Rahul Gandhi : What Stars Foretell For His Future in the Gujrat Elections ?

Watch this “Rahul Gandhi declared Congress President, to take charge on Dec 16https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNLRDVp4X2I

The Congress on Monday declared Rahul Gandhi as its president in an elevation that marks a generational shift in the country’s oldest political party that is going through a difficult phase due to a series of electoral set  backs .The 47-year-old leader was elected unopposed and will replace his mother Sonia Gandhi. The change of guard brings down the curtains on more than 19 years of uninterrupted tenure of Sonia, who holds the record of being the longest-serving Congress president after assuming the post on March 14, 1998. “Since the withdrawal of date/time is over and as there is only one candidate, as per Article XVII (d) of the Constitution of Indian National Congress, I hereby declare Shri Rahul Gandhi elected as president of the Indian National Congress,” returning officer Mullappally Ramachandran said. Ramachandran told reporters Rahul will receive the certificate of election from the party’s poll panel during a ceremony at the Congress headquarters in Delhi on December 16.

Rahul Gandhi Future is Bleak it seems as per the Vedic Progression chart of the current year. Although a Rajyoga of the 9th and the 10th Lord Exchange , which has attributed his rise as a Congress President , but as Far as the elections of the Gujrat are concerned , The Lagna Lord in this chart is debilitated and totally combusted. Both Dasha Lords Mars and Venus in this chart are debilitated . As Far as the Natal chart is concerned He is also running Sadesati and Saturn over the natal Moon aspects Sun and Mars in the Birth chart. When ever Saturn aspects Sun Natal there is a change in the life of the native in his Career and seems Saturn has rewarded him with the post of President of the Congress Party , but for a phenomenal change in the life of a native Saturn has to aspect Sun and Jupiter of the natal chart which is missing . As per Rudramsha chart also sudden gains are also not depicted , If his Birth details of 19th June 1970 14-28 hrs. is correct then he has bleak chances this year for any Phenomenal gain. 

Chart of Rahul Gandhi as Taken By Most of the Astrologers and My Predictions would be strictly based on these Birth Details only and I am not considering any Media or any other Influence on my Predictions for the Recent Scenario of the BJP or the Congress 

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Natal Chart of Rahul Gandhi 19th June 1970 14-28 hrs. New Delhi

The Current Dasha Running is Mars -Venus Saturn  from the 7th Dec. 2017. Using the Tamil Texts for the Garbshishta the Dasha of Venus is not rewarding since ill placed from the 10th Lord Moon , which is the Main concern in the Present Scenario . Dispositor of Mars is connected to the 8th house and Saturn the Sub-Sub Dasha Lord is Debilitated   and there fore the Planetary positions are not condusive for any phenomenal  victory for this Person .

10th Lord from Lagna is Moon and 10th Lord from Moon is Mercury and both are in the 6/8 axis hence his Body and mind are not in Synchronism more over the 10th Lord from Moon is Placed in the 8th from the Lagna , who is the dispositor of the Dasha Lord Mars.—— Negative

Dashamasha Chart 

The Same Lagna is rising and the Lagna Lord Venus is Placed well from Moon the 10th Lord But here Mars is ill placed from the 10th lord Moon hence this may not give good Results in the Dasha of Mars-Venus , more over the Mars is ill placed from the Yoga Karka Saturn .——- Negative

Rudramsha Chart 

1.Mars the Dasha Lord is ill placed from Sun Placed in the 12th house 

2. Venus is ill placed from 10th Lord Saturn 

3. Sub -Sub Dasha Lord Saturn is ill placed from Sun hence the achievement may not be upto the Mark for Victory 

4. MCL of the 10th House Venus is placed well from the 10th Lord Moon of the Rashi Chart  is good 

5. The Combinations are not as per Major achievement in life in the Present Scenario

Hence the Achievements may not be strong ———- Negative

Sade Sati

Rahul Gandhi will be in the 2nd Phase of the Sadesati and Sagitarius has 26 Ashtakvarga points and Saturn has just 4  hence not a very good score for Good Victory —— Neutral

Saturn also aspects the Natal Sun and Mars , hence a change in the Professional life is assured

Dual Transit Of Saturn and Jupiter

10th House ,10th Lord has to be activated for Good Victory along with 11th house /Lord by the dual transit , Saturn and Jupiter both are activating the 11th Lord Sun along with Mars the 7th and the 2nd Lord , hence some achievements it so seems ——- Positive 

As Per My above Predictions made earlier they prove on dot and has been declared as the Congres President on the 11th Dec. 2017

