Celestial Drama of Planets in 2017 and Enigmatic New Moon Chart Of 20th Sept. 2017

by anil aggarwala
This Article in in Continuation to my article “What Planetary Positions Foretell on the 5th Sept. and Fortnight Starting from 20th Sept. 2017 ?” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/09/what-planetary-p…m-20th-sept-2017/
Hold your Breath. 16th and 20th Sept. 2017 New Moon on the Door and see the Celestial Drama of Planets in 2017 . I predicted the Same long back when no person could dream of these Planetary Drama and no Astrologer predicted the Same I wrote long Back in April 2017 and Dozen of Articles , specially the Saturn Fallen in Scorpio touching the same 27-28 degrees after 59 tears , I am the First to Predict the Same , Not a single astrologer wrote on this Saturn crossing the 27-28 degree mark From 21st June to 26th Oct. 2017. In Sept. 1985 there was an Earthquake in Mexico when Saturn after fallen in Libra when touched Scorpio sprouted an Earthquake of Intensity of 8.00 and 30000 to 40000 people died and about 100000 people suffered my prediction was on dot for the Mexico Earthquake of 8.00 on the 8th Sept. 2017. Now I have written about the 20th Sept. 2016 New Moon chart about which no one has written. Read My Articles specially on the link https://www.astrodocanil.com/?s=59+years+back+Saturn+Fallen
Mundane and Global Predictions are the Most difficult Task , the Readers should understand and it is not like the Natal Birth chart astrology , since lot of Parameters are involved the Foundation Chart Correct Details of the Country , 39 Chart s for the year inclusive of the 24 Paksha Kundalis , Solar ingress 12 charts . In Case of Bith Chart we have to see only one chart . Hence extremely difficult job
The Key day in the Brawl between Kim and Trump has come and Mars has crossed the 10 degree mark which is most crucial for it to give the results with magnitude . Mars also becomes debilitated in Navamsha over the Sign where Rahu is in Gandantha who has ingressed in Cancer only on the 9th Sept. 2017. The Mars has fully activated the Eclipse point and the 10 degree mark
Read my Latest Articles and Dozen of then since April 2017 that 9th Sept. 2017 will be the Key Date , The Sanctions have come only on the Monday the 11th Sept. 20177
The Time difference Between IST and US is 10.5 hrs Minimum and 10th Sept. was Sunday . ASTROLOGY IS AMAZING
Now the North Node is turning Venomous on the 13th Sept to 19th Sept. 2017 and 20th Sept. 2017 Paksha Kundali the most Enigmatic One because of the Aroha Sarpa Kalpa . All the Planets in the Shadow of the Nodes, Mars and Saturn , Hence what ever Reaction has to Come from Kim will be after 12th Sept. 2017 when Nodes are adverse as mentioned above . I have been mentioning that the Rahu-Mars Conjunction is Explosive but not as dreaded one as the Mars-Ketu which is the Catastrophic combination for Wars and which would Take Place in 2018.The Situation has already reached the Boiling Point Now . We have now to see the Results
Read My article ” Vedic Progresson Charts By Manu Smriti Of North Korea, What Stars Foretell ? link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/09/vedic-progresson…t-stars-foretell/
Read the Last Para for the Analysis of the Paksha Kundali of the 20th Sept. 2017 for N Korea “The Lagna is in Paap Kartari yoga and the Lagna Lord in the 11th house . There are strong Rajyogas in the Fortnight as the Luminaries are placed in the 10th house and Exchange of the 9th and the 10th along with 11th Lord is Good , but unfortunately all the Planets are in Rahu-Ketu and Mars and Saturn. and Mars and Saturn have return aspect making the Strongest rajyoga with a strong constraint of the Aroha Sarpa Kalpa Yoga which is most malefic . The Panchang parameters are also not good and the Day Lord Mercury placed in the yama of Leo and the yama Lord is Placed in the 10th house with the 8th Lord is not good at all and shows the Country getting involved in its own Whirl and a fall more so see the Navamsha , the Luminaries in the 8th house in the sign of Saturn and the 8th house rising
This is also Indicative that after Sun goes over the Sun in the Progression chart in Debilitation the Country may land itself in most Catastrophic condition on the 15-16th Oct. 2017
The Day Lord is also the Karna Lord and Naga and the 7th Lord shows the Country getting involved in Battles and getting trapped in its own whirl
Now read these Links
Let us have a glimpse of the 20th Sept. 2017  New Moon Chart below 

