meet him. He normally he use to stay at our house. He told my father go home early , since there is a bad news at home through Prashna Jyotish. I had got summons from Bombay court in a Fake criminal case. This was the mischief of our neighbor who was running a guesthouse in our neighborhood.. My father being in Govt. at a Secretary Level had got him arrested a few years ago, because of a tiff as the guest house owner had challenged to kill our family. In order to take revenge, he framed a fake case against me in Bombay where I have never been. I had to be in Bombay on the 22nd Aug 1983. He had chosen a Muhurat for me to reach Bombay by flight probably on the Saturday the 20th Aug 1983 and had predicted that the Case will be quashed. I had taken all documentary evidence in my favour.The case was quashed and I came out with Success as predicted by him . I give all credit to Astrology and Pundit Hardev Sharma .   I was running the Dasha of the Lagna Lord and 4th Lord Mercury  .MER- KET- SAT   D.O.B 4th May 1948 08:23.20 hrs. New Delhi   Dasha was of Lagna Lord 4th lord and Yogi Graha Group

The Above 2 Episodes of July 1983 and August 1986 Brought out a major change in my life and inclination towards Astrology. I started to Practise the Same when even I had time .

In the Year 2007 when I was relatively free in my Career I joined Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan New Delhi and Trepeated the Jyotish Alankar and Jyotish Acharaya course and then spent 2 years in Research and got Awards.After this in the year 2011 I Spent 2 years with My Guru S.Ganesh who taught me the most amazing Techniques by Tamil Shastra for Prashna and Predictive astrology for Natal Charts. I have written several Articles on Your Esteemed Magzine and you will find my Techniques are different then the Traditional Astrologers

I follow a different Procedure for analysis of a Horoscope than the conventional Astrologers who use only Birth charts and by one method only.  

Prashna Jyotish by 15 methods as follows as against one method of Prashna By Parashar used by Traditional Astrologers

1.Prashna Triangle (My Research)

2.Panch Pakshi

3.Naisargik and Tatlika  Chakra for Direction from which asked a question

4.Arudha Lagna by Direction Faced By Querist

5.Spristanga Rashi

6.By Kaal Chakra (Under Research)

7.Nakshatra Number

8.First word uttered by the querist when approaching the astrologer for query.

9.By Color of Cloths Worn by the Querist.

10.By Omens and Shakun Astrology

11 By Activity of the Querist at the time of Prashna .

12.By Ashtmangla Number Between 100-999

13.By Number Between 1-108

14.Prashna Kundali using Tamil Texts and Not Parashar

Then Proceed to Birth chart, since Prashna shows the Present Karma and Birth chart the Previous Karmas and Time of birth is often wrong and the Vargas change .

1.Correction of Birth time by Prashna Chart

  1. By Garbshishta
  2. Parashara and Nadi Predictive analysis. Giving Importance to D1. D3, D9 Divisional charts the Most Important ones .
  3. Jaimni astrology.

5..Nadi Progression charts to evaluate the coming years

6.Mathematical Analysis of the Dasha Perioods not by conventional methods , but nadi methods and Tamil methods. e.g Dasha of Saturn is for 19 years a Divisional Chart Constructed by Tamil Method to see the Placement of the Dasha Lords Mathematically in the Chart

  1. Dasha Analysis by Bodhkan  and other 3 Parameters by Tamil Shastra
  2. For Career D6 of D10
  3. For Unearthed Gains  D11 Rudramasha Chart
  4. Using Declination of Planets

11.By Modern method of Dasha Analysis By H R Shashdari Famous Astrologer of South ( Under Research)

All the Analysis is on the Tamil Texts , Parashar, and Predictive Nadi Astrology

Finally Comparing the Prashna Chart and the Birth Chart to give the Final Predictions

I find My Method is working very well but lot of efforts are required to go through the above Bible , I therefore call the Querist after 3-4 days to give the final Predictions

I write on Mundane Activities and My Predictions have been on Dot.

What is the speciality of the Prashna Chart ?

Atma enters the Horoscope from the 5th house and when it reaches the Lagna the native is Born and then one works and then the Atma leaves the Body from the 9th house  when we die. As per Shastra the Birth chart shows the Poorva Punya since the Atma enters the horoscope from the 5th house. All the houses in the Horoscope are activated except the 10th house  which is the House of the Karma Sthan and this  has to be activated and can be seen only through the Prashna chart.

