Amazing, Marriage Query By Omens Turns True.

A very interesting episode  pertaining to a Marriage Matching Query . A Couple wanted to consult me and as per schedule they reached my house in the evening hours and called me up to inform me that they were at my gate . I went out and could not find them on my main gate , just then I noticed that they were on the other Gate in the North Direction and noticed the mother of the Boy there . I told them to come on the Main gate in the East Direction.  I then Took them to my consultation room and asked Few Questions without opening any chart or the Laptop. 


1.Is the Girl in Question from the North Direction ? The answer was Yes .

2. Has this Preposition of this Girl come 6 month back ? The Answer was again Yes .

3. Is there any Identity Problem with the Girl in Question ? The Answer was again Yes.

4. I asked them is the Girl  from Dubai and  of Muslim Nationality  ? The Answer was again Yes .

5.Does the Girl Resemble the Mother of the Boy ? The answer was again yes.

6. I told them that this Girl  with above parameters  is a Preposition for Marriage  for their son and there is compatibility issue . Marriage will take Place but not immediately 

In fact they were stunned since I had no information about them and one after the other all the Queries asked by me related to them and the Predictions were on dot. I will explain here how I did it .

The Couple Called me up from the North Direction and the 2nd Gate of My house which was not used for the last 6 months and was locked .The North gate was used by my Tenants and I had no Tenants for the Last 6 months , the Last Tenant was refused Tenancy since he was from Dubai and had some Identity Problems. Since I did Not allow them to enter the house from the North, though they could, I could imagine they have a Girl from the Noth Directon and the Preposition must have come 6 month Back, The Boy disclosed his affair with the Girl to his parents 6 month back and there was some Issue in her nationality. Since I saw the Mother and a Female , I could imagine that there is a girl identical to the Mother , but Marriage may not take place immediately since I did Not see the Mother and Father of the Boy in the first instance . When I was in the consultation room I got a mail from my associate about some Research on the Marriage matching done By Shri K N Rao.  The Couple was apprehensive about the Marriage Matching and some Astrologers had told them that the Marriage would soon Break if they got Married . I told the Couple that the mail for the Marriage matching Research is for them and not me , and what ever the results will be should be strictly followed , since this is the wish of the Almighty . Amazingly the Dara Karak  in Both Cases was Jupiter and was Placed in good Axis in the Rashi and the Navamsha Charts . As Per the mail if the DaraKarka are Natural Friends and are placed in Good Axis with respect to each other in the Rashi and Navamsha the Couple could get Married . I there fore did not do the Marriage Matching and told them to accede to the Boy’s choice and Marry him with the Girl. Now the question was when they will get Married since I had not opened the Prashna chart or the Birth chart of the Boy and Girl in question. I told them that when My Tenant comes  and My Contract with him is more than one year then Marriage will son Take Place , After 4-5 Months I got a Tenant  who was to stay for  7 to 8 months , I told the couple that their  son will get Married exacly after 1 year from the day they visited me . Most amazingly after exactly 1 year  the Boy Got Married to the same girl .

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