Tubby Tyrant Kim Aggressive Stance And Celestial Drama of Planets in Oct. 2017

In this Article I am going to Discuss the Celestial Drama of the Planets from 6th Oct. 2017 for the Fortnight  and Drama of Kim for the Nuclear Threat.

This is with Reference to my earlier Article “Malefics On Driving Seat And The Daily Prophet: North Korea Proves Adept At Market Timing” link https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/09/malefics-on-driv…at-market-timing/ and my  Article “Vedic Progresson Charts By Manu Smriti Of North Korea, What Stars Foretell ?” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2017/09/vedic-progresson…t-stars-foretell/

Let me first reproduce this text

Chart of North Korea as per the Book of World Horoscopes is Below 9th Sept. 1948 12-00 hrs.

The Present Dasha the Country is running is Moon-Venus from 28th March 2017. Both connected  to the 7th house of Wars. Mars is the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord  and connected to Rahu and 7th house hence this dasha may involve the Country in war mongering activities and  will be explosive . Mars Ketu Combination in the 12th house is all what Kim is doing in the Present Scenario and Explosive for the Nuke Tests, specially till 9th Sept. 2017 till when Rahu will be over the natal Sun and Saturn where the Solar Eclipse is taking Place and the Eclipse point has been activated by Mars Transit at 4.46 degrees and the Natal Saturn is at 6.00 degrees. The Dasha Lord Moon is Placed in the Lagna is Debilitated  and aspects the 7th house of Wars and the 7th Lord is Placed in the 9th house and aspects the 3rd house of Boarder of the Country , hence till this dasha of Moon-Venus the Country will be involved in the activities as mentioned above 

The Sun-Saturn conjunction in the 10th house is Bhandan Yoga , unless this Country has support  will not be able to survive and has to be dependent upon other Countries . Navamsha Fiery and Rashi Watery  is not good for the Country and shows as per Placement of Mars , the Country is War Mongering . The Sun-Saturn in the Navamsha is aggravating the bhandan yoga and the Country is bound for Trouble .Mars is Totally Eclipsed in Rahu-Ketu axis and is with Ketu is Most Dangerous for the Country Trying More Nuke Tests in the South Sea.  


 In the Natal chart of the Country Transit Saturn has activated the Natal Sun almost degree wise. Look at the Transit Saturn Degrees  27.07 and the Natal Sun  26.06 degrees  and the Stationary Saturn has activated this Point on the Evening of 25th August 2017. Saturn is Fallen in Transit will Produce most malefic Results  since the Natal Sun and Saturn  are activated  in the 10th house . Mars -Saturn  return aspect involving the Lagna and the 10th house is Most explosive Parameter for Kim to  be Most Aggressive till Mars is in Leo on the 13th Oct. 2017. Kim will be adamant in his actions  and will not change its stand easily.

 The Transit Mars on the 11th July has activated the Natal Mars from the 9th house in Debilitation and will be over the natal 7th Lord  Venus . Fallen Saturn will aspect Rahu in Leo and Rahu Transiting over the natal Sun in close degrees can sprout war like conditions for the Country . The Month of  Sept. will be still worst when the Eclipse Point of 4.46 Degrees of the Solar Eclipse of the 22nd August 2017 will be activated on the 3rd Sept.2017. Note the Natal Degrees of Saturn 6.00 hence the Eclipse point will also influence the natal Saturn in the Navamsha . Eclipse in the 1/7 axis of the Natal Sun  and on the Natal Saturn Degrees . Sun  and Mars reaching the 10th House Leo after 16th August and 27th August 2017 respectively will be most Crucial for the Country Bound for War and can escalate the issues concerning the Nuke  Research and launching of Missiles and war like conditions  hence this Period will be full of Aggression by the North Korean President and War like conditions will prevail

The Worst Period will be when Rahu and Ketu Change signs to Cancer and Capricorn on the 9th Sept. 2017 and Saturn aspects Ketu in Capricorn the Darkest sign of the Zodiac and sign for wars and when Mars reaches the Sign Libra on the 29th Nov. 2017 till 16th Jan 2018 , the Country may involve in Great disaster  and war like conditions 

The Situations may be out of Control till Sept. 2017 and May take Explosive Shape as per My Article “Eclipses in 2017 Bane or Boon”

Hence from the above we can say that between the  3rd Sept. 2017 and the 12th Sept. 2017  the Planetary positions become explosive and there may be  possibilities of the Korean War initiated by North Korea due to Provocations by the Country .

