Total Lunar Eclipse 31st Jan. 2018: North Node Most Venomous

This Article is in continuation to my earlier Article  “Eclipses And The Theory Of Astrological Inevitability : What They Foretell ?” link…at-they-foretell/ dated 23rd Jan. 2018. The Total Lunar Eclipse is taking place on the 31st Jan. 2018  and is visible in India, Asia, North East Europe, Australia, North East Africa, North America, North/West America, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Arctic, and Antarctica. On this Day Moon will be closest to Earth in its orbit, which is called the super-moon. Here I will be specific it is also Visible in the North Korea


The Duration of the Eclipse is 1hrs. 16 minutes

Partial 3hrs. 22 minutes

Penumbral 5 hrs. and 17 minutes

The UTC time of the Eclipse is 10 hrs. 15 minutes 15 seconds and Full Eclipse begins at  12 hours  51 minutes 47 seconds.

Maximum Eclipse can be seen at 13 hours  29 minutes 50 seconds .The Local time of the Eclipse can be obtained by adding the Time zone of the Country  to the UTC timing

The Chart as per the IST is Below 


The Day is Wednesday and the Lord is Mercury and is placed in the 6th house with Sun, Ketu and Venus. The Day Lord is also placed in its own Yama of the 2nd house and hence the effects of the 2nd house will be more prominent as the Effects of the Lunar Eclipse , more so the Eclispe point is 17.30 degrees  Ashlesha and the Lord is also Mercury . The Karna Lord is also with Mercury , who is also the Lagna Lord makes the Eclipse a Venomous one. The Lagna is Leo the 4th house of the Foundation chart in gandantha and in the nakshatra of Ketu  and the  Lagna Lord is Placed in the 6th house with Ketu in very close degrees makes this chart precarious . The Most venomous parameter in this Eclipse is that Rahu the North Node will be in Forward Motion from the 1st Feb. to 16th Feb. 2018 and on the Mouth of Moon in the 12th house of the chart. This sign is the 7th from the Capricorn Sign taken for India By Varahamihira and the 3rd House of the Foundation chart of the India . In this Position Rahu and Moon will be over the Natal 5  planets in the Sign Cancer  where the luminaries also  posited makes this Lunar Eclipse most Venomous for India. The Transit Placement of 8th Lord Jupiter in the 6th house, Mars in the 7th house and Saturn in the 8th house of the Foundation chart is indicative of a very crucial time for India. Moon in this position in the Kendra from Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will bring Rain, Snow   and cold weather. A Low Pressure in the Indian Ocean may bring Rains . The concentration of the 4 Planets in the 6th house is not good specially the Position of the Lagna Lord and Sun. There could be Protests and Resentment by the Trade unions.  

As per the above char the 7th house is afflicted  since has aspects by Jupiter the 8th Lord  along with Mars and Saturn . The 3rs Lord is also with Ketu in the 6th house in very close degrees indicates that there could be tension with the neighbouring countries . Road and Rail Accidents

As Per the Theory of  Astrological Inevitability discussed in the Previous Article  , the Eclipses falling on the Natal Luminaries can be Fatal since the Dasha of Moon- Rahu is in Operation till 10-8-2018

The Eclipse point of 17.30 degrees will be activated by Mars Ammunition dump on the  7th-8th April 2018, although after Mars crosses 16.40 degrees on the 6th April and till 12th April 2018 will be crucial and then again when Mars goes in the Sign Capricorn and aspects the Cancer sign at 17.31 degrees on the 14th Oct. 2018, it would be very close to the Eclipse point on the 26th June 2018 at 15.06 degrees when it goes in retrogression.. The Following Possibilities could be on the Cards .

  1. Tension with the Neighbouring Countries China and Pakistan.
  2. Terrorism and Infiltration of Terrorist elements .
  3. Road and Rail Accidents
  4. Volatility in the Financial Markets . The North Node has the Capacity to Turn the Tables upside down and Vies- Versa. Crypto Currencies will fall after 17th Jan. 2018 till 7th March 2018
  5. Earth Quakes when There is Exchange of Mercury and Moon Nakshatra on the 9th-10th Feb. 2018. Cyclones cannot be ruled out in the Indian Ocean.
  6. Air Accidents between the 6th Feb. to 7th March 2018 , since the Airy sign Aquarius is afflicted and Venus will be posited in this time frame specially when Venus combusted between the 4th to 7th Feb. 2018
  7. Significations of the 7th house and the 3rd House will be on the Cards . The General condition of the Country will be tense . There will be lot of  Mass Protests against the Govt., Rallies and Strikes . There will also be untoward happenings  
  8. Luminaries in the 6/12 axis is another area of Concern and the Trik Bhavas.
  9. From the above we can say that the Lunar Eclipse for India is a Precarious one  and asper Koorma Chakra the Direction most sensitive in this Eclipse is South East India and as per Yama chart the South Direction Most Sensitive .
  10. The Yama Moon and the Eclipse Moon are Placed in the 6/8 axis is another Most Malefic Parameter in this Eclipse and shows the Significations of the 7th house sprouting with dimension
  11. On the 2nd Feb. 2018 the National Budget will be presented and The day Lord is Placed in the 2nd House of Virgo, hence Budget Related to Financial Matters  and 2nd House is connected to the 6th house hence some unexpected changes for the same and the Yama Lord is influenced by the Nodes and hence unexpected Budget may be presented by the Finance Minister . The Stock Market will then dance and swing  according to the same , since the Nodes are influencing the Sun, Mercury, Venus  and Moon and an expected  Volatility in the Stock Market from the 2nd Feb to 16th Feb. 2018
  12. Since the Eclipse is taking Place for more than one Hour there will be tense situations for more than one month and the effects of the Eclipse will be seen immediately and chaotic conditions may prevail. The Stock Market and Sensex may also dance accordingly. There will also be Political Tug of War between the Ruling Govt. and the Congress  with magnitude .In nut shell we can sat a roller coaster  ride around this Lunar Eclipse .
  13. The Worst Parameter is the North Node in most venomous condition from the 1st Feb. to 16th Feb. 2018 and has the capacity to turn the tables upside down and with magnitude . No new Projects should be undertaken  during this time frame .

For Union Budget 2018-2019 I shall write a separate Article. 

North Korea  Analysis for the Total Lunar Eclipse Visible in the Country 

Eclipse Taking Place in the 7th house from the 3rd House of Neighbours, 8th Lord and the Day Lord Mercury will be placed in the 3rd House with Sun, Ketu and Venus the and in the Yama of Scorpio and the yama Lord Mars  will be placed in the Lagna aspecting the 8th house, hence Provocations for War in the Korean Peninsula cannot be ruled out by Kim the Tubby Tyrant specially between the 2nd and 16th Feb. 2018 and around the 6th to 9th Feb. 2018

This Total Lunar Eclipse as mentioned by me where ever Visible has the Capacity to be most Venomous  for Natural, Unnatural, Manmade disasters . A Strong Earthquake is also on the Cards

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