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In this article I am going to discuss the Case of a missing husband by Prashna Jyotish . The Ingress of Rahu in Cancer and Jupiter in Libra influenced a native so much and he went in depression and left the home for good and  could not be traced till date . My observation has been that when the Nodes, Saturn and Jupiter change sign they bring a change in the life of the natives . One such case of a missing person is being discussed in this article who goes missing after the ingress of Rahu in Cancer and Jupiter in Libra .

When the native approached me I could immediately predict that the native is born in the multiples of  9 Minus 1.5 years  hence 45- 1.5 = 43.5 years hence the native is 43 years of Age Plus. The Querist was amazed and gave a reply in affirmative . I will explain why I came to this conclusion. The native has obviously Rahu in Cancer and Rahu ingress in Cancer over the natal Rahu took place on the 9th Sept. 2017. Hence the influence of Rahu will be immense after 9th Sept. 2017. Jupiter ingress in Libra  took place on the 12th Sept. 2017 and I found it to ingress over the natal Moon and in the 4th Paraya.  Jupiter over the natal Moon brings Raj-virodham , hence I could make out that the Native has left home and is in deep depression due to some false implications in Monetary dealings in his office . I was amazed when the spouse of the missing person gave a reply in affirmative . 

For Reasons Best known I am not disclosing the Date and time and good astrologers can make out the same 

For Queries related to missing person and hence a Jeeva Query then if Odd Lagna is rising then it has to be, 3rd, 6th or 9th Navamsha and Jupiter in the Lagna also specifies a query related to a Jeeva.

Panchang of the Day

The Day is wednesday and the Lord is Mercury place in the 11th house and having Exchange with Sun Forming a Malefic yoga . The Day Lord is Placed in the yama of Taurus and the sign is placed in the 8th house whose Lord is Placed with the Day Lord Mercury clearly points out that the Query is about some Permanent loss and since Venus is Karka for Marriage it is regarding her Spouse of the querist who has gone missing. The Lagna is Odd and having Jupiter a Jeeva Planet , hence the query is about a living being . The chart is at the time when the Querist last talked to her husband , Now since the Lagna Is Libra and the Dwadamsha Sign of Sun the Missing person may not return. The Querist informed me that  her husband was last seen around 10.10 am  and according to Prashna Jyotish since it is a Jeeva Query the 9th Navamsha has to rise , Hence the Missing Person faced untoward happenings between 10-25-10.40 hrs .

The Tithi is Amavasya and considered that the first half is malefic , hence Malefic results 

Karna Lord is Naga and the Lord is Mahesh and signifies the 7th house  and since a Malefic Karna and the Lord is Placed with the day Lord and the Yama Lord connected to the 8th and the 7th house , the native may not turn up 

Lagna denotes the Missing person

The Chart is of Libra Lagna having Jupiter Planet with the lowest degrees . For Libra Lagna Jupiter being the 3rd and the 6th Lord is most malefic hence Jupiter ingress has influenced the native most after 12th Sept. 2017 . Rahu is Placed in the 10th house and and  ingressed in the 10th house on the 9th Sept. 2017, hence the Native is involved in a fake case regarding Monetary matters or Dealings in his office of high value Regarding Saturn significations  and is in deep depression since Saturn aspects the 7th and the 2nd Lord Mars , Karna Lord, Yama Lord Venus, Day Lord Mercury and Mercury is having Exchange with Sun and Moon is Placed in the 12th house the native has gone of his own accord . Lagna is also in Paap Kartari yoga, hence the missing person may not return early , But due to the above parameters he may not return back 

4th house is the happiness of the missing person

4th house has Ketu who ingressed in Capricorn on the 9th Sept. 2017 and is aspected by Fallen Saturn  . Saturn placed in the 2nd house of the chart and the house of Family and influences the happiness of the native by 3rd aspect on Ketu is the most malefic component for the missing person. The Mars and Saturn Return aspect and influencing the 11th house is another concern in the chart regarding Monetary dealings connected to Saturn Significations . Latter the Spouse confirmed the same after I had asked her .The 4th house indicates that the native is in deep trouble 

7th House is the Road and the Path of the missing person

As discussed above the Karna Lord Mars is the 7th Lord and Malefic since connected to the Day Lord , Yama Lord and the 8th house 

Will the Missing Person Return

Sun and Moon Placed in the 12th house indicates that the Missing person has gone of his own accord and will not return 

Lagna Rising is the Dwadamsha sign of Sun at the time of leaving and last talk with his wife , hence he may not return

Lagna in the nakshatra of Mars 

Lagna Lord in the nakshatra of Ketu

Moon in the 12th house 

Karyesh Mars in the Nakshatra of Venus who is the yama Lord and is the 8th Lord 

Kendras have Malefics 

Lagna Lord between the 11th to 4th house which indicates return, but due to other malefic Parameters the Missing person may not return

Mercury, Venus placed in the 11th house is good for return but the dispositor is Sun placed in the 12th house indicates not return

Is the missing Person in Captivity ?

Saturn as a Fallen Planet supposed to be most Venomous is aspecting the Ketu almost degree-wise in the 4th house and Saturn also aspects the 8th house , hence the Missing Person may suffer on account of Captivity  or Committing a Suicide , since when He last had a talk with his wife the Navamsha was Pieces and a Watery sign and may be near a watery Place , which the Querist confirmed , At 10-41 hrs Scorpio will rise and is again a Watery sign and the 2nd House where Fallen Saturn is Placed who is Karka for Longevity and afflicted by Mars the Karna Lord who is most malefic at the time he left the house .

The Query was asked when Mercury went in Retrogression in Dec. 2017 and since the Day Lord on the day he left his house is of main concern and on the 10th Dec. 2017 Mercury is Fallen and Joins back Saturn in Sagitarius , clearly points out that the Native may not return, On the day of Query Mars aspects Ketu in the 4th house is another concern for the native not reaching back home 

Taking a Positive stance the Native can return after the 7th Lord Begins to retrograde on the 7-8th June 2018 for which the possibilities are weak 

Possibility of Missing Person Alive 

Since the Lagna is in the Dwadamsha of Sun the Sign Libra the Possibility of the Missing Person alive are remote, it will be a miracle if he returns back 

Direction where the Missing Person had gone 

From the number of Hrs. Passed since Sunrise and counting from the Mount of Lord Shiva the sign is Gemini and no Planet is placed there but in the Yama chart Mercury is placed in the East Direction,after 10-25 hrs also the Planet influencing the Direction is Mercury hence the Missing Person moved to East direction , before taking any action

Latter it was found that the native left a note of Suicide  in his car Near a Canal

Ketu Placed in the 4th house aspected By Fallen Saturn at the time of Leaving and at the time of Prashna Mars aspects the Ketu  is Most malefic for the return and even the whereabouts .

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