Speciality of Prashna chart

Prashna Jyotish is a Divine blessings for the Astrologer give accurate predictions. The following are the reasons for the same .

  1. We know the exact time of the Query, and also know the seriousness of the Query sincere or Insincere.
  2. Prashna Kundali also shows the present karma of the querist.
  3. In the absence of the birth chart it is a most handy tool.
  4. Day to Day predictions cannot be made by birth chart , since in 80-85 % charts the birth time is not correct and the vargas charts are not correct  to give correct predictions.
  5. Lost Items , Missing Persons queries can be best answered by Prashna chart and not Birth charts
  6. If you have the Birth chart and accurate time then  combining the 2 , an astrologer can give amazing predictions , provided he follows a strict pattern to analyse the chart.
  7. In the Birth chart we have one house for a Particular Query say Marriage the 7th house , in case of Prashna we can use all the 12 houses for a Marriage Query hence Prashna chart will show in depth the Queries and accurate Predictions
  8. In astrology 6 Parameters are most important since the Significator for Astrology is Kartike and he had 6 heads , similarly irrespective it is Birth chart or Prashna chart 6 Parameters are of main Concern

In Birth chart the 6 Parameters are the Garbshishta Planets , , Lagna Lord , , Sun, Moon and the 10th Lord

In the Prashna chart the 6 Parameters are the Uday Lagna, Arudha Lagna, Chaitra Rashi, Spristanga Rashi, Navamsha Lagna , Moon Navamsha Rashi

  1. Dasha and Disha are the Most Important Parameters in Astrology , Dasha for Birth chart and Disha For Prashna , In the Prashna chart the Arudha Lagna is annumanit if we Take the Arudha Lagna by calculations , But Shastra says Arudha Lagna should be taken by the direction faced by the Querist taken from the Yama chart and is most significiant where as this Arudha Lagna and Direction are not considered in Birth chart. The Arudha Lagna gives Vital information about the querist , In One case I remember Jupiter was Placed in the Kendra from the Arudha Lagna and Arudha Lagna had Venus Exhalted , I could tell the Querist that he lives in the house of a Beautiful women and he has 3 Big Gardens in his house and one of them the Grass was replaced with artificial Grass since Saturn was Retrograde and aspecting the Jupiter by 10th aspect . The Native was amazed how I could tell him about his wife and house in which he lives , all this cannot be done by Birth chart.

Cases where Prashna chart has give Predictions beyond imaginations

In One Case the Girl who had come to consult me I told her she has come 3 days before the Solar Eclipse falling and the Query was for her Parents and I even told her the ill fated date for her Father 3 days before the Previous Eclipse on the 5th Oct. . The Girl was amazed and informed me that her Father Died on this Date, I further told her that her Father was Murdered by her elder Brother from the back and with a Rod on the head , to which the Native gave an answer in affirmative , all this cannot be given by Birth chart

In Yet another case The Native who has come for Predictions asked for a Glass of Water and I could Predict 100 % using the Watery signs in the Prashna chart and Since Kuber Controls the Watery signs I could tell the Native the Query is for Wealth  and since he consumed 85% water in the Glass I Predicted 85 % of the Liquid wealth has been consumed by him . In the Prashna chart Moon was debilitated, Mars Ruler of Scorpio Fallen and Jupiter Ruler of Pieces Sign in Leo and totally eclipsed By Rahu degree wise , How could one give these accurate Predictions from the Birth chart

According to me Prashna chart limitations are not upto one year, it depends upon the slow moving Planets and   My Predictions on the Delhi Rape Case of Nirbhiya turned 100 % on the Court decision after Saturn reaching the 6th house where he was aspecting from the 4th house by 3rd aspect even the Day of Announcement came almost 100% by the Time of the even on the 16th Dec. 2012 .

