Whereabouts Of Missing Person Through Prashna Jyotish: Amazing Results

On the 2nd Jan. 2018 at 14-12 hrs. Singapore I got a Phone call for a missing Person. The Person is missing since 13th Oct. 2017. Early Morning  

02-00 hrs . After Looking at the charts of the time of the disappearance and the Time of Query I got Amazing Results which pinpointed  that the Missing Person has faced a disaster in sea .

Have a Look at the Chart at the time of Disappearance 

    1. On the Day of Disappearance 13th Oct. 2017. 02-00 hrs  with Cancer Lagna Prishtodayo  sign  Rising with Rahu Placed  at MEP and in Forward Motion with Gulika is the most malefic parameter for the well being of the missing person . Lagna is the Missing Person, Hence under Trouble due to Water since Rahu in Watery sign and Just entered on the 9th Sept. 2017. The Lagna is in Gandantha indicative of a most malefic situation. Lagna Lord and Moon Placed in the 12th house indicate that the missing person had gone on a travel on his own accord.
    2. . The Day Lord is placed well in the 4th house indicates that the missing  person information should be received  and shows a safe return, but since the Day Lord Jupiter is in the Malefic Yama and the 8th house in Aquarius and the Yama Lord is Fallen and in inimical sign the Native has faced disaster suddenly on water . Jupiter is  also Navamsha Lord of Gulika  and the dispositor of Jupiter is Debilitated , hence the the Person on Travel could not return back
    3. Gulika at 18.38 degrees in the Cancer sign in the Lagna where Rahu is Placed further indicative of a disaster in Water
    4. The Dwadamsha of Sun was Cancer and Cancer sign Rising in the Prashna chart 
    5. Saturn the Karka for Longevity Fallen and aspects the 7th house of Travel and Road map where Ketu is Placed . Saturn aspects Ketu almost degreewise most Malefic for the Travel. From the above we can reach the conclusion that a disaster has happened in water, sea since all the Watery signs are afflicted .
    6. See the degree of Planets Mars , Saturn, Moon, Mercury  all at the MEP of the houses Most malefic 
    7. 8th Lord from Lagna is Saturn and also the Yama Lord and 8th house from the 10th house is Mars , this connection degree-wise and an ishraaf yoga indicates an event which has happened when the native was on work and faced disaster .
    8. Navamsha rising is that of Pieces and again a watery sign and Rahu and Saturn Placed in it and aspected by Jupiter the Gulika  navamsha Lord .
    9. Since the Lagna is in the 9th Navamsha of Moon and Moon takes one mahurat the information of the disaster would reach the querist after 9×48=  432 minutes and after 7 hrs and 12 minutes . Other Information of the Untraceable news after  9 days of the Happening  and hence when Saturn is about to join Sagitarius sign after 22nd Oct. 2017
    10. The Uday Lagna, Arudha Lagna and the Chaitra rashi are afflicted Badly specially the Chaitra Rashi being the Cancer and having Rahu in adverse motion and Gulika the Body of the Person also may not be traced .
  1. Prashna chart Predictions
    1. In the Prashna chart with Aries Lagna  Prashtodayo is rising and   Rahu Placed in the 4th house and just about to go in Forward motion and in the watery sign thus most Venomous for the missing person life and connected to water  and may be travel through water Transport. Rahu is in the Nakshatra of Mercury who is fallen again and Placed in the 8th house of the chart  and the 4th Lord Moon placed in the 3rd house in the nakshatra of Rahu are clearly indicating an event related to water 
    2. Dwadamsha of Sun is again Cancer which is the same as that at the time of the Person missing and a watery sign, clearly point out a Event related to water 
    3. In both the charts the Watery signs are afflicted  Cancer sign has Rahu and Scorpio has Fallen Saturn at the time of Disappearance  and at the time of Prashna Rahu in Cancer and Fallen Mercury in Scorpio at the same degrees almost
    4. Mars as the 8th Lord of the natural zodiac placed in the 7th house of Travel most malefic and the 6th Lord of the Natural zodiac placed in the 8th house in Fallen condition clearly states that the missing Person will not be traceable , since the Placement of Rahu in the 4th house of the well being .Hence we can say that the Missing Person has faced disaster in water  and will not be traceable since Rahu is Placed in the 4th house of its well being 


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