The Paksha Kundali of the 20th Sept. 2017  14.31 hrs. as per North Korea  Pyongyang


 The Day is Wednesday and the Lord is Mercury and Placed in the Yama of Leo the 9th house and the Yama Lord is Placed in the 10th House with Moon the 8th Lord is Most malefic , the Karna Lord is adding Fuel to fire , Luminaries in Navamsha in the 8th house, Strong Mars and Return aspect of Mars and Saturn . Rahu crossing the Fiery to Watery sign at 29.50 degrees is definitely a concern

The Transit Mars in the 10th house of the Foundation chart Vargottam and Digbali may force North Korea to take an Aggressive stance in the Present Scenario between the 14th Sept. to 16th Sept. 2017 , specially when the North Node is Adverse  and in the 8th house of the Paksha Kundali and the dispositor in the 10th house , where the Mars would be in navamsha 

As per the natal chart of North Korea the Sun and Moon are placed in the 11th house forming a Poorna Rajyoga of the 9th and 10th Lord  and in the Visible half  hence Kim will be most aggressive even during the Fortnight starting from 20th Sept. 2017 , but unfortunately this Fortnight is Most explosive for the world since all the Planets are in the Rahu -Ketu and Mars and Saturn  Forming a Most malefic  Aroha Sarpa Kalpa Yoga and hence Kim may be trapped in its own  whirl  involving the others also it so seems as per the Astrology Texts of this Planetary formation.  Still after all these formations the ultimate control is in the hands of the Almighty and Mars and Rahu Conjunction and  their Break is not all that Catastrophic as the Mars and Ketu Conjunction or the Saturn and Ketu Conjunction which will take place . Have a look at the charts Below 

28th July 2018 This chart is a Dreaded one 

Also see the chart of the 5th May 2019 , this one even More Catastrophic

The Idea of Putting these charts is to Evaluate the Present Scenario and after comparing the Future Planetary positions it seems the Present one is not that Alarming as the Future ones , but it points out the situations may be like a hanging fire the fear will remain for a long time if no Aggressive stance is taken By the Rogue Nation North Korea for which there are very less possibilities 

The Koorma Chakra indicates that the Eclipse Nakshatra Magha is in the South East Direction and hence the focus of the this Eclipse for Minimum 40 days will be in this Direction anf the Korean Peninsula . The 5 Nakshatras  of the Solar Eclipse of the 22nd August 2017 are all indative that this Direction will be prone to Natural, Unnatural and Man made disasters with magnitude 

I will discuss these Charts when the Time comes 

Any Action By US will aggravate the Situations and since Transit Mars will be in the Ascendant  he may have other options which may Provoke Kim. It does not seem that till Kim Directly tries to Attack the Korean Peninsula , US will take any Aggressive step.

The Nodes in adverse motion from the 13th to 19th Sept. 2017 and the Enigmatic Paksha Kundali of the 20th Sept. 2017 is most malefic one for untoward happenings, natural and unnatural disasters, earthquakes with intensity  and Tug of War between the nations may escalate  which has been hanging since July 2017. This Period from 13th Sept to 13th Oct. 2017 will be enigmatic for the world and all what has been earlier predicted may come true , since all the Planets are under the shadow of the nodes and they are adverse as mentioned above and Rahu in Gandantha as well . The Financial Markets  may also be influenced in this period mentioned . With Reference to US Foundation chart On the 13th Oct. 2017 the Transit Mars will Transit over the natal Saturn in the 2nd house and activate the same . Transit Saturn in Fallen State is already activated by the Natal Saturn by 3rd aspect  and Transit Saturn when joins the sign Sagitarius on the 27th Oct. 2017 will activate the Natal Mars in the 11th house in the sign of Gemini. This Transit of Mars and Saturn will activate the Natal Mars and Saturn  and in both cases there is a return aspect could prove enigmatic and war like conditions may erupt.


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