Effects of Eclipses Felt Between 40 to 180 Days , What The Planets Foretell ?

by anil aggarwala

In this Article I shall give a briefing for Transit and Use the Transit of Planets in the 5 States to give the Results in General in the Present Scenario keeping in mind for the Countries India, US, North Korea, China etc. Please also Read my Article on Saturn and the Twin Eclipses of the August 2017

  1. Twin Eclipses of August 2017 : What They Foretell ? link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/06/twin-eclipses-in-august-2017-what-it-foretells/
  2. Fallen Saturn Bane or Boon from 21st June to 26th Oct. 2017 link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/06/fallen-saturn-bane-boon-us-21st-june-26th-oct-2017/

Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017

The eclipse of August 21, 2017 would be Total Solar Eclipse. The path of totality would pass through the entire United States. The last time a total solar eclipse was visible across the entire contiguous United States was during the June 8, 1918 eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse would be visible from most of United States, Canada and some countries in northern South America. Some of the well-known cities from where total or almost total Solar Eclipse would be visible are Salem in Oregon, Casper in Wyoming, Lincoln in Nebraska, Kansas City and St. Louis in Missouri, Hopkinsville in Kentucky, Nashville in Tennessee, Columbia and Charleston in South Carolina.

None of the eclipse would be visible from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Fiji, Mauritius, UAE and other Asian countries. Also none of the eclipse would be visible from South Africa, China and Australia.

My Observation irrespective of the Eclipse  not visible in the Countries , the effects are definitely seen with lower intensity as compared to the countries where they are visible and effects are seen with magnitude 

What is Transit ?  The Most important gradient for Fructification of the Event is Transit . It is the Salt of Prediction. Gocharam – Go means charam means Transverse. Planets Keep on moving  due to their constant movement upon their velocity and they tend to produce different results in a single day at different given times.

There are 3 Factors which are important and have to be seen in sequence .

  1. Promise in the Chart of an individual or the Country . It is like having a Passport to Travel
  2. Conducive Favorable Dasha  for the event Favourable or Unfavorable. It is Like having Visa to Travel 
  3. Favorable Transit of Planets for the event to happen. It is Like having a Flight to Take off.

Manteshwara delineated  Transit From Moon and Moon Rashi  since he says Moon is ‘Pranava’ – the beginning of all the pervasive forces. Om is the Pranava mantra. Every shloka stars with Om. likewise Moon is the’ Pranava’  in the horoscope and is the most important focal point in the Horoscope . Any Predictions made with out the events analyses from Moon will be like a half cooked rice. Mon waxes and wanes and similarly Moon waxes and wanes our body, the exact position of  our mental and physical being is seen from Moon and the Transiting Planet from Moon. Also Moon is the Fastest Planet, hence for the above reasons Moon is taken in consideration

We all know Balarishta is delineated from Moon, therefore Moon is directly connected to our ‘Prana’

Apart from Moon the transit is also seen from the Lagna  and Moon Nakshatra

The Following Parameters acquire a special dimension

  1. Transit of Planets from the Natal Moon and Lagna 
  2. Transit of Planets from the Nakshatra of Moon . Using the Tara Bala
  3. Moorti Nirnaya  The Tale of the 2 Moons at the time of Ingress of Planets  
  4. Gochar Vedha  Certain House when Planets Transit they create Vedha and an Obstruction force for the Planet to give results
  5. Ashtak Varga Strength
  6. Dasha syndrome

Further the 5 States of the Planets in Transit are most important ingredients and must for the Transit Results and must be seen Carefully

The Following are the 5 States of the Planets

  1. Atichari
  2. Static
  3. Retrograde
  4. Combustion
  5. Eclipsed


Aticharam means Fast movement of the Planets . A Planet has a normal motion on a particular day, like Rahu has 3 minutes a day, Sun Moves 59 minutes a day, Moon Moves 12 degrees a Day. When a Planet is Aticharam  i.e when Moves 15 degrees a day then he is considered to be atichari. From the Position of a Planet from Decides its Atichari motion. When a Planet is out of Atichari motion then he is conducive to give results . A Planet is in Atichari state when a Planet is in 2nd or the 12th from Sun. 3rd 4th 10th and 11th he is considered to be in normal motion. From 5th to 9th a Superior Planet is in Retrogression Meaning for Saturn, Jupiter and Mars . For the Inferior Planets Mercury and Venus the Rules are different and Venus can be maximum 47 degrees from Sun ahead or Behind and Mercury 27 degrees .

