Amazing Predictions Through Prashna Jyotish & Progression Chart By Manu Smiriti For Child Birth

A Query of Child Birth  as per the chart Below . For Reasons best Known I am not disclosing the Time and Date . The Basic Idea for this Article is for up coming Astrologers to use the Principles and see how well we can Predict through Prashna Chart  and Vedic Progression chart by Manu Smiriti.

Chart 1

The Day is Friday and the Lord is Venus placed in the 3rd house of the chart and ill placed from the 8th house and the 8th Lord Moon . The Day Lord is Placed in the yama of Pieces the 4th house of the Chart and the Yama Lord and the Karka for Children is placed in the 6th house and aspected by Mars the 12th and the 5th Lord  . These Parameters are indicative of Problems of the child Birth specially when the Day Lord is ill placed from the 8th house and the 8th Lord Moon.

The Tithi is SP-13

Nakshatra is  Pushya and the Lord is Saturn who has aspects on the 5th house  and on the 8th house and the 8th Lord . Saturn is with Rahu and also Retrograde , shows again difficulty in the child birth.

Yoga is Saubhagya

Karna is Kaulava  and aspects the Jupiter in the 6th house shows involvement of surgical operations .

Lagna is Prishtodayo and the query is at night time , hence powerful and negative results will come regarding the Child Birth . Lagna Lord and the Karka for Child Birth , who also happens to be the Yama Lord is Placed in a Trik Bhava  is another Parameter which indicates issues in the child birth. 7th House also has Dhoom aspecting the Lagna  at very close degrees of the MEP.. Ketu is Placed in the 5th house and has aspects of the Retrograde Exhalted Saturn . Ketu again is Placed at the MEP of the 5th house  in the nakshatra of Venus the 6th Lord . On the Day of the Query Saturn was in Stationary motionanother most malefic Parameter for the Child Birth . Neither the Lagna has any benefic aspect not does the 5th house and the 5th Lord is Debilitated in the respectivs Saptamsha chart. Since there is exchange between the 3rd and the 11th house Lords and Mars is Placed in the 3rd house and Connection of Saturn is established by Venus and Placed before the 5th house there  will be Prenatal Problems to the Women on the Family way.

Uday Lagna is Sagitarius, Arudha Lagna is Libra and has Rahu , hence the Women in Question is on the Family way.

5P is Sagitarius and  Before the 5P is activated By Transit Jupiter in the sign Gemini  Mars will reach the 5th house. 5P is also aspected by Saturn

The Chaitra Rashi showing the hidden things and the Future is Leo and asoected by Mars  who is also with Sun and as per Tamil Texts Mars in Saturn sign with Sun and aspecting the Chaitra Rashi Leo is Mosr malefic for the Child Birth and will create issues and Surgical intervention Prenatal. 

The Day Lord is Ill Placed from the 8th house and the Lord shows the Poor Longevity of the child and Moon Placement in the 8th house is another Negative parameter. Moon is in the Nakshatra of Saturn and aspected by Saturn in the 8th house is also a negative parameter for the Child Birth .In case of Child Birth we also have to see the Position of Pariddhi  and Dhoom the Aprakashit Grahas .

Now Dhoom is = 133.20 + Longitude of  Sun10s 10.26 =  86.46 hence Dhoom is in the 7th house  26.46 degrees , Now Pata = 360-Dhoom = 276.14

Now Pariddhi = 276.14 +180= 456.14 -360 =96.14  = Cancer sign 6.14 degrees and almost degree conjunction with Moon in the 8th house , this is indicative of a malefic happening after mars enters the 5th house and aspects Moon and Pariddhi in the 8th house  and hence there may be a still Born child . The Utres  is also weak and shows  Mother may be able to retain the child and since Ketu is Placed there . For Good Child Birth Parameters Pariddhi should be in the Uday, Lagna, Arudha Lagna or the Chaitra Rashi, which is missing . Moon is also not with Benefics hence the Delivery will not be normal one . Dhoom aspecting the Lagna from the 7th house and  Moon and Pariddhi in the 8th house clearly show a still born child and will be Born in the 4th month  and the 4th Month is controlled by Sun, Hence first Sun has to activate the 5th house and then when Mars reaches the 5th house at Ketu degrees there will be a still Born child . In such cases the 4th and the 7th Moth is most malefic 

 See the Chart of the Still born child below 

Chart 2

Mars at the Degrees of Ketu at the time of Prashna , Moon in the Chaitra Rashi and at the Degres of Sun at the time of Prashna 

The Vedic Progression chart By Manu Smiriti also indicated the same as above , have a look at the same below

Chart 3

The  Lagna is associated with Debilitated Moon  and the Lagna Lord is in Mrityu Bhag , unfortunately the Mars is the 5th Lord of the Natal chart , in the Progression chart the 5th Lord and the Karka Jupiter is aspected By Saturn and Mars who is in Mrityu Bhag, Jupiter is also in the 8th house , Lagna Lord and the Moon both are ill placed from the 2nd house and the 2nd Lord  indicates that the Growth in the family will be difficult in the running year , more so for the child Birth  . 9th house has Ketu and the Lord is Debilitated hence the Women on the Family way may not be able to retain the Pregnancy for Long .

In the Navamsha Chart  Lagna Lord and the Karka for Children is Debilitated  and afflicted 

In the Saptamsha Chart  Debilitated Planet is placed in the Lagna and the 5th Lord of the Natal chart and the Lagna Lord of the Progression chart is Debilitated . 5th Lord of the Saptamsha chart is in the 8th house and also debilitated and with Pariddhi. Lagna Lord and Moon both in Rahu-Ketu axis 

5th house of the Natal Chart is Aries and has Doom  in the Progression chart and in Transit when Ketu comes over the Doom at the 22.49 degrees  there will be Abortion . See the above chart of the 4th Month of the Women on the Family way when the Still born child was born, Ketu exactly at the Doom Degrees and Mars also over the Doom in Transit

Tamil Shastra gives amazing Results  with almost 100 % accuracy .  My prediction made by me were on dot and were made in Feb. of the Particular year and the Event took place exactly on the Date of the chart as per Chart 2 and 3 

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