Margdarshan And Heart Throbbing Predictions Through Astrology, Logic, Shakun

In this article I am going to Discuss some most exciting Predictions made by me when the Clients , Friends, Classmates approached me on Phone, Home ,or just discussion or through Email, telling me that they were Interested to consult me . There was no other Information passed on to me and Without even opening the Prashna chart I gave them there worries  and some Important dates and in some cases their of Birth details specially the year of Birth . In One case the exact date of Birth and time was given Instantly.

1.In the Year Feb 2002 I had Predicted about a Neighbour Girl that she will get an alliance by 31st July 2002 with a very good Looking Surd and he would be stationed in the North Direction in Chandigarh. On this the Girl went and told her Parents about it and they gave an Advertisement in the News Paper and Fortunately she got a Response from a very good looking surd from Chandigarh . Next day  she came running to inform me on this. After some weeks. One fine day when I was driving my Car out of the Drive for Shopping, I found a Smart Army Officer on my main gate and on this I could predict that the Gentlemen had come for Reference check of the Girl. Hence we Cancelled the trip. Amazingly the Gentlemen told us the same and we treated him well and I told him outright that This Marriage between the Prospective Boy and the Girl would take Place when neither of the Families had met nor did the Boy and the Girl meet . The Gentlemen thought I was talking out of my head and smilingly went away . How I could Predict that the Marriage between the Boy and Girl would take Place was that the Army Officer had to catch a train with in 15 minutes from a Station just 1 km away from my house , Nature had destined that he met us and we gave him a healthy report on the family and the Girl in Question, If the Army Officer had come just few minutes after, the Meeting between us and the Army Officer would not have taken place  and since we meet I could Predict that the Marriage would take place . Latter when I attended the Marriage the Army officer met me and was amazed at my Prediction.

2. In the Year 2009 I was in My Astrology Alankar Class and 2 Girls siting besides my seat were talking and one of them said her Mother-in-Law had Cancer , I just intervened and asked her if it was 6th May 2008  ? She replied in affirmative . I then Asked her if she was Aries Ascendant ? The answer was in affirmative . I then asked her if Rahu was placed I  her 10th house in the sign of Capricorn ? She again replied in affirmative . I asked her if her age was in Multiples of 18 ? She again replied in affirmative . I asked her was she running the Dasha of Rahu ? She again replied in affirmative . The Classmate was stunned at my Predictions when we both were just beginners in Astrology .

I will now Explain how I was able to do the Predictions on Dot, when I knew nothing about the Girl. One of the Teachers In the BVB and Now My Guru had Mentioned in the class that Rahu the North Node is Sura Suram Rog harnam and Ketu is Rog Karnam meaning Rahu removes the Disease and Ketu is disease giver and when these Planets come over the Natal Planets they give the results accordingly , for this Reason I could make out she is in the Multiples of age of 18 since Rahu Takes 18 years 6 month and 9th days to come back to the same position and on the 6th May 2008 Rahu had come back in the sign Capricorn and lifted the curtain and exposed the Cancer Disease to be removed for her Mother-in-law since 10th house is the 4th from the 7th house  and the Mother of the spouse . I was very keen to learn the science and knew the Transit Dates by heart of all the slow moving Planets and the Nodes.

3. In the Year 2010 when the session of the Astrology class of Jyotish Acharaya  begun I was in my Astrology Class in BVB, just then a Girl  came in the classroom and sat next to me. The Girl had Sharp Features and Broad forehead and attractive look. I asked her the Following questions .

  1. Does Jupiter aspect your Lagna  ?  The answer was Yes. .
  2.  Do you have a Fixed Lagna rising ? The answer was again Yes.
  3.  Do you have a Leo Lagna and Venus In the Kendra  ? The answer was again yes.
  4.  I asked Her if she was born on the  1972 . The answer was again yes 
  5. I asked her if she got Married early ? The reply was again yes 
  6. I asked her if  Venus and Saturn were together in the 10th house ? Again the answer was yes
  7. I asked her if she was born on the 14th July 1972 around the Morning time before 09-00 am ? The answer was  I am on dot 

The Girl was surprised how I reached the conclusion when I had met her for the first time since the New session of the Astrology Class had begun  and I had no information about her .