Atichari planets are supposed to be most Volatile. Benefic Planets tend to become most Volatile, they can curtail the benefic effects  during the Period of Aticharam. Due to the Fast movement they are not able to produce the benefic results . Malefics become extraordinary malefic and can prodice death and death like situations, they are capable to taking away the Rajyoga combinations  during the time of Aticharam

Aticharam taking Place over the Lagna,  Natal Moon and the Jupiter is considered most malefic , specially in case of the Superior Planets , who are yogakakrka planets or owning important houses in the chart, then their Aticharam may prove most malefic for them.

New Ventures should not be started at the time of Such combinations . At this time Person should gather information only and wait for right opportunity

The Following Planets  acquire a special dimension

  1. Jupiter in the 2nd from Sun and Venus in the 12th from Sun will not be able to give Benefic Results , these Atichari planets being Benefic will give extraordinary volatile Results . For India Venus is the Lagna Lord, for US the 10th Lord , For China Yoga Karka and For North Korea the 12th and the 7th Lord .The Benefic Planets extraordinary Volatile and we have seen the Results of the  Venus have sprouted with negative stance for the Dera Chief Ram Rahim and so many other examples  The 2 Planets are also causing Subh Kartari yoga to the Sign Leo, hence most Positive and Negative Results hence most volatile . This Clearly shows that after 12th Sept. 2017 Jupiter shifting in Libra after 06-51 hours will bring a change in the Present Scenario. For the Stock Markets, Brawl between the nations  India-China, US and N Korea, Gulf War etc. Venus will change on the 15th Sept. 2017 and Sun will ingress in Virgo on the 16th Sept. 2017, Hence Most critical Period from 12th Sept. 2017 onwards Since Mars will Become Attichari and as a Malefic  can create Havoc. Mars is the 8th Lord of the Russia Foundation chart . The Stock Market can see a change and a strong Volatile trend . The Brawl Between the Countries escalating , Political Tug of WAR , Natural and Unnatural disasters , Earthquakes, Explosions, Blasts, Military infancy.
  2. Jupiter is 11th Lord and the 8th Lord for India, 2nd and 5th Lord for Korea, for US 5th and the 8th Lord and for China the 3rd and the 12th Lord placed in the 9th house aspecting the Lagna . Hence benefics are weak
  3. Planets with Sun, Mercury, Mars and Rahu are also not good , Mercury since Retrograde will give according to Retrogression and Rahu close will become Direct and Cause Havoc when  with in 12 degrees of Sun. These Planets are in the Lagna of Trump and US , in the 10th house of N Korea and Kim, in the 8th house of China and in the 4th house of India causing Havoc Natural Disasters 


A Planet is Static when he shifts his stance from Retrograde to Normal Forward motion or from Normal motion to Retrogression , during these 2 to 5 days  for different Planets they Produce  extraordinary Malefic Results . A Planet when in Static Motion and is a Benefic ceases to be in benefic State  and a Malefic in Static motion becomes extremely malefic , If Markesh he can kill a Person or bring a status Fall. Typical Example of Ram Rahim he was jailed on the 25th August when the Saturn was turning Direct and Stationary , He is Born on the 15th August 1967 and has Moon in Scorpio or Sagitarius , For Sagitarius Moon he is Marak from Moon , Hence the Court Verdict of the Murders can be Killing for Him Life time Imprisonment or even can be Hanged , since till 16th Sept. 2017 when the case is taking Place lot of Scams and under ground activities will come out of the Bag. Sun and Moon donot have Static Motion 

Static Period Of Planets

Mars  4 days

Mercury 2 Days Hence from 5th Sept. 2017  16.58 hrs. Most Important for Financial Markets  for 2 days till 7th Sept. 2017 16.58 hrs.

Venus 3 days

Jupiter 5 Days

Saturn 5 days Most Malefic from 25th August 17.36 hrs. to 30th August 17.36 hrs. Activities during this Period can escalate  till Saturn in the sign Scorpio till 26th Oct. 2017 . Hence worst Period for US, China, India, Pakistan, Trump, Kim and North Korea BJP Members and as a Party .The  UP Disasters, Harayana and other Parts of the Country where malefic happenings have taken place will escalate and lot of Scams will be unearthed .


Retrograde Benefic Planets tend to become stronger and Malefic Planets tend to become more malefic , theor power is doubled in both cases. Venus is Extraordinary benefic when Retrograde , in most malefic houses it can produce most benefic Results .

