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Prashna Jyotish Opens the Mistery Of Gunman Killing In LasVegas Casino

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Las Vegas shooting leaves 58 dead and 515 injured in US’ worst ever gun slaughter 

The gunman, named as Nevada resident Stephen Paddock, 64, targeted revellers at an outdoor music festival at around 22.30pm on Sunday night. 

Paddock rained down rapid fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino for several minutes.

He is thought to have killed himself, with cops finding 10 guns in the room. 

As many as 515 people were shot by Paddock, with cops confirming that 22,000 were at the festival. 

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Let us have a look at the chart of the Event on the 1st Oct. 2017 at 10.08 PM  Las Vegas

as per

On October 1, 2017, singer Jason Aldean gave the closing performance of the third and final day of the festival. The event was attended by about 22,000 people. During Aldean’s performance, Paddock fired hundreds of rifle rounds into the festival audience from two windows that he had broken with a hammer in his hotel suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

The attack took place around 10-08 PM and the chart is below  


The Figure 64 and 32 are the Multiples of the Declination of Venus, hence the Significations of Venus come into play  and amazingly it was a Casino where the Event happened and Placed in the 4th house of the chart opens the Mistery of the event . Venus is the Lagna and the 6th Lord and as the 6th Lord it is most malefic for the Event specially when it is with 7th and 12th Lord Mars indicating Espionage by Foreign elements 

The Planets acquiring an important dimension are Moon, Rahu and Saturn, since Moon has just changed the sign , Rahu in forward motion and Venomous placed in the 3rd house and Saturn Fallen and at the MEP of the Lagna .

The Day is Sunday and the Lord is Sun placed in the yama of Sagitarius the 8th house of the event chart and the Yama lord is Placed in the 6th house  and the 6th Lord Placed in the 4th house with 12th and the 7th Lord Mars . The Day Lord Sun is ill placed from the 6th house and the 6th Lord Venus and 12th house and the 12th Lord Mars , hence clearly shows an act of Terrorism since the Involvement of Mars acts like ammunition dump.Day Lord is Placed with an Exhalted Planet the 5th Lord which is the House of Casino, Hotels etc. showing the Concern at this Place.

The Yama Lord Jupiter is in Paap Kartari yoga in the 6th house as the 8th lord  , 

The Lagna Lord Venus is Placed in the 4th house with Mars as explained above . The Lagna is Prishtodayo and Prishtodayo planet Saturn aspecting it at the MEP is most Venomous to give the results with force and strong one . 

As Per classical Texts Saturn placed in the 7th house  when Even Lagna is rising and in the 7th Navamsha the Query is for Crime related to Jeeva , according to the same texts the Chor Graha are as Follows 

Chor Graha or Planet for Terrorism 

7th Lord , planets posited in Kendras and the 11th house specially , here the Strongest among these is Saturn, but importance is also given to the 7th Lord here Mars. Since the 7th Lord is posited in the Sign Leo there is involvement of only one person in the Terrorism act .

Time of Terrorism

Since a Nocturnal sign is rising the Act of Terrorism has taken place at night and since the Malefic 7th Lord Mars is connected to the Lagna Lord the Crime has taken place in public.

Moon and Venus associated with 7th house , the Native has committed the crime for the first time and has no criminal history 

Caste of the Culprit 

Lagna Lord is Venus hence the Caste of the Criminal is Bhramin

Age Of the Criminal 

As Per Placement of Sun in the 5th house the age of the Culprit is over 57 years

Who is the Criminal

Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord are placed together , hence a person from  Group or the member of the Casino has committed the Crime . Saturn is Placed in the 7th house at the Lagna Degrees acquires special dimension and indicates crime has been committed by an indolent, lazy person lean and tall body, rough hair on body , coarse and sparse hair on the head, big teeth , dark and brown eyes and unclean constitution. Lagna Lord Venus and the 7th Lord Mars are forming an Ishraaf yoga hence the Suspected ISIS Group is behind the Crime , Although this Native has committed the crime for the First time the Suspected group is also involved in earlier occasion as per the planetary combinations , hence the ISIS has committed the Terrorist act. Moon affliction by 7th Lord and a Malefic confirms the suspicion. Since the 2nd Lord Mercury is Combust the Criminal is identified, since there is a malefic in the 7th house and aspected by another malefic Mars the Police will locate the Criminal and has been caught since he committed a suicide on the Spot since the 7th Lord is in the Kendra and the Place of the Crime 


The Navamsha Rising is of the 5th house Virgo  and the Lord Mercury is Combusted and behind Sun  , where the Day Lord Sun is Placed in the Rashi Chart . 5th House is legal amusements , gambling, betting, dance and Music  and the Criminal activity took place in a Casino where music concert was going on . The Navamsha opens the secret and Mercury the 5th Lord in Rahu=Ketu axis and Mercury Debilitated , the worst Parameter is the Rahuis in adverse motion and most venomous for the criminal activity since placed in the 3rd house of the rashi chart and the 7th house of the Navamsha and Saturn the Prime Planet fallen influencing the Rashi, Navamsha and the Trishamsha chart, opens the Secret and there are 2 Possibilities

1.Involvement of  the Terrorist Group in the act as suspected and claimed by ISIS .

2. Moon in Aquarius and since just changed the sign acquires a special dimension in the episode and indicates that a Women with high social status is also involved  who is his Girl friend it so seems as per Krishneeyam classic. Since the Involvement of the Member of the Casino is possible due to the fact that the Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord are forming poorna ithasala and both are in the same navamsha  of Libra just on the 1st Oct. 2017, the possibility of the member or worker of the Hotel/ Casino cannot be ruled out , this possibility seems more than the Involvement of ISIS , but cannot be ruled out 

Chart of Stephen Paddock as per 9th April 1953



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