The Vedic Progression chart  from Sept 2016 to Sept. 2017 is More malefic for a war then the year starting from 12th Sept. 2017, but if it is initiated before 12th Sept. 2017, for which the possibilities look like , then Till Mars Leaves the Sign Leo in Transit on the  13th Oct. 2017 could be damaging and involvement of War like conditions   

Now  Let me take up the Vedic Progression Charts of North Korea Starting from the 9th Sept. 2017

The Following Parameters acquire an Important Parameters 

  1. Lagna Lord in the Lagna  and Transit Lagna Lord Jupiter in the 10th house in Transit and about to ingress in the 11th house on the 12th Sept. 2017 over the natal Sun, Mercury and Ketu in the 11th house  The Transit Fallen Saturn over the Mars and Transit Mars over the Saturn and having return aspect  is crucial factor for the Country getting involved in war mongering activities .
  2. The Natal Saturn aspects the Sun Debilitated along with Mercury and Ketu in the 11th house and Transit Sun in the 9th house along with Rahu , Mars and Mercury  have aspect of Fallen Saturn. aggression against the US and in the absence of the same he may have to suffer .
  3. The 10th  house from Moon is having Debilitated Sun  who is the Lord of the 10th house in the Foundation chart here is aspected by Saturn as explained above is a malefic Parameter , since the Sun is also Eclipsed, this parameter alone is indicative that the Royal Countries may not support his activities and a Fall in the Status of the Country
  4. Transit Ketu and Rahu in the 2/8 axis of the Country and over the Moon in this chart  may prove most malefic for the Country involving it in more activities of the Launching of Missiles and most malefic results due to withdrawal of Support from other countries and Natural calamities . After 9th Sept. 2017 Transit Fallen Saturn will aspect the Moon and the Ketu in Transit till 26th Oct. 2017. 
  5. ThePlacement of Mars in the Progression chart and the Natal Chart is making the Country involved in War mongering activities since placed in the 12th house and with Dasha Lord Jupiter the Lord of the 12th house and connection with the 3rd, 6th and the 7th house . In the Transit Chart this Mars and Rahu are there in the 9th house over the Natal Saturn  in the Progression chart Hence till 13th Oct. 2017 most explosive for the Country involved in War like activities of Nuke Tests . 
  6. Hence from the above it seems the Country is bound for trouble due to War mongering activities , Natural and Unnatural , Manmade disasters Strong Earthquakes etc.  
  7. It seems that 9th Sept, 11th -12th Sept 2017, the Paksha Kundali of the 20th Sept. 2017 may prove disasterous for the Country . The other Dates crucial are 11th- 13th Oct. 2017 . 

Let us now have a look at the Full moon chart of the 6th Oct. 2017 Pyongyang with respect to North Korea Foundation chart and also with repsect to Kim natal chart of the 8th Jan. 1983 of Aquarius Lagna 

