Vedic Progression Chart of Narinder Modi By Manu Smiriti, What It Foretells ?

Narinder Modi is Born on the 17th  Sept. 1950 Mehsana Gujrat Time 12.00 noon

Now see the birth chart of Narendra Modi












Balance of Dasha in Vimshottari Saturn 10 year 4 months and 4 days.

There has been a controversoy among the astrologers over the Janama Lagna (birth ascendant) of  Shri Narendar Modi , There are a number of Birth time in circulation. Narendara Modi was born on 17-September-1950 , in the afternoon around 12 noon at Vadnagar in Mehsana district  to a family of grocers.

The 8th house of the natural Zodiac Scorpio  rising at the eastern horizon at the time of Narendra Modi’s birth. Shows that the amount of hard work he will have to do throught his life to achieve his Targets, Broad shoulders is also signifying he has Scorpio  Lagna  .

The reasons for Scorpio Lagna rising could be due to the Following Parameters in his chart.

1.     The Debilitated ninth lord Moon in the Lagna and Garbshishta connected to a malefic Saturn who is functional malefic for Scorpio Lagna and in  inimical rashi , Moon  a Avyogi Planet placed in the Lagna  and  confers Vipreet rajyoga since in Debilitation . Astrologically explains  his low middle class upbringing. He used to run a tea stall with his brother in his childhood Mars Karka for coborns with Moon in Lagna and 3rd Lord Saturn in the 10th house with Venus confirms the same  .

2. Mercury 8th and 11th Lord in Retrogression totally combusted and about to fall in Leo  as a Fallen Planet will offer maximum struggles in his life after Saturn maha Dasha , it is also in close degrees with Ketu. Rahu-Ketu are also in Forward motion  and acquire a special dimension. Mercury results will be given by sun in its dasha  and strong one . how ever Dasha of mercury may not be a good one and full of struggles  Hence the most struggling period in his life will be that of  Mercury from  January 1961 to January 1978. Mercury is also  afflicted in Navamsha chart by  Debilitated  Mars .

3. Narendra  Modi has done  Post- graduation in Political Science and the combination of the Dasha Lord and Karka for Political Science is with Mercury .  10th house from Mercury is again Gemini  and as per Nadi principles the Mid Cusp Lord  of the 10th house from Mercury is  Rahu and is placed in the 5th house whose lord is Forming a Rajyoga in the 4th house of Education , 4th from Mercury is also the house of Jupiter and aspects Venus and Saturn in the 10th house.

4. Marriage  7th lord from Moon and Lagna is Venus and in own nakshatra  are combinations for remaining Bachelor. MCL of 7th house is Mars and see the degrees in Even sign is weak and Debilitated in navamsha. 7th house from Lagna and Moon are influenced by Mars and Saturn and Venus also afflicted by Saturn. Dispositor of Venus should not be in 2/12 with Venus and dipositors dispositor is also in the 2/12 position hence there will be no Benefits out of marriage for Narinder Modi. Venus in Leo sign is also not good for marriage Being a dry sign.

Analysing the Navamsha Chart 

There are lot many Horoscope in circulation for  Narinder Modi ,Different astrologers have taken different Navamsha for Narendra Modi’s chart.  My associate was advised by a very senior astrologer to work on “Scorpio” Navamsha only. Hence I am taking the Scorpio Vargottam Navamsha only .As it explains well the Placement of planets for his becoming the Prime minister . Jupiter the 2nd and 5th lord in Lagna .  Lagna Lord placed in the 9th house aspected by Jupiter by 9th strong aspect.. Jupiter controlling the Trinal houses  has a major role. Vargottam Lagna matches his qualities of hard work and Patience .










His success and fame as the Chief Minister is well explained by his dasha Period of Sun from  January 2005 to January 2011.Sun is also DK

Moon Mahadasha in Vimshottari started from 31-12-2010 and will continue till 30-12-2020. . He became the Prime Minister in the Dasha of Moon-Rahu and is well explained for the reasons. Moon gives Virpeet rajyogas, Rahu is Yoga Karka  and also Stationary in his chart  hence will give very Strong Results. More over Narinder Modi has 9th lord and Lagna Lord together in Lagna is a strong Combination ot the Trinal lords

Mid Cusp lord of the 10th house is Sun and Sun is the Lord of the 10th house and placed in the 11th house  with 11th lord whose results will also be given by Sun since Sun is combusting Mercury and Rahu-Ketu are Stationary and in Yogas.

Dasmarudh is Libra and the Lord is Venus in the 10th house with Karka for Profession Saturn , but Saturn and Sun are in very close degrees  is good.

What stars foretell for Modi in months to come ? Let us see the Vedic Progression chart as per Manu Smriti explained well on my webpage in the marriage article .

Progression chart of Sept 2013 after 63rd  year of completion till Sept. 2014 

Let us see the combinations which Made Narinder modi the  Prime Minister .

Chart below

Year of PM

  1. Lagna is in the Nakshatra of Shravana and the Moon Lord is with Rahu in the 3rd house  Eclipsed by Rahu . 3rd house is also Ear and Left Ear. Shravana Lord Moon is eclipsed, when Moon goes in the nakshatra of Ketu after 2 years ,  that means from Sept. 2016 to Sept. 2017 Narinder modi will have Problems pertaining to Ears Since Shravana also signifies Ears and Ketu is Roga Karnam and Rahu Rog harnam. Since Lagna Lord Saturn is also with Ketu, there may be surgical intervention as mentioned above  for the Ears .

