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Celestial Drama Of Planets in Dec. 2017 Could Trigger Natural-Unnatural Manmade Disasters, Strong Earthquakes

Around the Eclipses 3 kind of Activities take Place

  1. Earthquakes
  2. Political Tug of War
  3. Terrorism and Wars

Solar Eclipse took place on the 21st August 2017 and it is presumed that the effects are felt from 40-180 days . The Possibility of Strong Earth quake is expected apart from the above listed since Saturn when Ingresses a sign after being fallen sprouts the results with intensity  specially when it is Fallen and asper the Previous events 59 years back and then when  Saturn ingressed a sign after Being Fallen sprouted very strong Earthquakes  in Mexico .

Let me discuss first the Earthquake Possibilities they seem to be to on the cards

Earthquakes result from the strain caused by movement of the plates  that make up the Earth outer shell and are directly associated with the activity that occur at ocean ridges, trenches and faults , If the earth crust cannot accommodate itself to the strain, it breakup, releasing tremendous amount of energy in the form of shocks sudden which are violent in nature . In the recent study conducted by Geologists of the university of Madras, it has been proved that there is  definite grounds  to believe that planetary configurations have a big role  in causing the Earthquakes. According to this study if two or more planets , Sun and Moon are aligned  more or less in 0 Degree or 180 degree with the Earth, then Earth would be caught  in the middle  of huge gravity struggle between the sun and the Planets, the gravitational stresses would change the speed  of the Earth in its orbit , when this speed changes  the tectonic plates  motion also gets affected , just as the people collide in the bus when the driver brakes all of a sudden

Earthquake Prediction is usually defined as the signification of time ,place, and the intensity of a future Earthquake with in some limits, and practically of the next strong Earthquake to occur in an location. This can be distinguished from Earthquake forecasting probability and the magnitude of the Earthquake hazards and the damaging effects in a given location.  This can be further distinguished from the Real Time Earthquake warning system, which upon detection of a severe Earthquake can warn the neighbouring locations an Earthquake.

An Earthquake Prediction must be precise  enough to warrant  the cost of increased preparations, including disruption of normal activities  and commerce and timely enough so that proper precautions are taken. These Predictions must be reliable enough and should not be false , since it will influence the nation adversely economically. There must be effectiveness in the warning system.

About 7000 to  7500 Earthquakes take place every year of magnitude 4.0 or greater . Earthquake Prediction trivial is very easy  using broad parameters of time and location.   However such trivial predictions are not at all useful.  Major Earthquakes  are often followed by reports, that they were predicted   or anticipated. , but no claim of a successful prediction of a major earthquake  has survived  as it is a very complicated process to analyse the magnitude of the Earthquake.


The Prediction of the Earthquake is plagued  from the outset by two problems, The definition of Prediction  and Definition of Earthquake. This may seem absurd, especially of the latter it would seem that the ground shakes, or it does not. But Scientifically and seismically active areas under the ground frequently shake, which is hard for the normal person to notice it.

EarthQuakes per year
M ≥ 8 Great 1
M ≥ 7 Major 15
M ≥ 6 Large 134
M ≥ 5 Moderate 1319
M ≥ 4 Small ~13,000

Notable shaking of the Earth crust typically includes one earthquake of  Ritcher magnitude scale 8 and more  any where in the world each year In 2007  4  Earthquakes of magnitude over 8 were exceptional 15 or so major  of  more than 7 magnitude  in 2010 exceptional 23 more than 7 magnitude. If one goes through the statics  the USGS has one will get frightened there are about 134 of large magnitude and about 1300 moderate range, from M 5 to M 5.9 (“felt by all, many frightened). In the M 4 to M 4.9 range — “small” — it is estimated that there are 13,000 quakes annually. Less than M 4 — noticeable to only a few persons, and possibly not recognized as an earthquake — number over a million each year, or roughly 150 per hour.

Around the Eclipses there are 3 kind of effects

  1. Natural Calamities , Earthquakes, Cyclones, Tsunamis, Land Slides, Abnormal weather
  2. Political Turmoils , Fall of Nation, Economy meltdown
  3. Terrorism and War

Since the Eclipses in the year 2018 will be in the Sign Capricorn . Capricorn is India’s Lagna as taken by Varahamihira and West Asia. Capricorn is the 8th house of USA since Gemini Lagna ( 8th house is mass death, diseases, Feverish, war and agony) Capricorn is 12th house of USSR 12th house of secret plots . The Feb. 1962 Eclipse created different problems for the above countries., Mars finally ignited the events as mentioned above. As far as India is concerned we had a Indo -Chinese war . China has Cancer Lagna. Eclipse took place in the 7th house and on the 20th Oct 1962  Indo chinese war took place. In this Article I will be discussing  the Possibility of a Strong Earthquake  In 2017 only . For 2018 I shall be writing a separate Article when also there would be Possibilities

Parameters for Earthquakes

1.At least one major planet either in Rasi or in the Navamsa over earthy signs.