A Malefic Planet in Retrogression like the Saturn from the 6th April 2017 to 25th August 2017 the myth about Retrogression is large

Planets In Debilitation when Retrograde they tend to give Benefic Results , but Exhalted Planets in Retrogression  may not give results of Debilitated Planets . Exhalted or Debilitated Planets in Retrogression and Combust will give malefic Results . Fallen Retrograde Planets most Malefic like the Present state of Saturn from the 21st June to 25th August 2017and till 30th August being Static


Planets is the who falls back in a Previous Sign during Retrogression and is supposed to be most Venomous . In the Present Context Saturn is fallen from 21st June to 26th Oct. 2017 and has Fallen in Scorpio after 59 years . Read My Article in this Connection  “59 Years Back Roman God Saturn Was Fallen In Scorpio on the 2nd June 1958: Unfolded ?” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/06/59-years-back-ro…ne-1958-unfolded/  

Roman God Saturn was Fallen in Scorpio on the 2nd June 1958 . Saturn entered the Sign Sagitarius on the 7th Feb 1958 and became Retrograde and was fallen on the above date .It reentered Sagitarius on the 7th Nov. 1958. It Created Havoc. Hence On the Basis of the above Saturn reentry in Sagitarius on the 26th Oct. 2017 can also prove disasterous. 

Adding here what were the main events after Saturn reentered Sagitarius and Future Probabilities 

  • In the year 1959 Saturn was back in Sagitarius  and sprouted as explained in the above article  
  • From the above it is clear that Saturn may sprout Wars , Coup  and Happenings similar to the above listed 
  • The Iran -Iraq Gulf War, US Brawl with N Korea and China, Russia , Japan could be influenced Most in this Transit of Saturn in Scorpio and Sagitarius till 20th Jan 2020 looking at a longer tenure of the Planet and specially from Scorpio it aspects the sign Capricorn and will reach this sign on the 25th Jan 2020  Untoward happenings man made and Natural as already predicted earlier. The Period for Saturn to be fallen till 26th Oct. 2017 could also be seeding of the events for future. 
  • Saturn Fallen in 1958 -1959 the US stock Markets Touched a New High and  in the Present Situations it can become unpredictable and can touch new High and Low between the 21st June to 26th Nov. 2017 Reference http://archives.chicagotribune.com/1959/01/06/page/37/article/stock-market-confounds-experts-soars Parameter added in the Article last night at 21-00 hrs  Please read my article again https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/06/roman-god-saturn-fallen-from-21st-june-nov-2017-may-prove-explosive-for-financial-markets-natural-and-unnatural-calamities/
  • Satrun on the driving seat what it has up his sleeves is unpredictable , in the year 1958-1959 there was a surge in the Market of US, Jupiter was aspecting the Leo sign by Retrograde aspect and was about to fall in it , normally when Jupiter and Saturn in Fiery signs the Market drops, it was the reverse , Saturn in Watery sign and Jupiter in Virgo about to Fall in Leo did the Miracle in 1958, Now Saturn in Sagitarius and about to fall in watery sign and Jupiter no connection with Fiery sign , hence it may be unpredictable. The Market may move in either direction , but seems it may break after reaching a Top figure of 9850-9950 or even more or break from here , There are no researches and , no astrologer works on the Fallen Saturn in Stock Markets , how it may behave is unpredictable since Fallen Planet is most venomous and can go in any direction. As far as the Declination is concerned it is the same as the 1958, which indicates the Markets may surge beyond expectations and then Fall when Saturn goes in Sagitarius and in the Nakshatra of Ketu which is the Nakshatra of the Solar Eclipse of the 22nd August 2017  at 4 degrees . Saturn reaching this Point on the 4th Dec. 2017 can prove the same as above . In Earlier Times when Saturn was Fallen in Libra and reentered Scorpio there was an Earthquake of more then 8.00 in Mexico  Sept. 1985 and More the 40000 people died and more then 100000 people suffered .


Mathematically planets are combust between 14 to 18 degrees . or the purpose of Predictive purposes it is only one navamsha on either side  particular for inferior planets it is previous rashi and for superior planets it is in forward rashi which is the effective combustion. The combusting planet will invite the properties  and shall be responsible to give  the results of that planet . Normally the Properties of the planet under combustion should be avoided specially if it the Lord of the 6th , 8th and the 12th Lord . The activities which should be curtailed should be  operations, getting admitted to hospital, taking a loan or giving Guarantee for particular things, or dealing with Persons .


