On Dot Predictions As Per Oath Chart Of Khatter. What Future Awaits Him ?

by anil aggarwala

This is with Reference to my Articles on my webpage  Specially “What Stars Foretell For BJP Members In the Present Scenerio Till Nov. 2017 ?” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/08/what-stars-foret…io-till-nov-2017/

My Predictions on this are proving on dot and the Period till 30th August and then till 26th Oct 2017 will be most Venomous for the Ruling Party members of the BJP. The chart of N Modi is a strong one and Hold the Flag in his hand  and the Great saving force for the Party , but Party members are bound for Trouble as explained in the above article

Please also read my Article “Fallen Stationary Retrograde Roman God Saturn On The Wheel,Fate of Dera Chief Ram Rahim Hanging” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/08/fallen-stationar…am-rahim-hanging/ My Predictions are on dot  for this  Dera Chief  and this Happening can prove a Bolt from the blue for the Chief Minister of Harayana.

I have already written an Article on the Oath Chart of the Chief Minister “Astrology Speaks :Oath Taking chart of Chief Minister of Harayana Manohar Lal Khatter” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2016/02/oath-taking-char…ohar-lal-khatter/ dated 20-2-2016 and My Predictions Proving on dot for the same

Let me reproduce the same here for ready reference  Chart of the 26th Oct.2014 11.20 hrs.  Panchkula   Harayana

Panchang of the day          

Day is Sunday and Hora of Jupiter is good, but since placed in 8th house is indicating obstacles in the performance

Tithi Sp -3 is a Jaya tithi and signification of Victory  Nakshatra  Anuradha is a Mrudu , Gentle, Friendly Nakshatra

Yoga Saubhagya Lord is Venus who is combusted and also in Paap kartari yoga

Karna Taitila    Lord with Rahu in the 10th house is most malefic and the Minister will not be able to perform and will get bad names  due to Rahu with Karna Lord  .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sunrise 06-37-07  Hrs.

The Oath is taken in the 2nd Yama  Day Lord Sun is placed in the sign of Mercury inimical sign , Lagnesh Jupiter is placed in inimical sign in the yama chart shows his performance may not be in line with the expectations ,11th Lord Venus is placed in the sign of Jupiter who is placed in the 8th house of the chart, Moon is placed in the sign of Jupiter who is placed in the 8th house is not good. The day lord placed in the Yama of Mercury , who is in 2/12 axis with Sun in the Muhurat chart and Mercury with Rahu in the 10th house is explosive, Since in the muhurat chart Rahu and Mercury combination as per Prashna Marg is most malefic one

The day lord Sun is also debilitated and affliction to the Day lord is indicative of malefic happenings and a precarious one

Mars  Role cannot be ignored in the Lagna since Prishtodayo and Prishtodayo Planet, When ever Mars will  aspect Jupiter or over Jupiter in Transit  will be a crucial factor for the Chief Minister and untoward happenings can take place , since the Lagna Lord Jupiter is Placed in the 8th house . Mars transit over the 8th Lord Moon could also be explosive for the Chief Minister and Harayana .

Lagna is Prishtodayo and having a Prishtodayo planet Mars and also aspected by Saturn a Prishtodayo planet  is extremely malefic for the Longevity and performance . Mars is also very close to Lagna degrees. The good parameter is the Lagna degrees are less than 15  and 9.39 it is towards the fixed sign which is good , Hence mixed results will be obtained , Lagna lord is placed in the 8th house and its dispositor is placed in the 12th house debilitated and also in Paap kartari yoga . Lagna Lord Jupiter in the 8thhouse  is aspected by both Mars and Saturn ,  shows ill effects of the 8th house and may be concerning Hidden things surfacing  etc. Moon and Sun both are debilitated and in navamsha the Lagna Lord Jupiter and 8th Lord Moon are in Rahu-Ketu axis  is indicating that the native may not have a good tenure in the office. There are no benefics in Kendra and Trikonas , hence making the chart  most precarious

Some combinations of Loss of Power for chief minister.

