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8 Years Boy Murdered in Gurgaon By Sexual Predator’ Conductor , What Stars Foretell ?

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8 Years Boy Murdered in Gurgaon By Sexual Predator’ Conductor 

A Eight-year-old boy, Pradyuman Thakur, was today found dead inside the washroom of the Gurgaon-based Ryan International School. The Class II boy’s body was discovered by a fellow school student at around 8 am in the morning – Pradyuman was found with his throat slit and a knife near his body.

“The students alerted the teachers and the school management then informed police, who rushed him to Artemis Hospital. He was declared brought dead by doctors,” Ravinder Kumar, PRO Gurgaon Police, said.


A 42-year-old bus conductor accused of murdering an eight-year-old student of the Ryan International School was sacked by another school eight months ago for his “sexually predatory behaviour”, police investigations revealed on Saturday.

Ashok Kumar was a driver with a private school in Ghamroj, his native village near Gurgaon, but was fired from the job after some students complained about his “misdemeanors”. The school, about 5-km from Ryan International, did not file a complaint with the police.


The Murder took place on the Friday at about 08-10 hrs. on the  8th Sept. 2017 

The Chart is Below 

When ever the Lagna Lord is Placed in the 6,8, 12th house and under affliction then the Prashna is regarding some crime .

In the above chart the same is depicted clearly since the Lagna Lord Mercury is with Rahu, Sun and Mars and aspected by Saturn from the 3rd house and the 6th and the 8th Lord having return aspect is the Most crucial parameter for this Murder

The Panchang of the Day 

The Day is Friday and Lord is Venus Placed in the 11th house in the Sign of Cancer and the Day Lord is Placed in the yama of Taurus its own sign the 9th house of the Chart and has aspects of Fallen Saturn from the 3rd house , The Yama Lord Venus is placed in the 11th house  and ill placed from the 10th house and the 10th Lord Mercury  and 12th house , 12th Lord Sun

The Karna Lord Jupiter is Karka for Children and Placed in the Bhadak sthan from it self and in the Nakshatra of  Mars the 8th Lord Placed with the Lagna Lord in the 12th house along with Sun and Rahu shows the event crystal clear 

The Planet which is of the highest degree and about to change sign acquires a special dimension along with Rahu who is also about to Change the sign on the 9th Sept. 2017. Hence Jupiter and Rahu  acquire a special dimension . The Following parameters acquire a special dimension

  1. Jupiter aspects Moon and the Yama Sign of the Day and Placed in the Lagna also aspects the 5th house of the chart 
  2. Saturn connected to Yama Sign, 5th house and the Planets in the 12th house where Rahu is Placed .
  3. The Uday Lagna is Virgo a Dual sign and the Navamsha also happens to be Dual , hence an outsider is involved 
  4. Arudha Lagna is Cancer having the Day Lord Venus 
  5. Chaitra Rashi is Gemini and will be aspected By Jupiter  06-51 hrs on the 12th Sept. 2017 after its ingress in Libra and by Saturn on the 26th Oct.2017 after 15.27 hrs.
  6. The Conjunction of the Lagna Lord Mercury and the 8th Lord Mars in the 12th house very close degrees and Degree conjunction on the 16th Sept. 2017, some concrete will be exposed about the Murder  about the involvement of the Main Male Murderer .

Description of the Culprit

Since the Lord of the 7th is in the Kendra and the Lagna , the culprit is at the place of murder. Since the Lagna and the navamsha Lagna are dual signs the culprit  is an outsider not known to the child.  The culprit lives neither close not far.

Who is the Culprit ,since the Lagna has aspects of Moon the Culprit is among the School  houseold. Since Sun is in the 12th  in Leo sign , the culprit is a middle aged person. A person who visits the School periodically  or the one who has the assess to visit the School

7th Lord Jupiter middle aged person has committed the Murder

Moon aspects the Lagna the Culprit has assess to an influential person may be a female and  the one living close by the School

Moon has aspects of the Mars the 8th Lord the Suspected person is the Culprit and the Male with the description as mentioned in the Article 

Since the Sun is Placed in the 12th house the Right eye of the Culprit will be weak

Name of the Culprit

Since the Lagna is a Dual Sign the name of the culprit could be of 3 letters.. The signs which govern the letters in accordance with their Lord.

The following parameters are of concern

  1. Arudha Lagna, Lord of Arudha Lagna, Rashi Occupied by Lord and Navamsha Lord of Arudha. The Strongest of these will be indicative of the name of the culprit. As Per Moon the Name starts with  Va, As Per Jupiter  Da and as per Mars Kha, the strongest of these  and hence it seems That of Jupiter since Vargottam and Could be Letters starting from Da, but others cannot be ruled out either 
  2. The Lord which the 6th house , the navamsha rashi of the Lord of the 6th , the 6th house sign, letters of these may be the initial letters of the Culprit, According to this again Jupiter Da since the 6th Lord is in the navamsha of Jupiter  and as per Saturn in  Mars  sign is  Kha again and as per Saturn is Pa.It seems the Jupiter has more role to play and the name could be of 3 Letters and starting from The Jupiter Letters Th Tha Da Dha Na and since in Airy sign Da
  3. Color of Clothes Mars aspects the Moon in the 7th house hence  white clothes with Pale Red lines 
  4. Lord of the 11th is connetcted to the 7th house and Lord , hence the event has taken place with a motive
  5. Jupiter in the Lagna the Culprit lives in the house of a Chaste Women near neighborhood of lakes watery places 

