Stars Foretell World Not Ending, Why 13th Oct. 2017 is Most Venomous ?

This is with Reference to the News Item “End of the world ‘to start on October 15’ with seven years of tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes ” link

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The World will not come to an end, Jyotish Shastra does not Predict it. Read My Articles
The Planetary positions after 20th Sept. 2017 are most Venomous as predicted by me and we have seen the Worst of the Happenings after 20th Sept. 2017 and specially after the 2nd Part of the Fortnight when the Gunman Shooting in Las Vegas took place as predicted by me and even the Exact date . The Earthquake on the 6th Oct. 2017 In Japan was also Predicted by me along with the Earthquakes in Mexico in Sept. 2017 . What I am trying to emphasis is Untoward happenings, Natural , Unnatural, Manmade Disasters, Earthquakes, Volcanos , Tsunamis will take place since Saturn has Reached the Same Point of Fallen and Gandantha as was 59 years back in June to Nov. 1958 when there were number of Disasters and again 32 years Back when Saturn was Fallen and ingressed in Scorpio in Sept. 1985 there was an Earthquake of 8.1 in Mexico and more than 30000-40000 people died. On the basis of this I had also Predicted that Mexico is Most Prone to Earthquakes since Saturn is again in Fallen Position in Scorpio and my Predictions again Proved on dot and Mexico had series of Earthquakes and more than 7.0 intensity
Apart from Saturn reaching the same Point as it was in Nov. 1958 in Gandantha for the 3 time after 26th Jan. 2017, all the Planets are in the shadow of the Nodes , Mars and Saturn and forming an Aroha Kalpa Sarpa Yoga which is Most Venomous after 20th Sept. 2017 , till planets cross the Sign Capricorn. Moon cr0ssed the Capricorn sign on the 3rd Oct. 2017 but in the Full Moon chart Moon  again has aspects of Mars. Moon will join North Node Rahu on the 13th Oct. 2017 and Rahu will also be in Forward motion between the 10th Oct. to 18th Oct 2017 . Therefore 13th Oct. 2017 becomes most Venomous for the World Catastrophe. No Shastra says the World will come to an End.

Now see the Ephemeris from 10th Oct. 2017 to 17th Oct. 2017 in the chart below

Now have a Look at the Planets on the 13th Oct. 2017 degrees  Saturn , Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Moon and Mercury at the 28-29 degrees and Sun 25 degrees . Mars and Saturn Return degree aspect . Saturn degree aspect on Ketu , Moon eclipsed with Rahu degree wise . Mercury Combusted  and Rahu in Forward motion from the 12th Oct. 2017 to 17th Oct. 2017. Saturn Fallen and In Gandantha . The Day is Friday and the Lord is Debilitated , 1st, 2nd, 4th yama of the day are most Venomous. 


The World came into Existence it is believed as per Astrology that when Sun, Moon and Jupiter were in sign Cancer and in the Nakshatra of Pushya , hence the worst can happen when the Planets go 180 degree from this point on the 15th Jan 2021 and even then the Planets are not at 180 degrees from the Point of Origin, Hence the world Cannot come to an end , although there may be worst of the events as explained above .
In the Present Scenario the Escalation of the Brawl between North Korea-US , UK, China, Russia, Iran and the India-China, Pakistan may take place . I have been mentioning that for Wars the Conjunction of Mars -Ketu or Saturn Ketu is essential , which will take place on the 28th July 2018 and then Saturn -Ketu in May 2019 which are dreaded conjunctions. The Aroha Kalpa Sarpa Yoga is also most Venomous one in the Present Scenario and the Seeds of War will be sown now which may sprout as mentioned in April-July 2018 and May 2019. The Dates 11th- 13th Oct. 2017 therefore is most Venomous one now specially the 11th as well since Mars and Saturn will be having return aspect degree wise and on the 13th Oct. 2017 Moon will join Rahu adverse and hence most venomous for brawl between Us and North Korea  and other countries as well , needless to name them . Rahu is Adverse from 12th to 17th Oct. 2017 can be explosive for any major decisions by the Countries. Rahu the North node has the Capacity to turn the tables  and in the Tamil YTexts known for turning the Tables in the Financial Markets also.

Planets and Moon will be in the Shadow of Nodes , Mars and Saturn till 30th Oct. for Moon and Sun till 14th Feb. 2017. Mars and Saturn in square position and in Degree conjunction  in Sagitarius on the 2nd May 2018 could be fatal for the Brawl between the Countries  , specially for US

As mentioned by me in my Article that Tubby Tyrant Kim may Launch a Very Powerful Missile /Bomb on the 9th-10th Oct. 2017 onwards is therefore possible

Till the Planets cross Capricorn Sign will be a Period of a hanging fire looming over the Globe . No Planet will cross the sign Capricorn in 2017 except the fast moving Moon , hence when ever Moon joins Ketu or Rahu will be the Periods when the Worst things can happen in 2017. Since Saturn will be in the Jyestha Nakshatra Politicians will be influenced the most and Scams will be unearthed till 27th Oct. 2017 and the wicked will be Punished by Saturn Transit in the 8th house of the Natural Zodiac and then joining the 9th house on the 26th Oct. 2017 evening .

There is no end of the World as per Jyotish Shastra. The World came into existence it is believed that when the Sun, Moon and Jupiter were in the Cancer sign in Pushya Nakshatra . Untill all these Planets join in Capricorn 9s 3 degree 30 Minutes there cannot be end of the world . On the 27th July 2014 there was Re-carnation of the world and Sun, Jupiter and Moon were in Pushya Nakshatra at 9-10 degrees in Pushya Nakshatra , hence the World cannot come to an end. This is the Strongest yoga in ASTROLOGY the Sanrakshan and the Gajkesri Yoga . 

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