2. Earthy signs should be afflicted by malefic by either position, aspect or subjected with Pap Kartari yoga

3.The mutual position of Mars and Saturn should be 2-12th or 6-8th. Or Mars within the aspect of Saturn.

4. The same relation of Sun and Saturn as above.

5.Regarding heavy and destructive Earthquake Moon should be in transit over the Star of Mars or Mercury or at least over earthy signs.

6.Most of planets in the star of Ketu, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury especially Mars and Mercury.

7. Earthquake normally follows close on the heels of eclipse and specially in the countries where eclipses occur in the 10th house or the 4th house , The duration of the eclipse is a very important factor  and depending upon the hrs of Eclipse the effect is = 1 hr=one month, hence this period before and after the eclipse is most  malefic to give earthquakes.

8.Rahu as per ephemeris is in forward motion. Any Slow moving Planet in Static motion.

9.Role of Mars activating the eclipse point.

10.Major planets Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are normally in retrogression.

11.Affliction to Mercury, and Mercury behind Sun this is one of the strongest parameter to give Earthquake.

12.Importance of the Airy and Earthy sign at the time of the Earthquake . Virgo is earthy sign, Ketu and Venus in earthy sign ,Saturn Retrograde in Airy sign.

13.Role of 4th and 8th house at the time of earthquake.

14.Nakshatra of Moon occupied by the 8th lord or the malefic. Exchange of Nak. of Moon and Mercury, or with Jupiter.

15.Planets in the fixed signs, can be the cause of an Earthquake.

16.At the time of the Earthquake there may be many malefic aspects which will be formed with the previous eclipse. . Mars activating the eclipse point is most malefic to give disastrous results.

17.Taurus and Scorpio signs are notorious signs for Earthquake specially.

18.Position of planets in the Solar ingress charts.

19. Major planets in Kendra or Kona from each other

20.Placement of Moon and Mercury in the same nak. or Connection .

21.Two or more planets except Sun and Moon in the nakshatra. of Rohini,Haste or Shravana is indicative of an Earthquake.

22.Mercury is in Provoked condition . Moon Debilitated and in the nakshatra of Mercury.

23.Saturn and Mars aspects Moon .

24. Fallen Planet


Planets is the who falls back in a Previous Sign during Retrogression and is supposed to be most Venomous . In the Present Context Saturn is fallen from 21st June to 26th Oct. 2017 and has Fallen in Scorpio after 59 years . Read My Article in this Connection  “59 Years Back Roman God Saturn Was Fallen In Scorpio on the 2nd June 1958: Unfolded ?” link…ne-1958-unfolded/  

Roman God Saturn was Fallen in Scorpio on the 2nd June 1958 . Saturn entered the Sign Sagitarius on the 7th Feb 1958 and became Retrograde and was fallen on the above date .It re-entered Sagitarius on the 7th Nov. 1958. It Created Havoc. Hence On the Basis of the above Saturn re-entry in Sagitarius on the 26th Oct. 2017 can also prove disastrous. 

Adding here what were the main events after Saturn re-entered Sagitarius and Future Probabilities 

  • In the year 1959 Saturn was back in Sagitarius  and sprouted as explained in the above article  
  • From the above it is clear that Saturn may sprout Wars , Coup  and Happenings similar to the above listed 
  • The Iran -Iraq Gulf War, US Brawl with N Korea and China, Russia , Japan could be influenced Most in this Transit of Saturn in Scorpio and Sagitarius till 20th Jan 2020 looking at a longer tenure of the Planet and specially from Scorpio it aspects the sign Capricorn and will reach this sign on the 25th Jan 2020  Untoward happenings man made and Natural as already predicted earlier. The Period for Saturn to be fallen till 26th Oct. 2017 could also be seeding of the events for future. 
  • Saturn Fallen in 1958 -1959 the US stock Markets Touched a New High and  in the Present Situations it can become unpredictable and can touch new High and Low between the 21st June to 26th Nov. 2017 Reference Parameter added in the Article last night at 21-00 hrs  Please read my article again
  • In the Present Context Mercury will join Fiery sign Sagitarius where Saturn is Posited on the 24th Nov. 2017 at 13.54 hrs. and become retrograde on the 3rd Dec. 2017 at 12.52 hrs. and at 5.11 degrees and Both Saturn and Mercury will in the Taurus Navamsha . Mercury will be a Fallen Planet and Join Scorpio on the 11th Dec. 2017 at 05-18 hrs. and will become Direct in Scorpio on the 23rd Dec. 2017 at 07-38 hrs. and Join back Sagitarius on the 6th Jan. 2018 at 19.50 hrs. This Period of Mercury Fallen and Back to Sagitarius could Prove most Venomous , since like Saturn it will cross the Gandantha Points 3 times and Mercury considered to be a Special Planet which Triggers an Earthquake . Mercury is also Karka for weathers and Stock Markets and when in Sarpa Dreshkanne the weather Delhi can experience the same smog with greater intensity . The Stock Markets will also be influenced strongly .
  • Please also refer to my article “Effects of Eclipses Felt Between 40 to 180 Days , What The Planets Foretell ?”…planets-foretell/ ‎ dated 31st August 2017

