Enigmatic New Moon Chart Of 20th Sept. 2017 Unfolds Disasters As Predicted

by anil aggarwala

Enigmatic Paksha Kundali of the 20th Sept. 2017 on the Door and what all is happening is nobodies business. I had Predicted this that N Korea will get into its own Whirl in this Fortnight starting from 20th Sept. 2017
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My Predictions on Dot. This also Proves that the Planetary Cycles give similar effects as they had done earlier . I had Predicted that since Saturn was fallen in Libra in the year 1985 and when it shifted back in Scorpio on the 15th Sept. 1985 an Earthquake of 8.00 sprouted and Killed 30000-40000 people in Mexico, I had Predicted on this Basis of Repeat of the cycles of Planets and since Saturn is in a similar State of a Fallen Planet after the cycle of 30 years  that Mexico may have repeats of the Earthquakes between the 1st Sept. to 9th Sept. 2017 and then when the Enigmatic New Moon Day of the 20th Sept. 2017. Now Mexico has had 2 Earthquakes one on the 8th Sept. and now on the 20th Sept. 2017.  As mentioned the New Moon Chart of the 20th Sept. 2017 is most enigmatic and all the Planets are in the shadow of the Nodes , Mars and Saturn for a Long time specially till 5th Nov. 2017 . Saturn will also be at the junction points of the Watery and Fiery sign and may sprout  Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Natural , Unnatural, Manmade disasters with Magnitude. North Korea launching another Stronger Missile is not ruled out and the Volcano erupting in the South East Asia and Even in the West US around the 23rdSept -26th Sept. 2017 and then around the   11th Oct. 2017 is most probable.

Rahu is in adverse motion again  from the 28th Sept. to 4th Oct. 2017 has the capacity to turn the Tables upside down specially when all the Planets are in the shadow of the Nodes , Mars and Saturn. Hence even the second Part of the Fortnight is an enigmatic one and may sprout even the worst  for the Globe 

Now have a look at the following Media News 

Earthquake rocks Japan and sparks TSUNAMI fears

AN earthquake has rocked Japan and sparked fears of a tsunami.

The quake struck on the east coast of the country at 2.37am local time.

 It measured 6.2 on the Richter scale, the US Geographical Society (USGS) confirmed.

BREAKING: Massive 6.0 magnitude earthquake strikes off Indonesia

A LARGE earthquake has hit just off the coast of Indonesia – sparking fears of a tsunami.

Indonesia earthquakeUSGSCOASTAL: The undersea quake struck just off Java
The undersea quake hit off the north coast of Java, the US Geological Survey (USGS) has confirmed.

Huge earthquake rocks island near Australia

A LARGE earthquake has rocked an island near Australia – just hours after Japan was hit and Mexico City was devastated.

The 6.4 magnitude quake has struck Vanuatu, a small Pacific island nation to the east of Australia.

  Its has sparked tsunami fears in the Pacific area, including the famous party island, Hawaii.


It also comes a day after a horror mega quake devastated Mexico City and left at least 225 people dead.Earthquakes in Vanuatu are not unusual, as it sits on the so-called Ring of Fire and is prone to quakes.

North Korea strike IMMINENT? Japan readies forces to STRIKE BACK at Kim Jong-un

There are now fears he could do the same thing again in response to new plans for sanctions and a fiery speech by US President Donald Trump at the UN.

Japan appears to be taking no chances as they moved missile batteries to beneath the preferred flightpath of North Korea.

The move suggests Japanese forces could be planning to shoot down Kim’s next missile if it is again launched over Hokkaido.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is considering ramping up their military power in response to threats from Kim.

Weapons are being considered to hit North Korea with a “preemptive strike”, including purchasing Tomahawk cruise missiles from the US.

North Korea has threatened to “sink” Japan in his latest wave of rhetoric.

Trump and AbeGETTYALLIES: Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe have discussed North Korea’s threat in the Asia-Pacific

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