Astrology Speaks Planetary Cycles Repeat Behaviour : What They Foretell For Oct.-Nov. 2017

by anil aggarwala

The Solar System

The Solar system  consists of Sun and other members  of the Family consisting of the celestial bodies  which revolve around the Sun. The Sun is at the centre of the system and has its own light . There are 9 major planets which revolve around the Sun namely Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn , Uranus, Neptune , Pluto, and minor planets or Asteroids , Meteoroids , Comets etc.

 The Solar system can be divided into 2 Parts the inner and the Outer system .

The Inner system consists of the Mercury, Venus , Earth , Mars , they are small in size and closer to Sun.

The Outer system. The Planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto fall in this system and are of Large sizes, except Pluto . 

All the Planets have an envelope of Atmosphere around them.

The Slow Moving Planets, Jupiter, Saturn   and Uranus acquire a special dimension and as  per the Revolutions or the Sidereal around the Sun the following is the time in Years of these Planets 

Jupiter  11.86 years   

Saturn 29.46 years

Uranus  84.02 years  

The Slow Moving Planets have a larger bearing ,  on us then the Fast moving Planets , hence the Planetary Cycles as per the Sidereal Period around the Sun acquires a special dimension along with the North Node of Moon  Rahu.

In the Present Scenario the Following Cycles of the Planets are completed  along with North Node Rahu from the Great Year of Depression 1929-1933

  1. Uranus Completed one cycle of 84 years 
  2. Saturn is about to complete its 3rd Cycle 
  3. Jupiter has Completed its 7th Cycle 
  4. Rahu about o Complete the 5th Cycle 

Now Taking into consideration the Jupiter, Rahu and Saturn the least common Factor in their Cycles is 30, hence a cycle of  30 years  is most important for Global events to happen, hence there is Probability that what ever happened 30 years back may be repeated  or in the multiples of the same , Since all the above 4 Parameters are activating the Significations are per their Cycles . Hence the Year 1987- 1988 -acquires a Special dimension.

Since the Double Transit  of Jupiter and the Saturn is most essential for any thing to materialize, since they  are the 9th and the 10th Lord of the natural Zodiac , we have to see the Lowest Common factor between  them  which is 15, Hence the Cycle of 15 years is also Important 

As Per The Declination of the Planets their cycle are getting completed in 2017  with Respect to 1987 year  and the Year 1958-1959

Hence from the Above we derive that the multiple of   30 years is a very important figure for the Global Events 

Hence Saturn is In Scorpio – Sagitarius acquire a important dimension and we will have to study the Transit’s of Planets in the Cycle of 30 years and therefore 1958-1959 and the year 1987-1988 acquire an important dimension

The Following events took place in the above mentioned years  considering the Figure 30 and 15 years 

  1. Wall Street Crash on the 24th Oct. 1929 lasting for 4 years, called the great crash and called the Depression year . It happened 84 years back from 1933  and hence the cycle of Uranus is also activated 
  2. Black Monday 19th Oct. 1987
  3. Biggest Fall in the Indian Stock Market History 24th Oct. 2008
  4. July 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait which lasted 8 months 
  5. 11th Sept. 2001 Global Stock Market Crash 
  6. Financial Crisis  on the 27th Feb. 2007 Shanghai Stock Exchange tumbles  9 % largest drop in 10 years 
  7. 11th Oct. 2007  US Bear Market  2007-2009
  8. 16th Sept. 2008 US Large Institutions failures 

Since we are more concerned on the 30 years cycle  we would be interested in the Global happenings in 1987-1988 and 1958-1959

As per the year 1987-1988 the Following data is as below 

The rise and fall of the Sensex has been dizzying. The markets are back to the point it scaled three years ago. . . The BSE Sensex on Friday crashed by 1,071 points to close at 8,701 points. This has been an incredible year for the markets, after scaling the 21,000 peak in January 2008, the markets are at 8,000 now.

On Friday, the Reserve Bank of India gave the markets its biggest blow as it left key interest rates unchanged and lowered the GDP target to 7.5-8% for 2008-09.

Markets across the globe crashed on Friday. Japan’s Nikkei shed 9.6% (812 points) to 7,649. Hang Seng plunged 6% (822 points) to 12,939. The Seoul Composite index tumbled 10.5% (111 points) to 939.

 The worst hit stocks were DLF, Ranbaxy Laboratories Hindalco Industries, Tata Motors, Reliance Industries and Mahindra & Mahindra.

On Thursday, stock markets plunged following sustained capital outflows, shaky global markets, poor company results, and the International Monetary Fund’s warning that economic growth in advanced nations will be close to zero. The BSE Sensex fell by 398.20 points, or 3.92%, to fall to 9,771.70.

We take you through the BIGGEST falls in the Indian stock market history.