2. Moon in the nakshatra of Saturn the Lagna Lord  in the 9th house Placed in the house of Fame and Bhagya at close degrees of Moon , Saturn is in the nakshatra of Sun and aspecting Sun in the 11th house  who is with Yogkarka Venus and Mercury forming a Rajyoga . Venus is combusted  and hence Results will be given by Sun unexpected .

3. Sun. Moon ,and  Venus have a benefic Ithasla Yoga with Lagna Lord and Moon

4. Dasha Lords are Moon -Rahu . Moon and Rahu will give strong Results regarding the 3rd house in relation to the  Lagna Lord Saturn since both in the nakshatra of Saturn  the Lagna Lord and placed in the 9th house .

5. Saturn Placed in Virgo in the Vedic Progression chart in a Good house is most rewarding .

6. 3rd House of the natal chart is rising hence there will be lot of contemporaries and lot of Competions and hardwork required to achieve the Results.

7. Yogi Planet is Moon and with Rahu the two Dasha Lords are well placed . Gives Status Rise. 3rd house has Nakshatra Lord of Lagna Moon, some disease is  liable to crop up  and May be there is Surgical intervention more likely in the year from Sept. 2016 to Sept 2017.

Let us have a Look at the Progression chart of the Sept 2017 to Sept 2018 Chart Below 

The Current Dasha running in the Natal chart of Narinder Modi is Moon-Mercury

In the Natal Chart the 10th Lord is Sun and in the 10th house from Moon the 10th Lord is Saturn , they are 3/11 is a good Parameter , but the 10th Lord in the Progression chart is Venus and combusted by Sun and aspected By Saturn and ill placed from the Moon in the Progression chart indicates the Year staring from 17th Sept. 2017 will be full of Obstacles, no concrete results  and efforts going in vain, it could be a bad year as well.

8th Lord Sun in Vishghati and also has aspects of Saturn who is also in Rahu-Ketu axis , hence physical discomfort to the native

10th Lord of the Progression chart Venus is  Combusted  and aspected by Saturn is the most malefic Parameter in the Progression chart

The Yoga Karka Planets in the Natal chart are the 9th Lord Moon and the 10th Lord Sun they are in 6/8 axis  , there are no planets in Kendra from Moon and the Lagna 

Affliction to the 6th, 3rd and the 11th house is another malefic Parameter in the Progression chart for Narinder Modi. 2nd Lord and Saturn also afflicted , Physical discomfort 

All the Above indicates Anguish, Pain . I don’t want to write any more for the reasons best known.

The Dasha Lords are Moon and Mercury they are 6/8 axis and Mercury in the Natal chart is also in Vish Ghati , the Dasha Lords are connected to te Kendra and the 11th house but 6/8 axis may not confer good results for him anguish and Pain and efforts going invain. A difficult year for N Modi till Sept. 2018

Rahu getting connected to the 3rd house and having aspect of Mars and Saturn in the Progression chart cure of Ailments by Surgical interventions , specially when the 6th Lord Mercury is in vishghati and is with Sun

The Dashamsha Chart 

The 10th House of the Progression chart is in the 8th house of the Dashamasha  and Moon is also  Debilitated 

The above Predictions will hold good if the time of Birth is correct and depends upon the Authenticity . Birth Details of the Celebrities are seldom correct 

Let us Now Have a Look at the Transit Chart of Narinder Modi the 17th Sept. 2017  as per the Progression chart

As per the Progression chart the Saturn Fallen on the Sun in Transit and Sun Transit over the Natal Saturn and Saturn aspects Sun at same 7 degrees and dispositor of Sun in the 8th house.

As Per the Transit chart the Rajyoga in the 8th house of the 9th,10th and the 11th Lord  and asper the above not good  . When Sun goes in the Debilitation sign and combusts the Jupiter and Venus the 10th Lord is Debilitated after 18th 27th Oct. 2017 will be a struggling time for the native and all efforts going in vain. Sun Transit in Scorpio with Venus will be a struggling Period in Nov. 2017

As Per Natal Chart after 27th Oct. 2017 Transit Saturn will aspect Natal Jupiter in the Birth chart along with Sun could give relief   as per my Research and may give some relief in the Struggling period as mentioned above, more over the coming next 2 years are years for his Achievements and may rise to the occasion and win the Elections between Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2019 in the General Elections . ‘2020-2021 My India ‘ Modi is Bound to bring phenomenal changes and Make India Transparent , when Dasha of Moon-Venus will be in operation and Forming a Rajyoga in the Vedic Progression chart of the Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2019. Even the Year Sept. 2019 -Sept 2020  will be excellent for him. The Worry is till Sept. 2018 only for Hurdles and efforts going in vain, which it seems he will over come in the following 2 years as explained above 

The Above Predictions are on the basis of the Birth Chart of 7th Sept. 1950 12.07 hrs. Mehsana . Any change will change the Predictions but for One Parameter will not change is the Saturn aspect on the Natal Sun and Transit over the Natal Jupiter will give him lots of Power till 2020 Jan 25th and even after wards , hence N Modi is Bound to Rise to the Occasion in the General elections in Sept2018-Sept 2019  General Elections Period 

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