Parameters for Earthquakes and Tsunami’s

My Research  the following combinations give rise to Earthquakes, Tsunami and other Major Natural and in Natural Calamities apart from other Parameters mentioned in my article —

1.When 2 or more  Planets are there in Watery signs and Fiery signs  both in the Rashi and Navamsha , they Give Strong Earthquakes and Tsunami.

2.Declination of Planets Plays an Important Role at the time of Major Events , specially of Saturn, Rahu, Mars and Jupiter 

3. When Planets are in Gandantha  from Fiery to Watery and Vice versa 

4. The Dasha of Such Planets Dasha in operation

Now Also Read My Article “‘High Threat’ Earthquakes Looming Over US Supervolcano: What Stars Foretell” link…t-stars-foretell/ ?‎ dated 17th July 2017

Read this last para of the above article “

464 earthquakes in one week hit much feared Yellowstone ‘supervolcano’ link dated 21st June 2017 most crucial  specially when Saturn falls in Scorpio the same day and 59 years back when Saturn was fallen an Earthquake of more than 8.00 occurred in Mexico and 30000 to 40000 people died and about 100000 suffered in Sept. 1985 Saturn will be at the same point on the 26th Oct. 2017 hence this date also become most critical

Hence from the Planetary positions it seems that the Fear Looming on the US is there and there may be Earthquakes more than 6.0 to 8.0 as mentioned above or even more  , The Planetary positions are Venomous not only  for US but the Rest Part of the World where the Solar Eclipse of 21st August 2017 and the effects are experienced between 40 to 180 days  and  the Eclipse  have  fallen in the 1/7 axis of the Lagna, Sun, Moon and the 8th house and difficult to write all the Countries but I have already mentioned the Countries ,US, Japan, Indonesia, Phillipines, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, India, China, Russia and the Coastal Areas of the World. The Planetary positions from 24th Nov. 2017 to 6th Jan 2018 are most venomous since Mercury will be fallen from the 10th Dec. 2017 to 6th Jan 2018 and will cross the Gandantha points 3 times and can trigger an Earthquake with very strong Intensity  in the above mentioned Countries specially along the Coastal lines.

Adding another Parameter  Saturn and Mars will have return aspect till 30th Nov. 2017 and  Mars will join Libra and aspect Ketu in the sign Capricorn can Prove Most Venomous till Mars Reaches the Sign Capricorn. On the 31st Dec. 2017 and 1st Jan 2018 Mars will aspect Ketu Degree wise and Mercury will be Fallen are some Malefic Parameters  for Natural, Unnatural Disasters including Tsunamis and Earthquakes as mentioned above. Saturn and Mercury could also trigger events related to Financial Markets it so seems .Saturn will reach the 3.26 degrees point as in the case of 1929 Deep Depression on the 29th-30th Nov. 2017 and also cross the Retrogression point on the 2nd Dec. 2017 . The Dates 7,17,27 are most important Dates for Dec. 2017 along with 1st Jan. 2018 in the Present Scenario . These dates may also influence the Stock Markets , specially when Rahu is in adverse motion could reverse the Markets 

Terrorism by ISIS could also take a Greater Dimension after 30th Nov 2017 to 1st Jan 2018 and  Effect on the Financial Markets

In the Political Field Tug of Wars and Disturbances in the Countries Middle of Dec. 2017

On the 29th-30th Nov. 2017 Mars Ingresses in Libra and over the Natal Mars and Ketu Conjunction in the 12th house of the Foundation chart of North Korea and from there Mars will aspect the Ketu Placed in Transit in the 3rd house of Neighbours and the Aggressive stance may be taken by Kim for the Brawl between US and North Korea and may take a New Dimension and a strong stance

China will have this Transit in the 10th house and hence China will also be in aggressive stance against India it so seems

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