Will North Node In Forward Motion Receiving Aspect Of Fallen Saturn Cast Its Evil Shadow In August-Sept. 2017 ?

by anil aggarwala

This Is with reference to my Articles on my webpage  for the Brawl Between the Countries specially  Indo-China, North Korea-US and the Gulf Countries entering in war like Conditions . I have already mentioned that the Periods when Terrorism will be on the increase and Tensions between the Neighboring Countries may take an Explosive shape for a Short while 

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The Twin Eclipses in the month of August 2017  one Lunar on the 7th August and one Solar on the 22nd August 2017 and Rahu Adverse from the 7th to 25th August 2017 is most Provocative period for China to take an aggressive stance . On the 10th August Moon will be conjunct with Ketu and aspected By Debilitated and Combusted Mars by 8th Strong aspect  could be most Explosive date for China to take any decision  and then the 20th August to 20th August when Saturn will be in Stationary Position.

Although the Situations in July 2018 for Tensions with China will be far more Explosive then now , hence it seems that the Short Period from 7th August to 26th Oct 2017 time frame for Tensions and Brawl between the Countries  and will then will linger on till July 2018 when again there will be Fierce Fight  

The Situations for  the Brawl between US and N Korea are no better and like hanging fire  and can take an Explosive shape any time now as per the above time frame mentioned by me 

I have already mentioned that the Financial markets , Real Estate Markets may also take a Big hit  due to the Tensions increasing between the Countries and any Aggressive Step taken by any Country will mar the Rising Trend in the Financial markets 

The Adverse Rahu as already mentioned by me in my earlier articles  from the 7th August to 25th August is most Explosive for the Current Scenario and  is playing its Magic Role and turning the Glass Full of Water upside down. The Stock markets Trends after 7th August 2017 have followed the same Pattern as Predicted by me . The Gann Theory of Numbers and the Astrology Parameters together are Playing wonderful role as can be seen  and the What ever is happening is as per the Same .

Hence Rahu Adverse motion may not be a Boon and hence Bane and Most malefic in the current Scenario

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10th August 2017 2017  09.34 hrs 

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