Analysing Brawl Between Countries

Will Kim Jong-un ‘Test Dreaded Juche Bird’ MEGA MISSILE Shortly ?

This is with reference to my Article “Red Planet Mars and Roman God Saturn Takes Charge, Astrology Speaks Loudly As Predicted”…dly-as-predicted/ dated 30th Nov. 2017

As already mentioned that the planetary positions are becoming most venomous from the 29th Nov. 2017 in all my articles on my webpage, amazingly Kim has again attained an aggressive stance and launched a missile over Japan Sea and South Korea retaliates , what more is left now , Mars about to change sign and aspect Ketu and Mars gives clear warnings of the Future.  I have been mentioning that the Influence of Mars on Ketu is most malefic and when  Planet aspects  a planet in the rashi and navamsha then during that period the effects  sprout with strength . Ketu in Capricorn has been under the aspect of Mars from the 30th Nov. 2017 and on the 16th Dec. 2017 Mars will join the Capricorn Navamsha when it will be at 10.0 degrees the Point of Maximum Strength and conjunct Rahu in the same sign , Mars will then also influence Ketu in the navamsha till 21st Dec. 2017. Rahu will be in Adverse Motion from the 22nd to 28th Dec. 2017, hence these Periods will be most Prone for Kim Testing the ‘Dreaded Juche Bird’. Normally Kim is in the habbit of testing his missiles on a specific day to celebrate the occasions and 17th Dec. 2017 and then from 21st to 28th Most Provocative Time frame in the Month of Dec. 2017 it so seems . After 21st Mars and Saturn will be in square position and there will be return aspect of Mars and Saturn in the navamsha .. As I have mentioned that on the 20th Sept .2017 there was Aroha Kaal Sarpa yoga formed and all the Planets are in the shadow of the nodes, Mars and Saturn and the same is also happening in the 17th Dec. 2017 . Sun will also ingress in Sagitarius on the 16th Dec. 2017 will add fuel to the fire , since the Conjunction of Sun and Saturn is considered to be a Bhandan yoga which is also Present in the 10th house of the Foundation chart of North Korea and this Conjunction will take place in the Trinal house from the Natal sign and in a Fiery sign may produce the most venomous results and the Country getting into some kind of Bhandan cannot be ruled out . Moon will be in Debilitation on the 17th Dec. 2017 and will be under affliction till it reaches the sign Pieces on the 26th Dec. 2017

Mercury the 8th and the 11th Lord of the Natal chart of the North Korea ia also under acute affliction since in a fallen state after the 11th Dec. 2017 to 23rd Dec. 2017 when it will also be retrograde and till 6th Jan 2018 Evening in Fallen State 

North Node will be again in forward motion from the 4th Jan. 2018 to 11th Jan. 2018

Hence in a Nut shell after 16th Dec. to 26th Dec. 2017 and then from the 4th Jan .2018 to 11th Jan. 2018  most provocative Period for Kim to Test Dreaded Juche Bird’ MEGA MISSILE it so seems . A Strong Earthquake in the Korean Peninsula cannot be ruled out apart from other Parts of the world near the Coastal areas . There will be also be Natural and Unnatural Disasters in the Globe . A Strong Earthquake is also on the Cards along with Blasts 


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