I will explain why I was able to give all the details For Sharp Features Lagna has to be fixed and Venus in Kendra , hence in the above case either of the 2,5,8,11. As I mentioned She had an attractive look and I have observed that those natives who have Jupiter aspecting the Lagna have a Special attraction, I also have My Jupiter aspecting the Lagna and I could make out her age according to her Physical appearance that she is younger to me in multiples of 12 . Jupiter to be in Multiples of 12 of my age and has to aspect the Lagna  and Venus in the Kendra with Saturn the only Possibility was that she has Jupiter in Sagitarius the 5th house , since I also have Jupiter in Sagitarius  and  she has  Broad forehead and very fair Complexion the Mars and Sun close to the Lagna  the only possibility was the Lagna Lord in the 11th house and My Moon aspecting her Moon , Since I have Moon in Aquarius she has to have Moon in Leo The Interaction going on amazingly well. Since she is Married early and Venus has to be in Kendra and with the 7th Lord Saturn in Taurus  and Making her extremely Beautiful and abnormal early Marriage . Fortunately I had seen a Horoscope of June 1972 of a Neighbour some 8 months back and I remembered the Planetary positions and could calculate when the Moon will go in the Leo sign.

4. In 2010 I was in Dubai for Holidays with my son who was stationed there . One fine day when I was in a Mall going up the Escalator , I received a call from my son about an item Price and what would be its future ? I replied that since there were about 30 steps in the Escalator and I had done about 27 or so since I was going up , I told him the Prices have already escalated  to a top level  and very shortly the Prices will become stagnant  and then Fall and I advised him to sell it with in the coming next session and accordingly he did it and made a handsome Profit. After  some days the Prices of the same item went down since I had gone down the Escalator  after spending some time on the same floor.

5. In Jan 2013  When Rahu was Just about to come over my navamsha Lagna in Transit my wife experienced a lump in her left breast and since we had a Proper check-up in July 2012 I did not show my wife any urgency , but unfortunately I also lost my Diamond ring the same day in Hongkong. Diamond is Venus and Venus is Karka for Marriage , hence it was a concern  . Earlier My Daughter had asked me how will be her Running year from June 2012 to June 2013 and according to the Vedic Progression chart ? I had seen  there was a concern and Moon the Karka for Mother was afflicted by Rog Karka  Ketu conjunct degree-wise but Exhalted  and in Pushkar navamsha  hence relief after suffering .

Amazingly when we went for a check-up the road leading to the lab was being cleaned by the Sweeper and we did not have to walk on a dirty and un-cleaned road . I predicted there and then that she will be diagnosed with Cancer but every thing will be soon ok since the dirty road was cleaned. Also the Cancer will get cured with in the stipulated Period of the Cancer Treatment . Unfortunately simultaneously when I returned back home from Hongkong  the MCD  was in the process of lying new drain pipes for the rainwater drainage and my entrance was suffering due to negative energy . I was much worried that all the negatives have started simultaneously. I immediately rang up the MLA of the District to have the work done on priority . The work started fast but since my house is in the Corner they could not complete since the other side was not completed and amazingly it was completed when my wife got a relief. The MLA of the Area obliged me with Good Tile work in front of my house with red  and white tiles making Moon and Mars strong for me all this happened automatically. As luck would have it they left the Left side of the entrance of the house unrepaired with 2 manholes  and My wife had 2 blisters on the left breast which was  to be operated , I called the MLA again and they did the Job immediately  and so was the Job done for these issues in the hospital and she got cured immediately  . Nature guides us at every stage it is we who ignore it and if we develop a communication with mother nature  50 % of the Problems can be addressed properly. This is my Remedy in Astrology and unlike the Stones and Gems  in which I don’t believe . I Suggest Hard work and Passion which are the Key to Success . 