Vedic Progression chart

Lagna is Scorpio in the nakshatra of  Anuradha and the Lord is Saturn and is Debilitated and Placed in the 6th house . The Lagna is Placed in Mrityu Bhag is the Most malefic parameter since Saturn the Nakshatra Lord is also debilitated . The Lagna Lord Mars is Placed in the 9th house in Debilitation with 10th Lord Sun is good but Lagna Lord Mars is weak since totally combusted as well. There is also exchange of the 9th and the 10th Lord  between the Luminaries which Promises a change in the status of his professional life  and as already Predicted he has been declared the Congress President 

10th Lord Moon  from Moon is Venus and Debilitated  and 10th Lord in the Natal chart is Moon and both are ill placed from each other , hence do not attribute phenomenal rise , but placement in good houses  has contributed some good for him on the 11th Dec. 2017. The Dasha Lords Mars and Venus iof the natal chart are ill placed from the 10th house of Major Achievements and also from Moon, hence the Native may not be able to convert the opportunities available to him in the current scenario. He may be able to dent the image of the Prime Minister  to some extent and hence spoil some % of Votes in the Gujrat Elections only 

Chart of Congress 

2nd Jan 1978 12-00 hrs. New Delhi

The Chart is of Pieces Lagna and the Current Dasha is of Jupiter -Venus  from the Year 2017 till Sept. 2019 . Jupiter is the Lagna Lord and the 10th Lord and Placed well in the Dashamsha Chart , but Unfortunately the Venus is the 3rd and the 8th Lord  and Placed in the 10th House with Sun and Combusted . —— ——-Negative

Dashamsha Chart

In the Dashamsha Chart the 8th Lord is Placed in the Lagna  and also afflicted  is a negative Parameter for the Congress Party to Gain in the Current Elections .——— Negative

Rudramsha Chart

In the Rudramsha Chart  The Current Dasha of Jup-Ven-Mars has to be seen  with Respect to the following  Parameters

1.10th Lord and Sun

Here Jupiter and Venus are Placed well from Sun who is also the 10th Lord but placed in the 12th house and Debilitated and in Rahu-Ketu Axis . The Sub -Sub Dasha Lord Mars is ill placed from the 10th Lord .  Venus is the 7th and the 12th Lord in the Rudramasha Chart and connected to the 8th Lord Mercury shows the Party may adopt all means to win the Elections AND TRY TO DENT  THE IMAGE OF THE BJP and hence gain some votes , but since the Anter Dasha Lord Venus and Sub -Sub Dasha Lord Mars is Debilitated  in the Natal chart and ill placed from Sun the Power may not be attainted . Akaal Mrityu is seen from the affliction to the 8th house , here the Sub Sub Dasha Lord Mars aspects the 8th house and the Lord Mercury making the Chart Precarious for a Victory .

2. Rudramasha Chart Lagna Has Moon Debilitated with Mars the Sub -Sub  dasha Lord at the time of Elections 

3. MCL of the 10th House, 10th Lord and Jupiter to be seen . MCL of the 10th House is Mars and Jupiter are placed well from Each other is definitely a good Parameter 

4. Strength of Lagna Lord and the 11th Lord has to be assessed , here the Lagna Lord is strong but the 11th Lord is Placed in the 8th house aspected By Sub-Sub Dasha Lord Making the 11th Lord weak. The affliction to Mercury also shows Porva Punya Arishta.

The Results are not strong enough to give Victory. ——— Negative

Hence from the Rashi chart, Dashamsha Chart and the  Rudramasha Chart we can say it is not very strong to give a Victory, though Congress may make a dent in the image of the Opposition party as explained above .

Analysis of Vedic Progression chart of the Running Year 

The Dasha Lord Jupiter and Venus are Placed well but the Sub-Sub Dasha Lord Mars is Debilitated and ill placed from 10th House/10th Lord Saturn who is the Yoga Karka for the Taurus Lagna , But unfortunately the 10th Lord and YOGA KARKA  Saturn is in Mrityu Bhag  will spoil the whole show.—— ———Negative

Dual Transit of Jupiter and Saturn

This Parameter is extremely powerful for the Congress to come back in Power as per the Natal chart since Saturn will be activating the Dasha Lords Jupiter and Venus and also Sun. Mars the Sub-Sub Dasha Lord is not activated , hence some constraint , This also shows till Saturn is there in Sagitarius  on the 25th Jan 2020 there may be some Gain for Congress.——– Positive 

Nut Shell Results for Congress 

The Present Scenario does not seem that strong for Congress to give a Victory over a State where BJP has been ruling for More then 22 years . Congress will definitely spoil the image of the BJP in Gujrat but may not be successful in achieving any Major Success now in the Gujrat Elections .

Out of 5 Parameters 4 Negative One Positive but Good till 25th Jan 2020 , hence some change in the Status of Congress in the coming years 

Nutshell Congress may not be able to come out with Flying colours in the Gujrat Elections 

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