  1. Dispositor of Lagna Lord Jupiter placed in 12th house , debilitated and also in Paap kartari yoga
  2. This is also indicative of obstructing in getting proper power
  3. 2nd   lord is attichari and 11th lord is in Paap kartari yoga and also totally combusted
  4.  Lagna lord Jupiter is afflicted in 8th house by Mars and Saturn , Moon in Paap Kartari yoga and also debilitated in the 12th house ,
  5.  Venus the 11th Lord is in paap kartari yoga and also combusted .
  6. In simhasan chakra Moon is not Placed well and indicative of fall of the ruler
  7. Longevity is indicated by the 8th house  and the Lord is Moon debilitated in the 12th house  and in Paap Kartari yoga , shows confinement due to health problems and , since Jupiter Lagna Lord is in Sarp Dreshkanne . The 8th Lord Moon together with Ketu is also in Sarp Dreshkanne
  8. Sun and Moon both are not having strength . Sun with Deblitation lord although it is neecha bhang but with Deblitation lord gives Temporary power or not full tenure
  9. The chief Minister will face opposition since the 7th Lord is Exh in 10th house and with Rahu in close degrees , 7th and 10th Lord Mercury though in own house and Exhalted it is fallen from Libra sign

10.       Uday Lagna is Sagitarius, Arudha Lagna Aquarius and Chaitra Rashi is Pieces and has Ketu is a strong negative  for the Oath chart. Arudha Lagna and Chaitra Rashi 2/12 axis.  Moon and Uday Lagna  2/12 axis arudha Lagna and Moon again ion 4/10 axis  all, this is not good for the oath taking chart .

11.  Dasha at birth in the Oath Taking Chart  is of planets Saturn-Mercury-Rahu connected to 2,6,10, 11 houses

12.  Current Transit is not good . Eclipse point 25.01 degrees in Pieces  of the Lunar Eclipse of 8th October 2014  in the chart will be activated by Mars between 18th November to 24th November2014 , at this time Mars will also aspect the Lagna Lord in the 8th house degree wise is a crucial parameter for untoward happenings and obstructions in performing his duties.

13. If we see the chart of Harayana 1st November 1966 12-00 PM with Sagittarius Lagna and Scorpio navamsha Lagna Lord Jupiter is placed in the 8th house and Dasha of Jupiter Rahu is in operation is also not a good dasha , Rahu is Placed in the sign of Aries and its dispositor is placed in the 9th  house . Mars is not placed well in the chart From Lagna Lord and also not placed well at the time of the Oath in the Chart of Harayana. The overall chart is not condusive to give good results for a good tenure for his office and there will be lot of oppositions  he will be facing.

14.  Saturn will move in Scorpio in the 12th house  on the 2nd Nov. 2014 and  come over Moon the 8th Lord  in the muhurat chart and will aspect the 9th house, it will activate the 8th lord and 8th house since it has already aspected the 8th house . The Navamsha sign of Saturn in Transit will be the 8th house of the muhurat chart and when Saturn will cross 3.20 degrees in Scorpio it will come over the navamsha of the 8th Lord Moon in Leo hence till Saturn crosses 6.40 degrees in scorpio till 31st Dec. 2014  will be a difficult period for the chief minister, more so since Saturn will also be attichari.Also when Mars since aspecting the 8th house and Lagna Lord in the 8th house joins back in Scorpio and Sagitarius , these periods will be explosive around end Feb. 2016. Unfortunately the Conjunction is taking Place on the 20th Feb. 2016 could Prove Detrimental for the chief Minister and Harayana with an Explosive situation.  Saturn total will be there for 2.5 yrs . This Period may not be good for the Chief minister. Also when Saturn is Retrograde in Sagitarius on the 6th April 2017 over the Muhurat Mars in the same Navamsha at 3.41  degrees will activate the Mars  and when Mars reaches the 8th house would produce negative effects for the Minister after 11th July 2017  to 27th August 2017/ This Period will be most critical for Khatter to step down due to untoward happenings in his state .

Now See the Chart of the 25th August 2017 as per the Oath chart of the Sagitarius Lagna  below

The Planetary Positions are speaking loud and clear  as per the following Parameters

  1. Transit Jupiter Lagna Lord over the Rahu and Mercury in the 10th house  Jupiter Transit is 26.42 and Moon there 23.45 and in the Muhurat Chart of the 26th Oct 2014 Rahu is 25.11 and Mercury 22.42  in the same house Virgo
  2. Jupiter in the Muhurat chart is in the 8th house in Exhaltation at 25.40 and Mars and Venus in Transit yesterday on the 25th August 2017 28.54  and 4,58 respectively . Thus Proving the Parameter Mars in the Lagna most Catastrophic as Predicted
  3. On the Day of the Muhurat Moon was Debilitated in the 12th house Scorpio and in Transit Saturn on the 25th August was stationary and about to become direct at 17.36 hours and  influenced the Moon the 8th Lord of the Chart and the 9th house  where in Transit Rahu, Sun and Mercury are placed
  4. From the above it is clear that  M L Khatter may have to step down between the 28th August to 9th Sept. 2017 and to be more specific when Moon is debilitated on the 28th August 2017 over the Moon of the Muhurat Chart , therby my Predictions will hit the nail on the Head for BJP Members and the Ministers .
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