When Sun and Moon tend to come in between the Earth in their rotation thereby their light stopped from flowing. In mystical language  Rahu when encompasses Sun and Moon , it is considered to be eclipsed. The Most powerful amongst 9 planets is Rahu. The reason is Rahu has all the prevailing force. Rahu cannot be destroyed and cannot be combust, it is Sun in turn who is Eclipsed by Rahu.

The 22nd August 2017 Eclipse took place in the nakshatra of  Magha  and the Nakshatra before and after Nakshatra are Ashlesha and P Phalguni Respectively , apart from these nakshatras the nakshatras to be taken in to consideration are  Ashvini and Moola . Hence the Nakshatras which are important in the Present Context are the Ashlesha, Magha, P Phalguni , Moola and Ashvini and will be considered to be afflicted . They will be considered to be afflicted for one Ayana, Hence any Planet Transiting in these nakshatras for the coming 6 months will be considered to be afflicted and full of  malefic quality and shall not have the ability to produce the benefic results  even if it is yoga karka for the Country or the Individual. The Eclipsed portion is minimum of 40 days and a maximum of 6 months . On this 6 months period  starting from the 22nd August 2017  when ever the Planets Transit in these nakshatras they will tend to become most venomous and shall produce malefic Results  for the respective country and the native in a particular case 

According to Phaladeepika Sun and Mars culminates the events  in the Beginning of a Sign with in 10 degrees . Venus and Jupiter with in 10 to 20 degrees . Moon and Saturn between 20 and 30 degrees , while Mercury and Rahu through out the Sign. To evaluate the Fine results of the Planet the Following Parameters should be considered for evaluating the same 

  1. The Transit Planet is Friend , Inimical, Bitter Enemy of the Lagna Lord 
  2. The Transit Planet is Friend, Inimical or Bitter enemy of the Sign it is Transiting , It Debilitates or Exhalts in that Rashi
  3. The Position of the Planets from Moon , Malefics are Good Placed in the 3,6,10,11 houses , although the 10th is not considered very good  and Benefic Placed in 2,4,5,7,9,11, 12 give benefic Results depending upon the Planet
  4. The Sarvashtak  Bindoos the Sign has and the Bhinastaka Varga Points the Planet has  

Evaluating on the basis of this is most important 

Planets in Agochravastha in the 6,8, and 12th house  posited in the extreme side of the Signs 0 or 29 degrees  they tend to give the Most malefic Results 

Consider the Same for Saturn Fallen at Present and Reaching the 29 degrees in Scorpio from the 14th Oct. to 26th Oct. 2017 can be most Venomous and then It will also be at the Junction point of the Watery and Fiery sign and will be passing through this Junction for the 3rd time can be catastrophic till 7th Nov. 2017


In the Present context the Following planets acquire a special dimension after  22nd August 2017 till  22nd Feb 2018

