Amazing Results For Disease Query By Prashna and Natal Astrology Using Tamil Texts

In this article I am going to discuss a  Disease Query raised by a Female recently on the 29th Jan. 2018 at 21.37 hrs . I have the Permission from the client to put the Predictions in the form of an Article  so that people can go through it and see how well the Prashna Jyotish and Natal Astrology can Predict the events using the Tamil Techniques in Astrology . The Idea of Writing this Article is to bring forth the Parameters and Techniques used to Pinpoint the Exact Cause and the Cure if any . The Prashna chart is Below 

As Per Mook Prashna between the Lagna Lord and the 11th Lord , 11th Lord is stronger and counting from Moon to Moon is same house hence  the Query is for self  and from Lagna and since aspected by the 6th Lord Saturn , the Query is pertaining to disease. Saturn gives Diseases as the 6th Lord  and more so the Navamsha is also of the 6th House rising of Saturn. In the Shastamsha D6 Saturn again aspects the 6th House.

Panchang of the Day. 

The Day is Monday and the Lord is Moon  Placed in the 10th house in the Nakshatra of Rahu who is in Forward motion and Moon is aspected by Mars, Saturn along with Jupiter , The Aspect of the 6th, 7th and the 8th Lord on Moon is not good , how ever Jupiter as a benefic  and aspecting the Moon in Sukla Paksha and Night Time Prashna  Ma Bhagwati will save the Native from any untoward happenings in case of any Disease.

Using My Research Techniques of Prashna which no Astrologer uses. 

1.Direction Facing North  Hence Capricorn Sign as per Disha and Yama Chart  where Ketu is Placed and Ketu is Disease Karka and since in abnormal motion the Disease may have onset after Ketu ingressed in the Sign Aquarius on the 9th Jan. 2016. At this time Rahu ingressed over the Jupiter Retrograde and Stationary in the Sign Leo which is the sign of Gulika in the chart. Arudha Lagna is also Capricorn 

2.Color of Clothes  Yellow and Black  Jupiter and Saturn and both aspecting the 6th house ,Hence these 2 Planet are Mainly responsible for the Disease  due to affliction on them after 9th Jan . 2016 . Saturn was then aspecting Rahu and Mars from the sign Scorpio

3.Ashtmangala Number 777 Past Present and Future is the same as per the Planet Moon placed in the 10th house aspected by both Mars, Saturn and Jupiter who are also aspecting the 6th house , Hence the Disease is by the Planets Jupiter, Mars and Saturn . Mars gives Soars and wounds and Saturn in the Sagitarius gives Problems from the Private Parts , Ketu is Placed in the 5th house of Abortions with 3 Planets including the Lagna , Lord, Venus the 9th Lord and Sun the 12th Lord. As already explained above Moon indicates the Disease  Query and the closest aspect on it By Saturn and Since Slow Moving Planet in the 4th house the Disease may not be cured till Saturn is Posited in the 4th house 

4.As Per Naisargik and Tatlika Chakra  Day is Monday, Hence Mer-Mer, Karka for Skin Troubles and indicates that the disease may be cured with much efforts and since in a Movable sign with Ketu the Disease Karka.

5.Prashna Triangle The Planet influencing the Query is Mercury and explained above it is with Disease Karka Ketuand indicates skin Troubles 

6.Pancha Pakshi The Bird is Peocock and is 48 % positive but the time for Talk shows the Negative results started when the Querist ended the Call

7.First Letter of the Word  W   Moon and is ill placed and Afflicted as explained above , hence no relief immediately

8.Omens Querist with Husband and Karka is Jupiter and Placed in the 2nd house of Face , hence after 11th Oct. 2018 some relief

9.DBA Planets  Rahu-Moon-Venus Rahu in Poisonous Condition and Moon in Rahu Nakshatra aspected by 3 planets as explained above, Venus Eclipsed with Ketu  Disease Karka. Venus is the 2nd Lord of the Natural Zodiac hence the Disease may  be on the Face

10.Sarp D3 Rahu and Mars  most Malefic 64 N Mercury   Gemini where Moon is Placed and 22DK is Aries

11.Most malefic Combinations Prashna Moon and the Yama Moon are in 6/8axis hence no relief and Status Quo till Saturn is in the 4th house till 25th Jan. 2020

12.  Prashna Chart Analysis .The Day is Monday and the Lord is Moon and in the yama of Scorpio and the Yama  Lord is Mars and aspects the 6th house of Diseases and is the Planet closest to the Lagna Degrees , Hence when the 6th Lord was over the Mars at the same degrees  the disease may have started  and sprouted  as per Below analysis. Mars gives Sours and Wounds 