I Left my Parent house on the 4th Sept. 1983 after a tiff, no Astrologer could Predict by my Birth chart when I would Return Back, but the event Chart of the time of Leaving 09-27-30 hrs crystal clear showed that I would return back after 15 years 4month and 21days , so where is the question of the event chart having limitations of one year , Moon was in the nakshatra of Pushya and Saturn in the Lagna Exhalted and Balance of Dasha of Saturn 15 years 4 months and 21 days . I exactly return back to my Parental house after this exact Time

Astrology is Most amazing using the skills starting from Prashna then Following birth chart and Progression charts

It is not that the Birth chart cannot be used , the general Trend can definitely be seen but Day to Day and Date wise Predictions can  only be made by Prashna chart only

In Fact I combine the Prashna chart, Birth chart and the Vedic Progression chart to give a comprehensive Prediction, Any Planet which is taking a Major Dimension in the 3 Chart can give vital clues.

Can More than one questions  be handled effectively by Prashna ? Is mind Reading involved in Prashna ?

Prashna Shastra says the First Question By the Lagna, 2nd from Moon and the third by Jupiter,

But Normally I have seen the the Question which is Bothering the Native most works very well and a Native who has to many questions may not be a serious Questioner and the Native may be in the Process to check the Astrologer , Such Queries Fail. Prashna Shastra totally works on a Sincere query.

Moon is swifter then Wind, Light and Sound , hence the Seriousness of the Query is most important which Moon will reveal.

In One case the native wanted to Know about her Job Future Prospects and I could forsee her father Death and I told her to wait till that Malefic period was over,the Chart also showed she will have to take a Long Travel and Sun was afflicted badly in the D12 Chart along with Prashna chart. I could Predict the date and Time of her Father demise. My Research Shows the Prashna Chart is a Vital Tool to show what is happening with the native, from the Uday Lagna, Arudha Lagna, and the Chaitra Rashi, Uday lagna is Present, Arudha Lagna is Past and Chaitra Rashi is hidden things and Future

In One case where the Girl came 3 days before the Eclipse , with the same chart I predicted accurately about her Father Demise and her Marriage and came out on dot

My Feeling is what ever the Prasha Chart is high lighting must be kept in mind and AQueries may be raised with the native to confirm them

Normally I Predict one query with Prashna chart Pertaining to one stream of Query, but if some thing more I see I definitely ask the Querist about it in a indirect way and found correct

Mind Reading is Most essential in Prashna chart and Moon Reveals the same along with other Parameters and the Actions, Color of Clothes, Body parts touched by the native, Which Foot the Native enetered the Astrologer Premises are important features to Predict about the native Mind Which Nostril the Astrologer is Breathing on a Particular Day

Mook Prashna can also be used to read the mind of the Querist to create confidence in the Jyotish Shastra . Stronger between the Lagna Lord and the 11th Lord and counting upto Moon will tell you the Query of a Particular House from Lagna .Using the Mook Prashna we can also find the Query for a Particular Question

What are the Parameters  to be kept in mind, while conducting a Prashna ?

1. A Query asked at an auspicious time brings auspicious Results whereas inauspicious results when there is inauspicious time . Certain Asterisms are to be avoided

2. Gandantha points to be avoided of Signs, Lunar days, Asterisms, junction points of Cancer-Leo, Scorpio-Sagitarius, Pieces-Aries. Junction points of Lunar 5th and 6th Day, 10th and 11th, 15th and 1st.

3. The Ushnaghatee, Vishaghatee in the Asterims timings to be avoided

4. Bad Lunar Days for Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha 4, 8,9 and 14th  to be avoided

5. The Time when Gulika is rising  is a sensitive point in the Zodiac.

6. Ashtamee 8th Lunar Day except the 8th Lunar day in the dark half in the month of Shravana

7. Vishti Karna , since the Fructification of the Query will not take place.

8. Stthira Karna  are most malefic

9.Laata and Vaidhrutha both blemishes  of Asterims  which can be known from the Panchanga

10. Eclipse Day. My Research with in 3 days of the Eclipse there are Blemishes in the Result of the Query

11. Mritya Yoga

12. Dagdha Yoga

13. A Malefic Posited in the Ascendant

14. A malefic aspecting the Ascendant

15. Saarpasiras- when combined Longitudes of the Luminaries  fall in 220-226 degrees and 40 minutes in the Asterim of  Anuradha

16. Aekaargala The Asterism indicated by Longitude of Sun deducted from 360 degrees  is called Aekaargala and the 2,7,10,11,16.18.20 are also Called Aekaargala and Give blemishes in the Results

