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Amazing Heart Throbbing Predictions By Shakun and Prashna Jyotish For Career

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This Article is Published in the ” Dec. 2017 edition of the The Express Star Teller  on the Page 43 

One of the most amazing experience I have had regarding Shakun , Prashna , and Birth Chart ,  in Janurary 2013. Here I am going to discuss My Predictions by Shakun Jyotish and Prashna Jyotish and some Research therein.

I got a message from my associate of the Website for Consultancy that one of the clients wants to have some Predictions done from me and wanted to talk regarding the same . I passed on my mobile number of Singapore to my associate who in turn passed it on to the client. I was in my Sons house then getting ready to leave for some excursion and shopping and then was in the car when I received a call from this client inquiring about the outcome of an Interview which he had given for a Job on the 30th Jan 2013.Amazingly I had Predicted Earlier that he would get a Job with higher Status and Money by End Jan. 2013.

When I was on the call from this client ,Just then the Car stopped at the Red light point for a minute and then there were all green signals thereafter till the destination point where we had to go.. The total distance travelled by me in the Car was about 4.5 Kms. The Redlight point where the car had stopped was after about 3.5.Km .Hence if we convert it into Navamsha 9 navamsha =4.5 Km ,therefore 1 navamsha =0.5 Km and since the distance left was 1 Km the navamsha left were 2 approx or less . I knew that at the time of query the Lagna was Taurus and by the above calculation covered 7 navamshas plus . The Lagna will be therefore beTaurus 23.20 degrees plus and the navamsha Lagna will be Leo. Both Fixed signs and Jupiter in Lagna in Taurus in query chart and becoming direct a day before the Query acquires a special dimension, specially when it is also the 11th Lord. I also knew as an astrologer the Planetary positions , I could see the Prime role of Jupiter, Sun and Mars in the Prashna chart, More so since the Car stopped at the redlight point first and then there after no stoppage and finally reaching the destination. I considered the Redlight as Mars posing a Problem. Hence i concluded that there will be success after some hurdles. I knew the degrees of Mars around 5.00 roughly and so I could tell the client that there is some Problem created by a Male Person in the interview Board, and there will be stop and go like activity, And finally he will be selected , but there will be hinderances initially, since as per Krishna Neeyam, Mars aspect on Jupiter is not good and that to from the 10th house of the query chart.. I could also see Jupiter is a slow moving planet and Mars faster then Jupiter and Jupiter degrees high than Mars and hence Jupiter closer to the Lagna degrees than Mars and Mars would move from 10th house earlier than Jupiter in Lagna . Hence more influence of Jupiter on the Lagna to ultimately give the native a Thumping Success . Jupiter is digbali in Lagna and Mars digbali in the 10th house. As Per Prashna Jyotish Jupiter in Lagna will give very strong positive results, so I conveyed this to him after 5 minutes of my doing some calculations for the navamsha etc. I also told him that that Company for which the interview has taken place is by an MNC and the Indian Equity Partner is a Women and is Represented by a young Male in the Interview board. 7th house is 2nd job for which the interview has taken place and is a Scorpio female sign and Mars owner of 7th and 12th house placed in 10th house in Aquarius a male sign. Hence the Person is a young HR Executive and would pose hinderances for his appointment as per instructions by the female Indian Equity Owner. My client replied in affirmative and was amazed.

After reaching Back home I opened the Prashna chart of 1st Feb. 2013 at 15-23 hrs Singapore below.

The Query was on the 1st Feb. 2013 at 15-23 hrs  SingaporeKM Singapore query

Upon the analysis of the above chart I had Predicted exactly what this chart is showing .

Lagna Taurus and 23.49 degrees almost what I calculated roughly as mentioned above. I could also see what I had Predicted to him with out seeing the chart matching absolutely 100%. Shakun Astrology thus Proves its Valuable Information is Astrology.


I had Predicted that he would get the Job finally on the 16th April 2013 at 14.20 hrs , when the Planet Mars is combusted and in the 12th house of the Chart . Amazingly he got a Phone call for the Confirmation of the Job exactly at the time mentioned . The Chart is Below.


See the chart above of 16th April 2013 14-18 hrs .Final

Jyotish Acharaya anil aggarwala         

13th Dec. 2017 19-00 hrs Singapore

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