Comprehensive Approach: Marriage Matching

by anil aggarwala


The institution of Marriage in Indian Urban society is facing crisis, which is being, exploited by Lawyers , Astrologers and  Physiologists  . Unhappiness   in the home bring unhappiness to the mind, which prompts one to act against social standards , irrationally, impulsively and immorally. It is high time we adopt a slogan SAVE MARRIAGE TO SAVE SOCIETY and start contributing towards it.

In acient times there were 8 type of Marriages namely Paishach, Rakshas, Gandharva, Asur, Prajapatya, Arsha, Daiva, Brahama. New developements ——– Live in relations, Gay marriage All also depends upon Desh, Kal , Patra. HOUSES concerning MARRIAGE in the natal chart.

First house —- Self, Second house —-Immediate family, Kutumb. Fourth house —-Sukhbhav, Happiness .Fifth house—–Romance ,Love ,Children. Seventh house—–Marriage, Quality of married life, spouse. Eighth house Longevity of married life, Ayusthan .Twelveth house —–Bed comforts. KARKA FOR MARRIAGE VENUS Upkarka Rahu. PatiKarka Jupiter Marriage giving Planets—– Venus, Moon, Rahu apart from the other parameters in the natal chart and divisional charts.

In Indian culture Marriage is taken as a sacred institution, to this belief marriages are settled in heaven and performed on earth. To an astrologer Marriages are mainly governed by position of the planets in the horoscope. The astrological arrangement in the horoscope are mainly based on 3 essential factors ,

1. Physical ability 1,4,7, and 10th house

2. Mental ability 2,5,8 and 11th house

3. Spirtual ability 1,5,9,10 and 12th house .

When a question of Marriage is considered various factors such as 1.Physical fitness 2.Mental qualities 3.Sexual compatability 4.Social and Economic status attract our attention. Spirit, Mind and Materials are the 3 factors which control the human behaviours that are the result of the interaction of these factors. In astrology they can be grouped as under————————

1. Spirit is controlled by 1st house and Karka is Sun .

2. Mind is controlled by 1st house and Karka is Moon .

3. Materials controlled by 1st house and Karka are Sun and Jupiter.

Hence for proper analysis  of the horoscopes and a happy wedlock the examination of the Lagna , Sun and Moon are the crucial parameters to be seen for marriage matching. Therefore these signs acquire a special dimension and should not be afflicted in each other horoscopes. For Successful married life the following dictums should be given due importance. 1.There should be attraction between the Boy and the Girl if they are born in the Asc sign which falls opposite to each other. 2. Mars occupying the place of Venus in each other horoscope gives strong desire for Sex, the close association of such natives can prove dangerous unless some modifying factors are present in the 2 horoscopes. 3. Venus Placed in the place of Sun or Moon in each other horoscopegives strong attachment and affection, as a result the married life of the couple is happy and prosperous.. When sun is placed in trine from Moon in each other horoscopeand when Moon is also similarly placed then the friendship between the boy and the girl is a deep one and long lasting. As mentioned above Lagna , Sun and Moon sign afflicted in each other chart may bring disaster in the life of the couple and the mutual relations will not be good with each other.

Now Main Parameters to be seen in the horoscope 

1.Longevity of the Boy and Girl individually.

2.Longevity of the Boy and the Girl with respect to each other. The method of the same was explained by checking the Lord of the 8th house of the female the manglaya  sthan not to be in the 6,8,12 house of the Boys chart and Viceversa.Houses in volved in term of the marriage are 2, 7 and 8 of the individual horoscopes and and 1, 2 and 8 of the the boy and girls horoscope for cross examination , in D1, D9 and Moon chart. in girls horoscope the 8th house is the mangalayasthan and the 7th house being the 12th from the 8th house becomes the loss of the spouse for the 8th house iesughag and the planets related with this house becomes markesh for the husband. Similarly the 7th house is considered as the house of wife in a Male horoscope and 2nd and 12th from the 7th house are the houses of the loss of the wife for the female partner, the planets influencing these houses may kill the female partner in their MD or AD provided they are having the markatatwam and bad affliction

3.Analysing the Marriage houses Lagna, 2,4,7,8 and 12 house for malefics placement and matching with the malefics placement in the same houses in the Boys chart. This is called DoshaSamyam. The dosha in the girls chart should not be more than that of the boy, marginal difference is the best matching. Mars dosha is included. The Native having mars in the 7th and 8th house should be matched properly and preferably with mars only, rest of the houses can be matched for Mars with Rahu,Ketu, Sun , and Saturn

4. Dasha Pattern in both cases should be good to survive minimum 15 to 20 years to make a Bond between the two.Dashasandhi should be avoided.

5. BhakootDosha is important .the 2/12, 6/8 and 5/9 Relation of the Moon sign Lords is bad. Reason the consectiveSadiSati, SaptamShani,AshtamShani, we should not interpret our own meanings, as some say 5/9 is not bad. If 5th house of the Boy and 9th house of the girl in question is strong, then we can over look this parameter, other wiseNav-Panchamdosha as mentioned in the shastras.

6. Avoid Shooksham Nadidosha and should be avoided as per a chart. Let me see if I can manage the scan and send the same along with this presentation. 7. Bhav Milan. I don think we have to explain this in detail. DoshaSayam will also cover up this parameter relating to the same.

8. Planet to Planet matching. Sun for ego , Jupiter for wisdom, Mars for energy, Venus for sexual compatability, Mercury for communication and Saturn for Longevity. Apart from the above, since the environment is fast changing and people have become materialistic, all the factors relating to the same be analysed before matching actually.

9. AshtkootMilan ,Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi since they contribute 21 points out of 36 .

10. 1st Quarter of Ashlesha, Jyestha,Moola and 4th Quarter of Vishaka are believed to be harmful , where as the remaining quarters of the above are not harmful.

11. VishKanya Parameters must be checked .

12. Uppada, 2nd house and 8th house from uppada are very important and must be checked properly.7P, DK, DKN are also important. As per K.N. Rao there should be matching of the darakarkas also between the 2 charts and they should be natural friends and not placed in 6/8 or 2/12 axis in the D1 and D9.

13. Strong Venus and Jupiter for Female since karka for spouse 4,8,12 houses from Venus should not have malefics.

14. Role of Mars in the chart of the Girls specially the 10th house for Working Professionals  to be matched with the Boy

15. Role of Mercury and Mars in the chart of the Girl . Conjunction is worst and even aspect of Mars on Mercury is not considered good

16. Role of D30 1/30 division of the female chart has pivotal role in deciding the happiness or otherwise. If Trishamsha signs falls in the sign of mars, saturn and sun and at the same time these malefics have influence on the birth , then the marital life may be deserted . The un favourable situations are increased manifold if the lagna, Sun and Moon are also afflicted by malefics

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