17. Solar Ingress in a sign with in  6 Hrs -7 hrs

18. 3,5,7th Nakshatra from the birth Nakshatra

19. The 8th house of the Birth Ascendant or the 8th house from the Moon Ascendant are supposed to be most malefic

20 Placement of Moon in the 8th house of the Prashna chart except in case of Missing Persons .

21. The Native should go to the astrologer on Benefic Days and not malefic Days , which may be good for Fight  only

22. Avoid Query related to marriage on the  Amavasya day , For Wealth 1, 8,9th Tithi should be avoided

Explain Few Rituals, Remedies etc. involved while conducting Prashna 

As already mentioned above good and auspicious Place clean place astrologer must have taken a Bath before conducting a Prashna

He should be in good health and clean dress preferably in white dress sacred ashes on the forehead  with good omens around him.

The 8 auspicious articles as discussed above  a Brass vessel containing these items

Utensils for Puja


Nivaedya to be offered to Dieties

Turmeric Powder

Rice Flour

Sandal Paste


Match Box and Bowl filled with Rice

The Materials Brought First indicate if Ash is Brought First then it forbodes evil to the querist like death about disease, If Lamp or Flowers are Brought first then it Forbodes Good

Lighting the Lamp, this is most important

The Predictions are given upon the Oil, Flame  etc., The direction the Flame is taking is also important and Predictions can be made accordingly

After the above rituals the Chart is drawn on the Floor with the help of the Rice Flour and the Prashna Chart Drawn and Predictions are made accordingly

I follow a Procedure similar and Make the Chart on the Computer and Take the Arootha Lagna where the Querist Places his Gold Ring in any one of the 12 houses of the South Indian chart

Omens at the time of Prediction are also used along with Astrologers Breath and other Parameter already discussed in the earlier Queris already discussed

Write the Query in inverted comas checking the First Alphabet letter  for the First word .

Remedies are to be suggested for Propitiation of Lord from the 9th from Sun and 7th from Moon. Suppose  the Lord is mars then Propitiate Lord Kartikeya on the  Shasti Tithi, For Sun Offer Jal  and recite the Mantra for Sun.

If the Arudha Lagna is Falling in the 8th house then the respective direction is to be avoided

The native may be asked to activate the communication with nature and follow good omens  at the start of the activity. Avoid New Ventures on the Astami and Bad omens

Could you Explain your Techniques with Case Study ?

Here in this article I am going to discuss  Minor 3 year old girl goes missing from India Gate New Delhi on 28th Sept 2014 around 9.30 PM.

According to Janvi’s parents, residents of West Delhi’s Raghubir Nagar, they had gone to India Gate for picnic on September 28 evening, her father, Rajesh Ahuja, said that they reached India Gate at around 7:15 pm and remained there for almost two hours. In between, a drunken man came near him and asked for money. When he refused, the man threatened him and walked away. Janvi’s parents said that she was playing in the lawn with other children when they had last seen her at 9:15 pm. But her sudden disappearance had left them traumatised. When CCTV footage was accessed, according to police, Janvi appeared in the recording till 9:15 pm. latter confirmed at 21-21 hrs. Police said that the case could be of a kidnapping and the drunken, who had threatened Rajesh for not giving him money, may be involved. “A drunkard had threatened when I refused to give him money.  Rajesh said that her daughter was wearing a yellow-white frock suit at the time of incident.

I had Used Mook Prashna to correct the time of the event for my Analysis

Astrology is amazing. I was discussing with my students in the Astrology class  on the 5th Oct 2014 at 14-00 hrs that the missing child from India gate on the 28th Sept 2014 at 21.30 hrs can be traced Between the  5th Oct 2014 Night and 6th Oct. 2014 and Probably after 8 days from the day of Missing . The Child will be traced in the  North West direction about 10.8 Km-13 km from India Gate and would be wearing white and light color cloths. I had put this analysis in my facebook page .

Missing three-year-old Jahnvi found from Delhi’s Janakpuri area http://zeenews.india.com/…/missing-three-year-old…

My Analysis Below.

Missing Child from the grounds of India gate 28th Sept. 2014 after 21-30hrs approx. I am taking the corrected Chart here of 21.24 hrs.                                                           In

Panchang of the Day.

Day Sunday Tithi SP-4.