The Sign rising in the Lagna is Leo the 10th house of the Foundation chart of N Korea, 7th House of the Natal Chart of Kim . For Kim it is the house of Wars and for N Korea Mars Placed in the 10th house is action where Mars attains a Status of a Digbali planet , hence most malefic 
The Follow Parameters acquire a special dimension.
1. The Day is Thursday and the Lord is Jupiter ahead of  Sun  and attichari and Placed in the yama of Pieces which is the 8th house of the chart  where Moon is Placed and the the Yama Lord is placed in the 8th from Moon as the 8th from the Lagna  and aspecting the 7th house of Wars. This PARAMETER is most malefic  for the Full moon chart for North Korea to get into war like situations . The Day Lord in Malefic State and ill placed from the life giving Luminaries and Mercury the Karka for Phycology .
2. Venus the Karka for Aircrafts is in Planetary war with Mars and Mars is always the winner and in the Ascendant and again aspected by Fallen Saturn as the Lord of the 6th and the 7th  at very close degrees .9th Lord  and 3rd Lord in the Ascendant Mars and Venus respectively .The Activities relating to the significations of these planets may sprout untoward happenings and Kim taking an aggressive stance and launching his powerful missiles . Untoward happenings regarding the fighter jets and the Army not therefore ruled out and Fighter jets not ruled out by Kim over the Korean Peninsula  . Mars and Venys are also ill placed from the Luminaries
2. Apart from the Planets in the shadow of the Nodes and Mars and Saturn return aspect . Moon is out of the Shadow of the Nodes but has aspects of Mars .
3. See the Degree of Planets  Saturn, Venus , Mars and Ketu a  very close and Fallen Saturn influences Ascendant, Mars, Ketu  and Venus from the 4th house by strong 10th aspect . The Close aspect of Fallen Saturn on Ketu in the 6th house and Mars in the Ascendant is dreaded one 
4. Moon and Mercury in 1/7 axis and Nakshatra Exchange  and Mercury Combusted and Behind Sun most malefic for a Strong Earthquake in the Korean Peninsula  and Kim taking an Aggressive stance , Moon Placement in the 8th house having aspects of Mars will trigger the Adamant attitude of Kim 
5. The Above parameter also suggests that there will strong Earthquakes in US, Specially California, Indonesia , Philippines, Paris, UK and the Coastal Parts of the World , needless to mention the Countries since already mentioned in my Articles on my webpage 
6. The Ascendant , and the Planets in the Ascendant are the Eclipsed Nakshatras of the 22nd August 2017
7. The Trishamasha Lords of the 6th and the 8th House is Mars and Placed in the Ascendant most Precarious for uneventful happenings 
8. The Navamsha of Cancer is rising shows change of Situations and since the Lord is Placed in the 8th house in the Rashi Chart and in the 6th house in the Navamsha Chart and in the 6th Navamsha the Events can take Place after 5.58 x48 = 268 minutes of the New Moon Chart and hence in 4 hrs. 28 minutes  from 03.40 hrs North Korea Time .
9. The Moon and Mercury Exchange of Nakshatras and in 1/7 axis and Mercury combusted catastrophic parameter for Volcanic Eruptions, Strong Earthquakes and  Tubby Tyrant Nuke  Experiments and Testing in the Sea and in Korean Peninsula.
This is an Research Article as far as the Financial Markets are concerned  and any Predictions not coming True may not be taken as Failure of Astrology, since there are no researches available and I am trying my level best to formulate the Parameters for the Same
It seems the Market may swing as per the mood Of the Tubby Tyrant Kim and hence like a sine Curve and till the Planets are in the Shadow of the Nodes, Mars , Saturn the Situation may be very Tense after which the Situations may ease a Little after 7th Oct. 2017 but the Fear of the Kim aggressive and adamant actions pay prevail for his Nuke Development. The Seeds of War are sowed and 2018 and 2019 will be explosive as mentioned already in my earlier Articles with Charts
Chart of Kim of the 8th Jan 1983 10-57-30 hrs. Pyongyang below.
The Dasha at Birth was Rahu-Venus , and the Running Dasha is Saturn -Rahu and his Rahu is in Forward motion and Sun is eclipsed by Ketu . Needless to mention that the chart has Rajyogas , 9th and 10th Lord conjunction in 12th from Lagna and 4th from Moon . From Lagna Venus is Yoga Karka and from Moon Saturn is Yoga Karka and both have exchange . 
I am not discussing the Chart since the Authenticity remains a Issue , but if this is Correct then 6th -7th Oct. 2017 will be most Venomous in the present scenario due to the following Parameters 
1. Transit Mars and Venus In Planetary war in the 7th house of wars  and at the MEP of the Ascendant
2. Transit Ketu on the Natal Mars at almost same degree in the 12th house and has aspects  by Transit Fallen Saturn at almost same degree .
3. Saturn, Mars , Ketu, Venus Degrees to be seen very close 
4. Transit Fallen Saturn over Natal Jupiter and Transit Jupiter over Natal Saturn
5. In the Natal chart 7th Lord Sun eclipsed By Rahu-Ketu and in Transit in the 10th from the Natal Sun in the 8th house with 8th Lord Mercury who is totally Combusted between the 6th to 11th Oct. 2017
6. Navamsha  Transit Navamsha Rahu and Saturn over the Natal Venus and Mercury 
Ketu Navamsha Transit over the Natal Navamsha Jupiter and Mars 
7. As per mathematical navamsha the sensitive points are activated
8. Rahu in Forward Motion from the 11th Oct. to 18th Oct. 2017 most venomous 
9. Mars and Saturn Degree return aspect on the 11th Oct. 2017
10. Escalation of Brawl between the Countries include N Korea-US, India-China, India-Pakistan in the fortnight starting from 6th Oct. 2017
Hence if the Birth details are correct , Kim may take an aggressive stance on the 6th-7th Oct. 2017 for his Next operations on the Nuclear front . The other dates are 10th-11th to 13th Oct. and till 26th Oct. 2017 are also critical time frames  for his aggressive stance for Nuclear operations . Saturn Gandantha points activation may also prove most venomous till 7th Nov. 2017 , since it will be passing through these points for the 3rd time , It seems even if Kim does not attack any Country directly the Fear will loom for a long time till Mars Crosses the sign Capricorn and seems 28th July 2018 will be Explosive in the Future and in 2018  for Real wars words getting converted into —— 
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