October 24, 2008: The Sensex plunged by 1070.63 points (10.96 per cent) to close at 8,701.07. The National Stock Exchange’s Nifty ended at 2,557.25, down 13.11 per cent or 386 points. The BSE Midcap closed 8.38 per cent lower and BSE Smallcap Index ended 7.66 per cent down.


April 2, 2007: The Sensex opened with a huge negative gap of 260 points at 12,812 following the Reserve Bank of India decision to hike the cash reserve ratio and repo rate.  Unabated selling, mainly in auto and banking stocks, saw the index drift to lower levels as the day progressed. The index tumbled to a low of 12,426 before finally settling with a hefty loss of 617 points (4.7%) at 12,455.

As Per the Planetary Cycles  Saturn was fallen from 7th Feb. to 7th Nov. 1958. There are absolutely Parallel Results what we experienced 59 years back and the Stock markets touched a New High 

Please refer to my earlier Article “59 Years Back Roman God Saturn Was Fallen In Scorpio on the 2nd June 1958: Unfolded ?”…ne-1958-unfolded/

  • In the year 1959 Saturn was back in Sagitarius  and sprouted the above 
  • From the above it is clear that Saturn may sprout Wars , Coup  and Happenings similar to the above listed 
  • The Iran -Iraq Gulf War, US Brawl with N Korea and China, Russia , Japan could be influenced Most in this Transit of Saturn in Scorpio and Sagitarius till 20th Jan 2020 Untoward happenings man made and Natural as already predicted earlier 
  • Saturn Fallen in 1958 -1959 the US stock Markets Touched a New High and  in the Present Situations it can become unpredictable and can touch new High and Low between the 21st June to 26th Nov. 2017 Reference
  • Please read my article again
  • Reproducing the Text in my earlier article , which is showing replication
  • Satrun on the driving seat what it has up his sleeves is unpredictable , in the year 1958-1959 there was a surge in the Market of US, Jupiter was aspecting the Leo sign by Retrograde aspect and was about to fall in it , normally when Jupiter and Saturn in Fiery signs the Market drops, it was the reverse , Saturn in Watery sign and Jupiter in Virgo about to Fall in Leo did the Miracle in 1958, Now Saturn in Sagitarius and about to fall in watery sign and Jupiter no connection with Fiery sign , hence it may be unpredictable. The Market may move in either direction , but seems it may break after reaching a Top figure of 9850-9950 or even more or break from here , There are no researches and , no astrologer works on the Fallen Saturn in Stock Markets , how it may behave is unpredictable since Fallen Planet is most venomous and can go in any direction. As far as the Declination is concerned it is the same as the 1958, which indicates the Markets may surge beyond expectations
  • A Strong Earthquake of More than 8.00 is not ruled pout after mars activates the Eclipse point on the 3rd Sept. 2017 to 9th Sept. 2017  specially after 7th Sept. 2017 when Moon will be in acute affliction. The Countries Prone are Mexico , Indonesia, Japan, Australia, India, Phillipines, Morocco, Portugal and the Coastal Areas around the World The Other Prone Dates are as mentioned 16th Sept, 26th Sept and 26th Oct. 2017
  • In Sept. 1985 when After Fallen Saturn in Libra Joined  Scorpio sign there was an Earthquake of More than 8.00, This could Repeat in Sept. 2017 as explained above. More then 40000 people died and 100000 people suffered , similar situations could emerge . We have already Experienced a Earthquake of 8.3 in Mexico as Predicted by me 

Let us see compare the Planetary positions at the time of the 19th Oct. 1987 and Now to evaluate what could be the Possible outcome of the Same 

We are more concerned on the 19th Oct. 1987 Chart 

Parameters which acquire an important dimension are as below

  1. Saturn in Scorpio 
  2. Moon in Fiery sign
  3. Jupiter in Aries Retrograde and about to fall back in Pieces as a Fallen Planet , has aspects  by Mars 
  4. Sun Debilitated 
  5. Sun, Mercury and Venus in Rahu Nakshatra  of Swati
  6. Longitude of Mercury and Venus Minimum
  7. Mars in Virgo sign 
  8. Rahu in Forward Motion from the 15th Oct. to 21st Oct. 1987
  9. Ketu in the Mercury sign and Jupiter Navamsha 
  10. Mercury Debilitated in Navamsha 
  11. Jupiter in Fiery Navamsha Aries 

With Respect to the above Parameters and Planetary Cycles let us have a Look at the chart of the New Moon of the 20th Oct. 2017 0042 hrs .