Rikta tithi   Yoga vishkumba Lord is Saturn and Karna Vishti. Indicates Kidnapping , since the Karna Lord

Let us apply the rules for Mook Prashna.

Hora Venus , On Sunday hora of Venus is not good .

Nak Vishaka   Tithi, Yoga and karna are not good.

2nd and 5th houses are dagdha Rashi   Rahu in forward motion till 3rd Oct. 2014 .Hence till Rahu regains Normal motion no whereabouts will be known

In the Query pertaining to Missing persons Lagna represents the Missing Person, 4th house the happiness or the well being of the missing person ,whereas the 7th house indicates the Path which the missing person tends to take and also represents the difficulties on the way. Connection of Saturn with the Karesh and the Karka will show the concern regarding the whereabouts of the missing person .

In the Prashna chart if a planet is aspecting the Lagna and is in own navamsha then the query is of a stolen or missing person, and is not misplaced . Mars here is aspecting the Lagna and is in own navamsha, hence the Case is clearly of kidnapping since the 7th Lord is Thief and Vargottam, but aspected by Jupiter hence the Child will be released shortly . Since the Female sign is rising in the Lagna and aspected by Mars it is a query of a young Girl being kidnapped. I am taking the time of 21-24 hrs Reasons explained below in the analysis.

Lagna is Even Taurus at the time of child disappearance and 4th Navamsha should be rising only then it will be a Jeeva query and the final stage of the query, Hence the child has disappeared between 21-12 to 21.24 hrs and more so near 21-24 hrs . when the 4th navamsha has changed to Aries and navamsha is about to be changed to 5th Navamsha   , since for mook prashna if Lagna is even and navamsha is 1,4, or 7 then the chinta is of Jeeva and final stage of the chinta. My research and experience when ever the navamsha is about to change the event takes place hence I am taking 21-24 hrs, since after that the navamsha will change . (It matches very well with the findings of the CCTV camera of the Police given latter 21.21 hrs. last seen.

Between Lagna lord and 11th Lord 11th lord is stronger, hence counting from Jupiter to Moon is 5 houses hence the chinta is pertaining to the 5th house and female child, since the 5th house is a female rashi. and the Lord is with Saturn the Planet of Captivity.

Nakshatra lord of Moon is Jupiter placed in the 3rd house and owns the 8th and the 11th house and aspects the 7th house and Moon. Hence the chinta is of Permanent loss of Child.

Arudha Lagna Capricorn is aspected by Jupiter a Jeeva Planet hence the chinta is for a human being.

If we take the aspect of Rahu the 9th aspect on Capricorn then the query will not fructify more so since Rahu is in adverse motion and become poison, but when Rahu regains its normal motion on the 3rd Oct. 2014 there is a possibility, only after 8 days as explained in this article. The most important Parameter is Significator of Child Jupiter and in movable sign and about to enter the 4th house.

Lagna is Taurus Prishtodayo and nakshatra lord is Moon aspected by Moon and Moon nakshatra lord relation is 5/9 axis, hence chinta of 5th Lord and Progney.

Future is seen from the Chaitra Rashi and is Virgo,since veedi rashi is Taurus Sun being in Virgo. , which has debilitated Venus in Neecha Bhang Rajyoga, combusted and Rahu in forward Motion is not good for the child since it is also the 5th house and 5th and 5th and 6th lord have exchange conferring neecha bhang rajyoga to the Lagna Lord and making 5th lord also strong after suffering the child suffers and cries due to torture but possibility of its being traced. Chaitra Rashi is Virgo and has Venus , hence the chinta can be solved by a female , since Venus take one Paksha , therefore it can take maximum 15 days for the Child to be Traced.

5th house is kidnapping and 5th lord is with Saturn the significator of Captivity in the 6th house .

Lagnesh and Moon are having close ithasla and in the 5th house and Moon debilitated in the 7th house shows kidnapping.

Lagna is Fixed and Prishtodayo sign and aspected by Prishtodayo planet Mars , hence no journey and no return, the child is in the same city .Also Lagna is fixed and malefic in 5,6 and 7th house no return. Specially Mars in the 7th house but Jupiter aspect is most benefic Parameter for the Safe return of the missing child.  Moon in the 7th house in deblitation and with Mars the child may be traced after lot of difficulty with in 8-9 days as Jupiter is aspecting Mars , the kidnapper may change his mind to free the kidnapped child This Parameter is crucial in the chart as explained above Jupiter is Exhalted and about to enter the 4th house .

