Whereabouts Of Honeypreet Insan ‘Papas Angel’ Through Tamil Texts Using Prashna Jyotish

Lookout notice against Honeypreet, Aditya Insaan

My Predictions as per the Earlier 2 Articles Prove on Dot. I had Predicted imprisonment for 21 yrs  and Dera Chief Gets 20 Years 
As Per the Article “What Fate Awaits The Rape Convict Ram Rahim? Fallen Stationary Saturn Mars Conjunct Rahu, Bolt From The Blue” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/08/what-fate-awaits-the-rape-convict-ram-rahim-fallen-stationary-saturn-mars-conjunct-rahu-bolt-from-the-blue/
In this Article I am going to write on the whereabouts of this missing female with what ever little information is available with me. I will only be using the Court verdict dates and time for the Verdict against the Ram Rahim  and the Color of the Dress what Honey Preet was wearing at the time of the Dra chief been flown to Rohtak Jail
The chart of the 25th August 207 is as below

The Predictions depend upon the Time given 14.30 hrs. if this changes then the Predictions may not hold True But Saturn Significations will hold since in Most malefic Condition and Stationary  and represents the masses , death and massacare

In the Above chart the Lagna is Governed by Gurmeet Ram Rahim and 7th house by Honeypreet 

In the above chart it obvious that both are separating  the Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord . A Planet about to change becomes most important and Mars about to change to Leo thus Separating from Venus in cancer sign. The Verdict came when the Lagna was in Sagitarius Lagna o.12 degrees hence in Gandantha and the 7th Lord Mercury Retrograde and Venus in the 8th House hence the Female going  underground.

Honey Preet was wearing a Dress signified by Saturn and Moon , Now see the Chart below the Female Plans for going abroad according to the same  which is crystal clear in the chart below special when Moon has just entered the 12th house and in Debilitation and Saturn from the 12th house connecting Mars in the 9th house 

Let me now open the chart of the 28th August 2017 of 14.30 hrs.

Panchang of the Day

The Day is Monday and the Lord is Moon and Placed in the 12th house in Debilitation and with Fallen and Stationary Saturn and the Dispositor of the 12th house is Mars  in Gandantha with Rahu also in Gandantha and in Forward motion. Fallen Saturn aspects Sun, Mercury, Mars and Rahu in the 9th house of Justice.

The Benefic Planets are more in the group of the Plaintiff then the Defender Dera Chief . Jupiter Placement in the 10th house gives a Fair Judgement  

The Day Lord is Placed in the yama of Leo which is influenced by Fallen Stationary Saturn is the Most malefic Component at the time of the Verdict  as explained above 

There is complete Ithasla of Moon and Mars, hence proper planning of Going abroad , but since Moon is Debilitated she may not be successful in cheating the Govt. and the Police who are in her search

Moon has also just entered the Sign and hence Moon also acquires a special dimension  and is Afflicted Badly by Fallen Saturn and Mars in Gandantha by 4th aspect and Mars is with Rahu Jail

The 7th Lord is with Rahu  in Forward motion Retrograde shows the relation ship Honeypreet had with Gurmeet Ram Rahim and her plans may not fructify going abroad since Rahu the Karka for Foreign affairs is also in Forward motion and if atall she goes she will be traced and put in Prison after lot of Difficulty , but the No return Combinations are stronger than Return 

Venus in the 8th House and its Dispositor Moon debilitated  in the 12th house with Fallen Saturn  and having aspect of the 12th Lord Mars from the 9th house is opening the Secrets of the Honeypreet whereabouts . Total cheating and making plans to runaway abroad  to Countries connected to Rahu and Saturn

Karna Lord is Venus and placed in the 8th house shows the Activities of the 8th House regarding the significations of Venus and going under ground hence Honeypreet may go under ground after the Verdict  

The Planets Acquiring Special dimension are as Follows 

.1. Lagna In Gandantha  shows the Native Ram Rahim will be in Bhandan for which the Verdict has to come 

2.  Fallen Saturn Stationary in the 12th house house with Debilitated Moon 

3. Moon has Just entered the 12th house  hence Moon acquires a special dimension and since in the 12th house the Rays of the sign are most Important  Moon has Rays of 21 . The Sign Scorpio  and Saturn has Rays of 4 Hence this Parameter suggests that the Sentence could be for 4 years .  Hence Maximum Imprisonment for 21 years, although other Parameters show Life time Imprisonment , Since the Lagna rising at the time of 25th and 28th August was Scorpio and Sagitarius and Dwadamsha of Sun was scorpio and Sagitarius respectively 

4. Mars the 12th Lord has also changed sign on the 27th August 08-30 hrs also acquires a special dimension and has the Rays of 7

The Navamsha Lord is Mars and Placed in the Lagna with Rahu hence the Jail can be for Maximum 7 years / 4 years and a Maximum of 21 Years . The Event chart of the 25th August is most malefic and the Lagna Rising is the Dwdamsha of Sun  indicates Life time Imprisonment also .

Mars is connecting the 3rd, 12th and the 4th is Most malefic specially when there is return aspect of Saturn  and Mars with Rahu Conjunct in Forward motion. The Native May Run away from the clutches of the Law. The News of the native may be known when the 7th Lord Mercury becomes Direct on the 5th Sept. 2017 .

When Venus enters the Sign Leo on the  15th Sept. 2017

When Mercury goes in the sign Virgo on the 26th Sept. 2017

Moon has Rays of 21 hence she may be caught after 21 days from the 25th August 2017/ 28th August 2017 and hence after 11th Sept. 2017any time  taking a Positive stance which is weak

The Earliest 5th Sept. 2017 for her being Traced 

Direction North -East 

Lagna Lord and Moon are not connected hence she has not gone of her own , Moon is Debilitated, she has been induced to leave and go under ground

No Return Combinations 

Lagna and Moon both in Fixed signs , Lagna is towards fixed and Prishtodayo

Saturn in the 12th house will not allow her to return

Mercury the 7th Lord in Fixed sign and Retrograde 

For Missing Persons to return the sign Sagitarius rising  is most malefic  and hence difficulty in tracing her 

Moon and the 8th Lord afflicted is Most malefic in the Chart and does not give any benefic stances .

These Predictions are made randomly and the moment I get some more authentic parameters I will write again for Authentic Predictions.

No Return combinations are stronger than Returning combinations 

Failure of the above Predictions may not be taken as Failure of Astrology since I donot have the Exact time when she was Last seen after the Court Verdict . Correct data at the time of the Event is needed and her disappearance time is not known 

Taking Positive Stance which looks remote but cannot be ruled out is after 5th Sept and after 21 days with lot of Difficulty


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