Chor Graha

Classical Texts  refer to Chor Grahas are among the 7th Lord, Planets in the  Kendra and the 11th house , who so ever is the strongest , how ever importance is given to the 7th Lord. Here the Strongest planet is Venus  and the 7th Lord is Jupiter since the Venus is the Strongest Planet and Placed in the Cancer sign confirms that there is an accomplice . Since the Moon in Female sign is placed in the 7th house a female has assisted the Criminal

Moon aspects the Lagna  Neighbor is the Culprit or the Culprit is staying with an influential person

Number of People involved in the Crime 

Since the Strongest Planet among the Chor Grahas is Venus and Placed in the sign Cancer there are more than one person is involved  and could be a female as well. Venus being the Chor Grahas is in female sign and female navamsha 

Venus Indicates a young Women clothes could be white with Blue lines  with attractive Personality and Jupiter as the 7th Lord a Middle aged male and as described below about the main culprit for the crime 

The 6thLord is Saturn hence a low class person has done the crime 

Navamsha Lagna is odd and a Male Planet in the Navamsha Lagna the Culprit who has done the crime is a Male 

Age of the the Boy Murdered as per the Placement of Sun in the 12th house is below 8 years 

Color of Clothes of the Criminals 

Male wearing  Pale white yellowish and Female  Bright color of Good quality

Time of Crime 

Since the Durinal Sign is rising at the time of the event it has taken Place during the day 

Mode of Crime 

Since the 7th Lord is Jupiter the Criminal has entered from the main entrance of the School. 

The Strongest planet placed in the 7th house is Moon  and a female sign hence the Culprit is a Female , Jupiter is Vargottam hence a Female , Moon is aspected By Jupiter hence the significations of Jupiter  and 30 years old or middle aged person . The Culprit has been assisted by a Female it so seems and Culprit may be a Male . The Navamsha Position of the Lagna Lord is in the 12th house in the female sign and aspected By Moon debilitated 

Since the Chor Graha is Venus it also suggests that the Criminal has entered from the Place of Murder through Holes, Open Space where grills are installed , he may also remove the Grills 

Place of  the Event 

From the Nakshatra in the Lagna  Haste and in the 2nd Dreshkanne the murder has taken place in the the middle portion of the School and near pool of water, pond or place of water Toilet

Appearance and Caste of the Male Culprit

Caste Shudra

As per the 2nd Dreshkanne of Virgo the Significations are as follows 

Sex is seen from the rising Navamsha  and since a Male sign the Culprit is a Male

Dark Complexioned  May be wearing head gear or head tied  with a cloth.

Skilled in warfare and keeps weapons with him.

Friend of Forest Dwellers 

Residence of the Culprit

Since the 6th Lord is in the sign Scorpio the culprit lives near a Cavity, Hole, Crevice, Burrow ,Rocky areas, Habitat of insects , which is near water, Ponds , Tunnels, Since the Virgo sign is rising he lives in a City 

Nakshatra at the time of Murder

U Bhadrapad    Few persons are involved in the Murder and the Female involved has gone towards the North and difficulty in tracing the same 

Whether the Culprit will be caught ?

Chaitra Rashi will open the secrets of the Event, Here the Chaitra Rashi is Gemini and will be aspected by Jupiter after the 12th Sept. 2017 06-51 hrs.and the Male Culprit may open the secrets of the Crime with lot of difficulty .  When Mercury the Lagna Lord goes in the Uday Lagna on the 26th Sept. 2017 little possibilities  .

Lagna Lord and 10th Lord has very close ithasla with 3rd and 8th Lord Mars   and Degree conjunction on the 16th Sept. 2017 may open the secrets of the Crime with lot of Difficulty , this also shows the Culprit will put lot of Pressure on the Police to hide the same using all means 

The Other Criminals may be in the city itself and Move out after 12th Sept. 2017. At Present they are in  North Direction with in 13-26 Kms . Hence  could be New Delhi

Only one Parameter is little favorable is the Mars is combust and with in 14 degrees , in fact a planet with in 5 degrees or in the same navamsha  point out the Criminal will be caught by the Police, here the Possibilities are very weak but there. 

Uday Lagna, Arudha Lagna  are in 3/11 axis but Chaitra Rashi is in 4/10 axis with Ul and 2/12 axis with CR hence the Probability is only 30 % when Jupiter aspects the Sign Gemini, hence difficulty in tracing the other associate who is female 

There are weak combinations for the Secrets to be exposed but we cannot rule out the same being exposed with lot of Difficulty taking a positive stance even if it is 10 % after 12th Sept. 2017.

Timing of Events

As Per Degree conjunction of the Lagna Lord and 8th Lord on the 16th Sept. 2017

As Per Navamsha Lagna Lord reaching the Ascendant on the 26th Sept. 2017

As Per Navamsha of Moon sign Lord reaching the Lagna  after 13th Oct. 2017

When Moon Transits the Lagna after 15 days  on the 23rd Sept. 2017

The above are the Key dates for the above Crime Some Facts may be exposed  

Nut Shell

The Key person in the Act is the Male as explained above who had been instigated by a Female it so seems as explained above , since there is an accomplice with the Culprit since Venus is Placed in the 11th house strongest and in Cancer sign, The Real Culprit may be difficult to trace it so seems , but cannot be ruled out

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