The DBA Planets are Jup-Rahu-Sat. For Taurus Lagna Jupiter is MMP but in Exhaltation and also the 11th Lord and Rahu is in adverse motion and Saturn is the significator for captivity is signifying kidnapping.

Saturn the significator for captivity is in Paap kartari yoga . Saturn is also aspecting the 8th house and 8th lord Jupiter and has future inimical ithasala with Jupiter. Saturn is also in the nakshatra of Jupiter the 8th Lord.

Kendras and Trikonas have predominance of malefic which is again not good for the fructification of the query. Lagna lord Venus is debilitated ,combusted with Sun and also in Rahu-ketu axis. Moon is debilitated and just shifted from the 6th house to the 7th house is indicating the connection of Moon with the significator of Captivity Saturn and then joining the chor graha Mars .

The well being of the child is to be seen from the 4th house and 4th lord Sun is forming a rajyoga in the 5th house who is in Rahu-Ketu axis and going to be eclipsed on the 8th Oct. 2014. 4th house and 4th lord has no benefic aspect, but connected to Venus who is getting Neecha Bhang rajyoga. Lagna lord Venus has closest tajik aspect of Moon, Moon is 2.03 degrees and Venus is 4.29 degrees and the difference is 2.26 degrees , Moon is in the nakshatra of Jupiter who is the 8th lord and 11th Lord will behave like the 8th lord and 11th Lord but since in Exhaltation is the Safest Parameter in the chart for the Safe return.

Captivity, imprisonment and Torture is indicated when there is Prishtodayo sign aspected by malefic and Prishtodayo planets , here in the chart Mars is closely aspecting the Lagna Mars is Prishtodayo planet . Another classical principle is present in the chart Prishtodayo sign rising aspected by Mars and Mercury with planet of Captivity Saturn in the 6th house ,   Saturn is in Paap kartari yoga by Rahu and Mars on either side of the 6th house . Saturn also has Future tajik aspect of 8th   Lord and 11th Jupiter . , Saturn in the nakshatra of Jupiter the 8th lord and 11th Lord . Dispositor of Saturn is combusted and debilitated .Mars the cruel culprit for torture is aspecting the Lagna at very close degrees . Lagna is 10.04 and Mars is 15.57 degrees. Mars is in the nakshtra of Saturn the planet of captivity.

Navamsha rising is of a malefic Mars and having Sun exhalted and Lagna Lord Mars is placed in the 8th house and Mars also being the char graha is vargottam and strong . In navamsha Moon and 8th house is connected to Mars and Saturn along with Mercury and 8th lord Jupiter has become debilitated and Venus the lagna lord has come in Rahu-Ketu axis . The worst is that Rahu was in forward motion on the 28th Sept. 2014 at the time of kidnapping . Rahu when become direct or forward is poison and is with Sun and Venus the Lagna Lord and Rahu is in the nakshatra of Mars the 7th Lord Char graham . The whereabouts of the child will be difficult to be found out if not traced with in 8-9 days . I remember in case of MH-370 plane also Rahu was in forward motion and Saturn Stationary , till date we have not been able to locate the missing plane inspite of so many countries involved and agencies working on it since 8th March 2014.   Lagna Lord Venus in navamsha is badly afflicted by Mars , Saturn and in Rahu-Ketu axis , hence there is no possibility of the child being traced after 8-9th Day of Kidnapping .

The Chor graha is the 7th lord Mars. The appearance of the thief is signified by the planet aspecting it , since Jupiter is aspecting it The Child of his own has moved away and lost her parents. And then latter kidnapped .It has gone in the North West direction and in the same city nearby. If the child is not traced with in 9 days then it is a matter of concern . The strongest Planet about to enter the 4th house is Jupiter and 21 degrees and in a movable sign and also aspecting Moon and the 7th house , hence the child can be traced with in 8-9 days and with the help of Police only it can be accomplished. if it does not happen in 9 days then tracing will be difficult.

Cloths worn by the child , since the Lagna is Taurus the girl kidnapped will be wearing white cloths. 7th house and lord is aspected by Jupiter strong hence the kidnapping is done in public and at night since nocturnal sign is rising in the Lagna .

