Solar Ingress in Libra,North Node, Mars and Saturn On Wheel, Stars Foretell Aggressive Stance ByTubby Tyrant Kim

by anil aggarwala

This is with reference to my Earlier Articles  on the Brawl between the Countries , specially the US and N Korea and other Countries connected to the same . Read my Article again “Stars Foretell World Not Ending, Why 13th Oct. 2017 is Most Venomous ?” link…is-most-venomous/ ‎ Inching towards most Venomous situations till 17-18th Oct. 2017 till Rahu is adverse and this Node is capable of Turning the Tables specially when all the Planets are in the Shadow of the Nodes, Mars and Saturn 

The Media News is full of Negatives actions by Trump and North Korea and seems that 17th Oct. 2017 could Be most Venomous in this Respect  and hence can make Brilliant Predictions 

 Have a Look at the chart of the 17th Oct. 2017 16.05 hrs. N Korea Pyongyang . 


The Following Parameters acquire a special dimension

Aroha Kala Sarpa Yoga Most malefic one , Till Planets cross the sign Capricorn will be a crucial period till 14th Jan 2018 for Sun, and Specially Mars in this Context since an ammunition dump

The Day Is Tuesday and the Lord is Mars placed in the 8th house with 9th Lord Venus  and 6th Lord Moon , The 8th Lord Mercury has Exchange with 9th Lord Venus Debilitated  forming a Dainya Yoga which is most malefic

The Day Lord is Placed in the Yama of Virgo the 8th house of the Chart and the Yama Lord Mercury is Combusted and has exchange with Venus the 9th Lord who is also Debilitated and again placed in the 8th house , Although the Yama sign has a Very strong Rajyoga along with Moon and the Karna Lord , but being the 8th house is most malefic one for the Solar ingress in Libra for N Korea getting involved in 8th house activities 

8th House significations 

Untoward happenings with the Ruler of the Country , Prime Ministers , Presidents , Kings and Dictators coming to lime light , end of Govt. 10th Lord in 8th house , Trouble to People of the Country. Scams and Hidden things coming out of the Bag. Research Oriented Scientific  Organizations all come into play . Death Rate increase. Kim the President of the Country may be involved in underground activities.  The Nuclear activities are carried out by him underground and Mars there can work as ammunition dump. It seems Kim has a mysterious planning  which will be unearthed soon. He has already Brought to Power a young girl in whom he has utmost faith.Since Sun is Placed in the 9th house  the Properties of the 9th house losing will also be seen till Sun in Libra . International Courts in play. United Nations and World Organizations coming in to action due to adverse and Aggressive stance of Kim. Navy and associated 9th house Significations malefic Influence on all the above . A Coup may be Planned by China.

All Planets are under the Shadow of the Nodes 

Nodes are in Forward Motion from the 12th to 17th Oct. 2017 most Venomous 

Lagna Is Aquarius and the Lord is Placed in the 10th house and the Dispositor is placed in the 8th house . Lagna Lord is Fallen in the 10th house and also in Gandantha point passing for the 3rd time since 26th Jan 2017 

Lagna Nakshatra is Satabishi and the Lord is Rahu in Forward Motion 

Dispositors of all the Planets are connected to the 8th house , Dispositor of Rahu,Saturn Jupiter, Sun , Mercury  in 8th house and Venus, Mars and Moon in the 8th house 

Saturn aspects Ketu in the 12th House almost at Degrees 

Planets in the Visible half will give fast results and strong one 

The Lagna is same as that of Kim Natal Chart and the 11th house of the Foundation chart of the N Korea 

Mars Forming Perfect combinations for  , War Mongering activities and hence Launching of the Nuclear Missiles and Permanent Losses . It Seems that Kim is Digging his Grave 

 This Ingress is also not good for the Global Activities and as mentioned in my earlier Articles Natural, Unnatural, Manmade  disasters are on the cards , Strong Earthquakes, Volcanos, Political Tug of War and Scams unearthing and Impact on the Financial Markets cannot be ruled out as seems from the Planetary Positions . Hence a Period from 17th Oct to 4th Nov. 2017 till Saturn crosses the Gandantha points is most Venomous . North Korea it seems is on the Road of Disaster as already mentioned in my earlier Articles that Kim may get involved in its own Whirl and face the Consequences by set of another Sanctions  by EU and US

Read My Articles “59 Years Back Roman God Saturn Was Fallen In Scorpio on the 2nd June 1958: Unfolded ?” link…ne-1958-unfolded/ dated 11th June 2017  and the Recent one “Astrology Speaks Planetary Cycles Repeat Behaviour : What They Foretell For Oct.-Nov. 2017 link…for-oct-nov-2017/  dated 19th Sept. 2017

Crude Oil Prices

Saturn the Karka for Oil is in Gandantha and Fallen and will pass through the Gandantha points for the 3rd time between the 17th Oct. to 4th Nov. 2017 and ingressing back in Sagitarius sign will curtail the Production of Oil and hence the Prices of Oil may surge , this will adversely influence the Financial Markets of the Globe . Hence Saturn Entering Sagitarius on the 26th Oct. 2017 evening may surge the Prices of Crude oil . Parameter added on the 16th Oct. 2017

Please note that all the above Predictions as far as the Financial Markets are concerned on a Research Formula only since there are not very good Researches available by Stalwarts and even B V Raman Said we can Make only 60-70 % correct Predictions as far as Financial markets are concerned , hence if My Predictions go wrong on the Financial Markets it will not be a Surprise  and in that case the markets may Touch a New High of 10500 Nifty before it breaks  . Saturn in Gandantha is the most crucial factor for Global Predictions and as can be seen from the Previous cycles of 59 years Back in 1958 the Markets Touched amazing heights in the Stock Markets and the Same is happening now , but as per the 30 year cycle of the 1987, it can Break


Now Read this “North Korea vows ‘merciless NUCLEAR strike’ to turn the US to ‘ashes’

NORTH Korea could be gearing up to launch an attack on the United States 

Read My articles properly they are depicting that 2018-2019 are very bad and the Seeds will be sown now for War  till 4th Nov. 2017 till Saturn is in Gandantha from 17th Oct. 2017 when Sun goes in Libra. and the Following years could be explosive from April to August 2018. I have already mentioned the Dates earlier 2nd April, 28th July 2018 most Crucial for US and the World , Even if Kim does not attack US, the fear will hang like a hanging fire till Mars crosses the Sign Capricorn and at theta time it could be explosive situations in July-August 2018

anil aggarwala BSc. Engg. P.E.C Ch.  Jyotish Acharaya , Research  BVB New Delhi Year 2007 to 2012


15th Oct.  2017  Time 11-10 hrs. New Delhi

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