  1. Mercury On the 22nd August 2017  was in P Phalguni and came in Magha due to it being Retrograde and is Most malefic till 5th Sept when it will be stationary  for 2 days and will start its journey in normal motion Till Mercury crosses the P. Phalguni Nakshatra on the 17th Oct. 2017 it will be most malefic and there will be volatility in the Stock market  till this date . Mercury will join Sagitarius on the 24th Nov. 2017 and will be in the Nakshatra of Ketu till 4th Dec. 2017 and will again become Retrograde and Fall back in Scorpio on the 10th Dec. 2017 and Join back Sagitarius in Ketu Nakshatra in Jan 6th 2018 and remain in Ketu nakshatra and will give afflicted results . The Period when Mercury is in Ketu Nakshatra will again be giving malefic results 
  2. Venus  will pass through these 3 nakshatra  and will produce most venomous results  in the sign of Leo from the 4th Sept. to 6th Oct. 2017 Karka for Prices 
  3. Mars will be in the Nakshatra of  Magha from the 27th August 2017 08-30 hrs. to 8th Oct. 2017 and will pass through Magha and P phalguni . On the Eclipse day it was in the nakshatra of Ashlesha , which is also most malefic . Mars will join Saturn in Sagitarius on the after Feb. 2018 hence Mars will be malefic as per the above Period . Mars Activating the Eclipse point of 4 degrees on the 3rd Sept. 2017 can be ammunition dump till 9th Sept. 2017
  4. Jupiter  will not pass through these nakshatras , But in the Present context Atichari and Volatile results even after it Joins Libra on the 12th Sept. 2017 at 06-51 hrs. , since on the Sun will join Virgo on the 16th Sept. 2017 .  Sun will Go in Sagitarius on the 15th Dec. 2017 Hence till this Date Jupiter will be atichari and will give Volatile results . Jupiter is supposed to be weak in Libra since it cannot Exhalt in this sign and will pass through the nakshatras  of Mars , Rahu and Jupiter . Jupiter is Benefic from the Moon Natal in the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and the 11th house . Jupiter Transit in Libra will be as Follows  as per Murti- Nirnaya Taurus, Sagitarius, and Cancer Swarna   Murti and Hence Best for Sagitarius  Moon sign . For Aries, Gemini and Virgo   Moon sign hence for all the 3 Very good  and Rajata Murti. For Pieces, Scorpio, Capricorn  Tamra Murti. Not very good . For Aquarius , Libra, Aries  , Good for Aries and Aquarius but least benefic  since Loha Murti
  5. Saturn Fallen and Retrograde  from 21st June 2017 to 25th August 2017 and Stationary from 25th August to 30th August  and the Fallen and direct till 26th Oct. 2017 when it joins the sign Sagitarius at 19.30 hrs. Saturn will be in Ketu nakshatra from the evening of the 26th Oct. 2017 to 4th March 2018 and can prove most Venomous , Specially for all activities which happened during the Stationary time of Saturn from 20th August to 30th August 2017 . For Saturn ingress in Sagitarius I have already written an Article “Roman God Saturn Transit In Sagitarius : Boon or Bane” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2016/11/roman-god-saturn…ius-boon-or-bane/ dated 23rd Nov. 2016
  6. Rahu will ingress in Cancer on the 9th Sept. 2017 at 07-39 hrs and will be in the Magha at the time of the Eclipse and join Ashlesha on the 9th Sept. 2017 and will be Malefic till 22nd Feb.-4th March 2018
  7. Rahu when Ever Adverse will Produce the Most malefic results and will turn the Table upside down during its Adverse motion , it will be over the 3rd House of the India Foundation chart and over Natal Moon most explosive for Boarder issues and Terrorism, Rail and Air Transport . For US it will be over the Natal Rahu in the 12th house and 6th from Moon . For China it will be over the Natal Mars Debilitated and 7th from Moon 

From the above it seems that the Planetary positions are not going to give any relief  till March 2018 in the immediate future and the Issues can escalate rather which sprout till 9th Sept. 2017

The Financial Markets can change between the 3rd Sept to 9th Sept. and after 12th Sept. 2017 or 27th Oct. 2017 it so seems 

The Brawl between the Countries if Takes Place till 9th Sept. 2017 can escalate after 26th Oct. 2017

Natural ,Unnatural Disasters, Terrorism Earthquakes  can take Place when Mars and Mercury are degree conjunct and Mars and Saturn are in square position and for this I have already written articles and pointed the Dates  specially till 5th Sept. 2017, then 16th Sept. 2017 , 26th Sept. 2017 

Mars and Rahu conjunction till 9th Sept. 2017 is a Dreaded one and indicates , Explosions, Fire , Chemical Blasts, Military Infancy  and is taking Place for a short while and can take an explosive shape when Saturn Fallen Aspects Ketu in Capricorn and when Saturn Reaches Sagitarius . The Conjunction of Mars and Rahu is not that explosive as the Mars-Ketu and Saturn-Ketu which will take Place for Mars -Ketu on the 26th July 2018 , The conjunction can be explosive  specially  in regard to China Aggression

The Countries Influenced most Will be India, US, China, N Korea, Indonesia, Japan and the Countries  on the Coastal Area, 

The US-North Korea is On the Brink and Since US Is Influenced by this Solar Eclipse and Mars has already come over the Lagna of US and Trump there are possibilities of the Escalation of the Brawl between US and North Korea . China Conjunction of mars nd Rahu in the 8th house of the Foundation chart is explosive for the Country , but the Moment Mars Goes in the 10th House in the sign of Libra after  the 29th Nov. 2017 China can take an Aggressive stance  with India 

Natural and Unnatural Calamities, Earthquakes etc.

Strong possibility of an Earthquake Tornado, Volcano in coastal areas and ,US mentioned in my articles.

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