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Prashna Jyotish Explains well the Death Of the 9 year Boy in Suspicious Circumstances

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Prashna Jyotish is the Core of the Astrology , since it can solve any blind case  and also answer the day to day Queries  since it tells the State of the Present Karma of the native as against the Poorva Punya in the Birth chart.

Now Read this News —-  “Ghaziabad school booked after boy slips and dies”  link

A nine-year-old boy, studying in a private school in Ghaziabad, died under suspicious circumstances after he allegedly slipped and fell on a corridor on the second floor of the school building on Tuesday. The boy, Armaan Sehgal, was a Class IV student at G D Goenka Public School in Indirapuram.

Armaan was rushed to Shanti Gopal Hospital in Ahimsa Khand 2 by school staff where doctors declared him dead on arrival. Doctors at the hospital, however, could not confirm the cause of death. Later, the postmortem report said he died due to head injuries.

According to the school management, Armaan collapsed while he was walking on a corridor on the second floor of the school building around 8am. “Armaan had to appear in a unit test on Tuesday. He went outside the classroom in which the examination was being conducted to fetch a pencil box which he had forgotten. While returning to the classroom, he fell down on the corridor and collapsed. A female teacher informed us about the incident. A male teacher immediately picked up the kid and we rushed him to Shanti Gopal Hospital,” school principal, Dr Kavita Sharma, told TOI.

Let us use the Mook Prashna Technique to Predict the situations arising from the Planetary positions

The Father Mr. Seghal Dropped his son Aarman at about 07.30 hrs in the School and the News Comes about 08-00 am. that  he is dead

As Per the Mook Prashna since a Jeeva Prashna the Time of Drop seems to be after  07-28am . since the Odd Lagna Leo  is rising and is in the 3rd Navamsha of Gemini.

Now Let us see the Planetary positions at the time of Death 07-45 hrs calculated on the Basis of Prashna Jyotish, although the time given is o8-00 am

Since the Father Dropped the child in the school at 07.30 hrs.  and as explained above it is a Jeeva Query  and Moon is the Most Important Planet in the Chart since it is just 1 degrees therefore it acquires a special dimension more so it has exchange with Day Lord Mars  and since it is 1.02 degrees  and Moon takes One Muhurat to give the results  The Results of the Happening will come in 62/200 x 48 = minutes  hence 14.88 minutes , therefore the time of death of the Child took place at -7-30 hrs + 14.88 minutes =  07.44.88 Hrs. I have therefore Constructed the chart of this Time . The Time of 07.30 hrs. also shows Query of a Jeeva

Panchang of the Day Day is Tuesday a Malefic Day

Tithi SP-9 Navamsha  Rikta Tithi

Nakshatra Vishaka

Yoga Shukl Inauspicious

Karna Kaulava and is Debilitated  and Totally Combusted and Placed in the 12th house with Lagna Lord Shows malefic Results Pertaining to the Significations of Mars  and hence most malefic

Malefic Parameters at the time if the Happenings 

Lagna  Leo is Dagdha Most Malefic and Rahu in Gandantha in a Fiery sign about to enter the Watery sign. In the Rising sign Leo has  Avyogi Mercury , most malefic parameter and  shows the Query is about a young Boy since the sign is also a male sign. The Sign in which Moon is Placed the 4th house is also a Dagdha Sign  and Fallen Retrograde Saturn the 6th and the 7th Lord Placed in it with Moon

Moon is Connected to Retrograde Saturn Fallen and also Debilitated and has Exchange with Mars who is totally Combusted and Debilitated , forming a Most malefic Dainya Yoga

Gulika is Placed in the Sign Libra and the Navamsha sign  of Gulika is the Sign Capricorn and thus the Lords are Venus and Saturn Respectively.

In the Prashna chart the Navamsha Lord of Gulika is with Moon and aspects the Lagna . In the Navamasha chart Lagna Lord Sun and Day Lord Mars are with the Gulika Lord Venus and  the Exchange of Moon and Mars is Repeated in the Navamsha makes the Chart potent for Malefic Happenings as have happened

The Day is Tuesday and the lord is Mars and is totally combusted and Debilitated  and placed in the 12th house with the Lagna Lord Sun. Mars also has Exchange with Moon Placed in Debilitation sign and with Fallen Retrograde Saturn in the 4th house is the Most malefic Parameter . Mars is Placed in the yama of Taurus sign the 10th house of the Chart and aspected by 8th Lord Jupiter is another Parameter which is Crucial for the Event , 10th House the Yama sign is also aspected by the 6th and 7th Lord Saturn who is Retrograde and Fallen .Jupiter aspect on the Yama Sign shows the Query Pertaining to Children and an Educational Place  and Hence School.

The Yama Lord Venus is also ill placed from the Day Lord Mars and also the Lagna Lord and the 4th house Scorpio, Hence the Query is Pertaining to the 4th house and the 4th Lord

As Per Mook Prashna the Stronger Between the Lagna Lord Sun and the 11th Lord Mercury is Mercury and is Placed in the Lagna , hence counting from Mercury to Moon is the House which is of main concern in the Prashna chart and as is evident it is the 4th house of Education and Education in School

As Per the Mercury Placed in the Lagna and close to MEP  the Happening is with a young Boy

As Per Moon in Shukla Paksha in the Navami Tithi his age is about 9 years

The Arudha Lagna is Gemini and is also the Chaitra Rashi and Venus  Placed there   Some Concealment of Facts Since Venus is also the Gulika Lord

The Lagna Lord Sun, Moon in Watery signs in massive affliction and Rahu in Gandantha in a Fiery sign  Dagdha Rashu in the Lagna shows that the Happening Concerning Water . The Connection of Moon and Mars and the Debilitated Planets in the 4th house with Fallen Saturn shows the Boy was at a Height from the eye Level and hence the 2nd Floor   and Since The Mars is Connected to the Lagna Lord and the Moon and the Lagna in the 1st Dreshkanne at the time of Leaving the Child in the School  the Injury has taken Place internal in the Head , Since the First Dreshkanne is between the Head and the Waist and since at the time of Leaving it had just entered the 3rd Navamsha  the Lower part of the Head since in the first Dreshkanne  and Since Mars is Head  and Sun and Mars aspecting the 6th house and Moon with the 6th Lord , Saturn and Mars are both connected to the 7th house the path of the Child in the School, clearly indicates that there was Water on the Floor due to which he slipped  and fell down and got an injury on the lower portion of the head .

Debilitated Planets and Fallen Saturn connected to the 4th house and the School Premises  shows that the School Premises are not in an healthy condition and  thus the child suffered on account of the Same

Navamsha is Movable  and Has the Moon and Mercury  along with Jupiter the 8th Lord of the event Chart and both Moon and Mars have gone in each other signs of the Event chart   and Venus the Gulika Lord again with Sun and Mars

In the Navamsha the 8th house of the event chart has become the 9th house of the navamsha shows that  a Case will be registed against the School for the Death of the child and concealing some Fact of the death of the child

Eclipse is taking place in the 1/7 axis and the 6th Lord Saturn will become Stationary between the 20 to 30 August 2017  The Schools will have to face the consequences for the same  specially when Sun and mars joining the Lagna after 18th August and 26th August 2017 respectively .

The Boy Died due to water on the 2nd Floor Of the Building  s crystal clear from the Planetary positions

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