Enigmatic New Moon chart of the 17th Jan. 2018 And Release Of Padmaavat On The 25th Jan. 2018

  No Ban on Padmaavat : Supreme Court Refuses to Modify earlier order, rejects States’ plea link https://www.msn.com/en-in/entertainment/bollywood/no-ban-on-padmaavat-supreme-court-refuses-to-modify-earlier-order-rejects-states’-plea/ar-AAv33Do?ocid=spartanntp. 

The Supreme Court Tuesday rejected the pleas of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh government and the Karni Sena which sought a ban on the release of Bollywood period drama, Padmaavat.

The three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra observed that it was best for the governments and others to abide by the apex court order.

All you need to know about Padmaavat row

“Governments and people must understand that there is a Censor Board certificate and then a Court order…Better abide by it. Don’t watch if you don’t want to but there can’t be a ban on screening,” the bench said.

It also reiterated that the states must ensure that law and order is maintained.

In their plea, the states claimed that Section 6 of the Cinematograph Act empowers them to stop exhibition of any controversial movie on the grounds of possible violation of law and order and the power must remain open.

Meanwhile, Karni Sena founder Lokendra Singh Kalvi had said that the people will boycott the film if it is released.

At a press conference on Monday, Kalvi said he had accepted an invitation, allegedly sent by Bhansali Productions, to attend a pre-screening of the film. “He thought we would refuse the offer, but we will not. We also want it to be shown to six of the nine people who were chosen by the censor board, but not shown the movie. We will agree with their suggestions,” he said.

However, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar offered reassurance that the film will be released on January 25 and law and order will be maintained. “The Supreme Court’s order must be followed. If someone does not want to screen the movie based on the appeal, we accept it. But if anyone wants to screen the film, they will be provided security,” he said.

The film, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, is scheduled to release on January 25.

Let us have a look at the New Moon chart of the 17th Jan. 2017 of 07-47 hrs and the Transit of the 25th Jan. 2018 when the Movie is scheduled to be released. 

 The Day is Wednesday and the Lord is Mercury Placed in the 12th house with Saturn the Lagna Lord and the Karka for the masses . The Day Lord is Placed in the Yama of Taurus and the Yama Lord is Venus and totally combusted  and in Paap Kartari yoga in the Lagna . The Yama Lord is also with the Sun the 8th Lord is the Most malefic component in the Fortnight .

The Tithi is Amavasya and the 1st Half is a Malefic one .

The Karna Lord is Naga a Malefic one and represented by the 7th Lord and in this Case is Moon Placed in the Lagna with the Yama Lord and the 8th Lord is another malefic component . Entertainment Industry is also ruled by the 5th house and the Lord is Venus and as explained above in a malefic state Placed in the Lagna with Sun . 5th House is also has aspects of Mars .The Day Lord is also ill placed from the 11th house and the 11th Lord and 7th house and the 7th Lord . The Day Lord Mercury also happens to be the Hora Lord of the Day

The Karna Lord represent the 7th house and the opponents and where Rahu is Placed in most Venomous state  and also in the same state on the 25th Jan. 2018.Hence it seems that there will be lot of opposition for the release of the Movie 

The Navamsha Rising is also of the Aries a Malefic one and Ruled By Mars , Both the Rashi Chart and the Navamsha chart have Prishtodayo signs and Malefic ones . It seems that the opponents will not be happy over the decision of the Court  to release the Movie and hence Protest against the same . Jupiter in the 10th House indicates that the Court will give a fair Judgement for the release of the movie. Sun in the Lagna indicates that the Govt .will take into custody who ever protests against the Movie release or is into vandalism.

There will be untoward happenings in this fortnight  relating to the Govt. Actions   and there may be Rallies and Mass Protests as well. The Total atmosphere will be tense  and the general condition of the Country will not be good since the North Node is most Venomous till 27th Jan. 2018 and then from the 1st Feb. to 16th Feb. 2018. The Total Lunar Eclipse on the 31st Jan. 2018 is also a malefic one and since taking place over the natal 5 planets and the Luminaries the General condition of the Country will be tense 

Rahu In the 7th House in most malefic state  and Kaal Sarpa  Aroha is the most Venomous Parameter for Vandalism 

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