6. Since the Year 2015 I have researched a method for finding out the worries of the client who approach me . I strictly tell some of My clients not to tell me their worries and it will be me to tell them what is happening in their  life without any Birth chart or the Prashna chart. For this I have devised the following   Parameters

Prashna Triangle My Research  One can immediately make this in his mind as per the time of the Query only  and the Planet Influencing the query will be known in just few seconds. 

The Transit of Planets and the Slow Moving Ones most important. One must remember the Day and time of there changing the Signs, Stationary, Retrogression, Combustion, Debilitation, Exaltation, Planetary war and Eclipses dates must be remembered by heart of the Last Periods .

The Most Important Planet  close to the Query

 Disha , Dasha  and Yama chart . Direction has  to be taken from the yama chart of the Planet influencing the query most and the Native will be facing that direction . The Yama chart must in the mind of the Astrologer. Dasha can only be seen latter on

Paraya of Planets  specially the slow moving ones 

Breath By which Nostril on a Particular Day by the Astrologer at the time of  Call or accordingly 

Natural Zodiac using the same  

Mathematical Calculations  the LCM  between Planets 


First Letter of the word uttered by the querist , Supposing he says ” I want to consult you ” The Letter I becomes most important  and is Signified by  Vowles and Sun

Coming back to the exercise of my Facebook page which reads as follows 

Astrology is amazing, 3 days back I got a Call from a Native and wanted to consult me. Before she could give her details I gave her the following Parameters
1. She is Born after June-July 1989 The answer was in affirmative , The native confirmed she was Born in Early August 1989
2. She was wearing Maroon, Black and white Color Clothes , the answer was in affirmative
3. The Native was Facing North Direction , The answer was in affirmative
4. The Query is for Marriage and she replied in affirmative
5. She Told me that the Person she wants to Marry met her in Sept. 2016 . I Gave an answer that the Marriage may not take Place.
Can any body Tell me how I reached at the above 5 Parameters when I had no information about her .
Any Person who answers the Queries Gets Free 3 Astrology Lectures


I had recently written an article on the New Moon chart of 18th Dec. 2017 and I remembered  Position of Moon and  Rahu in the house of Moon and they are in 6/8 axis, and One Planet in Retrogression  Rahu Ketu comeover Rahu-Ketu in the Multiples of  years and accordingly I predicted the year and Month . This was the base of my predictions and the Date when the Girl met the Boy for the first time also Position of Moon and Rahu acquires an important dimension and would be the same what they are on the day of the Query . Rahu was DaraKarka then and also now .  Eclipses in Sept. 2016  points out they met near the eclipses jut 2-3 days near to eclipse and also now and Rahu is U Karka for Marriage  and Rahu acquiring the same dimension as the Sept. 2016 in two to three days gives all the clues and results which I could Immediately Predict with out any Prashna Kundali and Birth chart . I had applied the Prashna Triangle which gave me an answer that the Planet responsible for the query are the Nodes  and Mainly Rahu and Ketu in the North Direction as per Yama chart. Hence the Results were 100 %. The Girl is also apprehensive of the relationship betweenthe Boy and herself and is in deep depression ..

Similair Application can be made on the second Exercise on my Facebook page which reads as under 

I continuation to my replying instantly for a query from a client as yesterday, here again I am narrating another example. In June 2016 after the Sankranti had taken place a client came to my house and as usual I told the client not to tell me his Query till I tell them some information on their worries. Moon was with Saturn I knew this Information . The client asked for a Glass of Water and there after I told him the following ,when I had no information regarding him nor did I open the Prashna chart
1. The Question is about wealth and your reserves , I gave him the exact date of his Problem
2. Concern about his handicapped Brother
3 Some Property Dispute
The Client was amazed and agreed that there were these Problems and the Date Pointed out by me was on dot
Now Try this , how I did it
If some one has read my Article on this then he should not answer the question and let others try the same .Thanks

The answer to this is Affliction to watery signs on the day of visit of the Querist . and My Predictions accordingly and on dot 100 %


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