The Following Parameters acquire a special dimension with Respect to the 19th Oct. 1097 and the Planetary cycles completion 

  1. Saturn Fallen in Scorpio  and in Gandantha  and Aspects Ketu in Capricorn sign 
  2. Moon  Can be In fiery sign Preferably in Leo and hence Before the 20th Oct. 2017 could be an Important date , Hence around the 15-16th Oct. 2017
  3. Rahu will be in Forward motion from the 12th to 16th Oct. 2017, most critical Parameter , has the Capacity to turn the tables upside down
  4. Jupiter in Libra and aspects the Jupiter in Aries at the time of 1987, Jupiter Combusted and will be in Total combustion on the 27th Oct. 2017
  5. Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter in Paap Kartari Yoga 
  6. Mars In Virgo at the same as the 1987
  7. Sun, Venus Both Debilitated 
  8. On the 27th Oct. 2017 Sun, Mercury, Jupiter in Swati Nakshatra same as the 1987 
  9. Saturn in Gandantha from 13th Oct. to 6th Nov. 2017 most Malefic 
  10. Ketu in Mercury Navamsha 
  11. On the 27th Oct. 2017 Saturn in Fiery sign and Fiery Navamsha Most malefic and in Gandantha 
  12. Jupiter in Fiery Navamsha as the 1987
  13. Mercury will be debilitated in Navamsha on the 24th Oct. 2017

Have a Look at the chart of the Time of Saturn ingress in Sagitarius on the 26th Oct. 2017 at 15.27 hrs. 

The Lagna is a Bearish sign and the Lord is In Gandantha and in Fiery sign and Fiery Navamsha 

Jupiter is totally combusted and Both Sun and Jupiter in Fiery Navamsha and in Swati Nakshatra

Moon in Fiery sign with Saturn 

All Planets In the  Rahu-Ketu axis and in the visible hemisphere the Results will be fast , Planets are also in the Mars and Saturn Axis and there is Return of Mars and Saturn aspect . 9th and 10th Lord in the 8th house  with Uranus 

As already I have mentioned that the Paksha Kundali starting from the 20th Sept. 2017 is an enigmatic one  since all the Planets are in the Shadow of the Nodes , Mars and Saturn who have the return aspect and till the Planets move out of the Shadow it can be most Explosive till Feb 2018 . Please refer to my Articles 

Enigmatic Paksha Kundali of the 20th Sept. 2017 on the Door and what all is happening is nobodies Buisness.
Read My Article “Enigmatic New Moon Chart of 20th Sept. 2017. What It Foretells For the Globe ? ” link…ls-for-the-globe/
“Celestial Drama of Planets in 2017 and Enigmatic New Moon Chart Of 20th Sept. 2017” link…f-20th-sept-2017/

Please also refer  to my earlier Article “Roman God Saturn Transit In Sagitarius : Boon or Bane ” link…ius-boon-or-bane/ dated 23rd Nov. 2016

Saturn, the biggest Cosmic Player moves to Sagittarius on 26th Jan 2017 at 19:31 hours till 24th Jan 2020 and finally transits to its own sign Capricorn on 25th Jan 2020

Transit of Saturn in the 8th house of the Foundation chart, 8th Lord Jupiter over the Natal 8th Lord with Reference to the Foundation chart of India is most malefic after Mars and Saturn have return Aspect from the 26th Oct. to 29th Nov. 2017 and then Mars over the 8th Lord Jupiter from the 29th Nov. to 16th Jan 2018 is Most malefic for the Country in every respect .

Updating the Chart of the 6th Oct. 2017 on the 23rd Sept. 2017 as Below

Mars and Venus Degree conjunct in Leo and aspected by Saturn in very close degrees , Mercury Combusted , there is exchange of Nakshatras of Moon and Mercury and Moon has 8th aspects of Mars  is also Explosive for the unforeseen global events , may be an Explosion, Blast, Volcano, Earthquake , Natural Disasters , Political tug of wars, Escalation of Brawl between the Countries and specially N Korea and US or even dropping of Bombs of magnitude 

Nut Shell 

The Planetary positions are adverse for the Globe and India as well from the 20th Sept. 2017 the Enigmatic Paksha Kundali and the Period from 11th Oct. to 27th Oct. 2017  could be worst for the Financial Markets and the Globe in General . Natural, In natural, Manmade Disasters , Earthquakes , Political Tug of War escalation cannot be ruled out till Saturn in out of the Gandantha Point on the 8th Nov. 2017. The Brawl Between Kim and  Trump can take a New Dimension and Escalation of the events and Launching of the Nukes by North Korea may land him in Problems and his own whirl 

It is Normally seen that When Rahu is adverse it has the Capacity to turn the tables upside down and can be most Explosive in the above said Period 

The Periods above mentioned indicate that there may be a Break in the Financial Markets when Saturn Reaches the Gandantha Points .

Dates most Prone  22nd-25th-26th Sept. 2017, 6th Oct. 2017, 20th Oct. and 26th Oct. 2017, these dates are also for Untoward happenings in the world 

This is a Research Article and the same may happen or Not  will only be known after the said Period . There are no Researches in the Financial Astrology and Even BV Raman use to Say we can reach only 60-70 % Predictions in the Stock Markets . It is the Most difficult subject along with Mundane Predictions and unlike the Natal Chart Predictions 

anil aggarwala BSc. Engg. P.E.C Ch.  Jyotish Acharaya , Research  BVB New Delhi Year 2007 to 2012

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