Appearance of the thief 2nd D3 is rising in the Lagna and as per Dreshkanne surup the person who has kidnapped the girl is a male and wearing dirty cloths, may be agriculturist, dairy farming , neck like a bull, face like a ram or goat, thick lowerlip, hungry high minded and firm in action. May be gentle in behavior. Since the strongest planet in the Kendra is Mars it can also have the significations of Mars , since male planets are influencing the 7th house the sex of the kidnapper is male , more so since the navamsha rising is also a male sign.. Caste of the thief is from the lagna lord and if it is Jupiter or Venus then it is Brahmin.  Direction   Lagna nakshatra is of moon and Moon signifies North West direction where the kidnapper has gone.

Place of Captivation Since the 7th Lord is placed in 7th house and aspecting Lagna from Scorpio the place of captivation could be near cremation grounds , caves, hollow ground, near a pond or a lake grass is in habitation, ground of ant hills , near water tanks, Workshop of blacksmiths, since Jupiter is aspecting Moon it may be at a place higher then the ground.

Distance of the kidnapped child    Arudha Lagna is Sagitarius , hence not far from the place of kidnapping, now lagna is in the 4th navamsha and about to complete 4 navamsha , hence the kidnapped child is located as follows , since 5 navamsha = 13 kilometers and here it is 4 navamsha about to be completed , hence the kidnapped child will be located at about a distance of 13/5×4=10.4- 13 Kms in the northwest direction . I am assuming that the kidnapping took place at 21-24 hrs . But as per Prashna Marg upto 5th navamsha =13 kms, hence the kidnapped child can be located in the 13 km radius and as per the direction mentioned in this article.

Direction where the kidnapped child is kept.

As already discussed above North West Direction

Special features in the Prashna Chart which can bestow good results for Return

  1. Venus Lagna Lord and Moon having close ithasala and both are in Neecha Bhang Rajyoga .
  2. Jupiter Exhalted and about to enter 4th house of the well being of the child, since Jupiter is Exhalted and in movable sign , it has a role to play specially aspecting Moon and Chor Graha Mars . Jupiter is 21-28 degrees and Karka for children as well, and close to its entering 4th house.30-00 -21.28 = 9.32 degrees , if we take a round figure of 22 degrees then difference will be 8 degrees plus , Since Jupiter about to enter the 4th house of the well being of the child and in a movable sign after 8th day we can expect the Whereabouts of the missing Child, Hence on the 5th Oct. 2014 night around the same time 21-24 hrs the child can be traced

3.Since Saturn is with 5th Lord Mercury Child who has exchange with Venus the Lagna Lord and Saturn aspects the Jupiter Karka for Children it is a clear case of Kidnapping , since Saturn is Karka for Captivity

4.Lagna Lord Venus has exchange with Mercury who is Placed in the 6th house and hence Neecha bhang rajyoag of the lagna lord in the 5th house.

  1. 5th house is under Rahu-Ketu and rahu in forward motion, hence till Rahu is in Forward motion till 3rd Oct. 2014 there Whereabouts will not be known
  2. 7th Lord in the 2nd half of the sign the missing person is on the way back home
  3. Jupiter aspecting the 7th House is the strong combination for return, the kidnapper may change his mind and release the Child

8.Lagna is fixed and 7th house also fixed has no travel and 7th Lord in 7th house and degrees over 15.00 and aspected by Jupiter from the 3rd house and Moon in the 7th house and Lagna and Moon both in movable navamsha there is possibility that the child may be traced . Jupiter about to enter the 4th house is exhalted Jupiter and in movable sign.

. The Child was Traced on the Night of the 5th Oct. 2014 in the North West  Direction from India Gate and at a distance of 13 Km at night moving about in a market at 09-00 hrs PM.

Missing three-year-old Jahnvi found from Delhi’s Janakpuri area Three-year-old Jahnvi has been found from Delhi’s… zeenews.india.com

October 6 at 9:40am ·

According to the police, a passer-by spotted Jahnvi 15 km from her home, near a gurudwara in Janakpuri in west Delhi. On the Sunday night 5th Oct. 2014 around 09-00PM. Her uncle identified her at the Mayapuri police station in west Delhi. http://www.ndtv.com/…/three-year-old-girl-missing-from


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