Lagna is in the 1st D3 and in the 2nd Navamsha of the First D3, hence the Disease is just below the Head and the eyes and mostly on the cheeks .The Lagna Degrees is 3.58 and the 2nd Navamsha Starts from 3.20 degrees ,

The Right Part of the Body is afflicted more, hence Skin Troubles on the cheeks in the form of Blisters, Wounds and Sours 

Lagna is towards a Fixed sign hence the cure may not take place easily and hence will take lot of time

Lagna and Lagna Lord not aspected By benefics hence the Cure will be with difficulty

Day Lord is Placed in the Yama of mars Scorpio sign and yama Lord aspects the 6th house hence the main culprit is Mars and after Abortion there may be some Problems cropping , Since Rahu is in Forward Motion in the house of Care the 11th house ,

ASD is the Doctor   In the Nakshatra of Sun who is with Ketu and the Lagna Lord Mercury  and the 2nd Lord Venus 

4th House is Medication and Saturn is Placed there , It was Fallen from the 21st June to 27th Oct. and went in Retrogression on the 6th April 2017  and crossed the Retrogression Degrees on the 4th Dec. 2017 hence till 4th Dec. 2017 most venomous  period for the Disease

7th House is Disease Lord is Placed in the 2nd House and Face and as mentioned the Disease was onset when Jupiter was badly afflicted , See the Chart of the 9th Jan. 2016 below to analyse and reach the exact day of  the Disease onset 

10th House is Patient and under affliction with Moon , hence there are 3 types of Diseases

Wounds, Soars, Pain, Slow Recovery  till Saturn in the 4th house till 25th Jan 2020

Mars will enter 4th house on the 7th March 2018 and have to alert from Fake and Spurious Medicines , Medicines are Poison and the Native has to resort to Aurya Vedic Cure

DBA at the time of Disease onset Rahu-Sun-Rahu and the Planets are in Sarp Dreshkanne most malefic 

Presently the Dasha of Rahu-Moon till 1st April 2018 then Rahu-Mars will be extremely bad then Jupiter dasha from the 19-4-2019 then we can expect some relief more so after 25th March 2019 when the Nodes change signs

Onset of Disease

The Disease must have begun after May 2015  when Saturn was in the sign Scorpio at the same degrees where the Yama Lord Mars is Placed  or when Ketu was placed in the 6th house and Rahu aspected By Saturn after 9th Jan. 2016, this Probability is more it so seems.

Let us see the chart of the 9th Jan 2016 below with the same ascendant

The Following Parameter become Important as per this chart

  1. 6th Lord Saturn aspects Rahu and Jupiter stationary in the sign Leo where Gulika is placed in the Prashna chart  and the Gulika Lord Sun is with Moon in the 4th house . Since Moon and Sun are aspected by Jupiter afflicted  the Disease will sprout on the day when Moon joins  Jupiter and Rahu in the sign Leo and Rahu is also in Adverse motion as the Prashna chart . Mercury is about to fall an on the 15th Jan. 2016 Mercury was a Fallen Planet on the 26th Jan. 2016 showing the weakness of the Lagna and the Lagna Lord 

26th Jan 2016 see the chart below

The Chart above is crystal clear indicating the Disease has sprouted on this Day for the Reasons below.

Moon is aspected By Saturn on this day along with Rahu and Jupiter

Gulika sign is Leo afflicted  Sun the Gulika Lord is also afflicted by both Mars and Saturn and both are the Lords of the Trik Bhavas 8thand the 6th house respectively

Luminaries afflicted  . The Querist  has confirmed the Date , although the Disease may have actually started when Saturn was over the Mars in the sign Scorpio at the same degrees on the 15th May 2015, for the reason The Day is Monday and the Lord is Moon and in the yama of Scorpio and the Lord is Mars and aspects the 6th house of Diseases and is the Planet closest to the Lagna Degrees , Hence when the 6th Lord was over the Mars at the same degrees  the disease may have started  and sprouted in full swing after 26th Jan. 2016

In the Prashan chart the Planets connected to the 6th house and Moon are Jupiter, Saturn and Mars  and in this chart above also the  Rahu, Moon, Jupiter are connected to the 6th Lord , hence the Disease has come from Jupiter , Saturn,Moon and Rahu and Rahu is again in forward motion hence poison, hence no early recovery , Lagna is aspected by Saturn making the Lagna weak

4th house Medication since Malefic  in the 4th house  Saturn Faulty medicines are being given

 Lagna Lord was in the 4th house till 27th Jan. 2018 and Joined the 5th house hence shows the connection of the Medication and abortions and Injections given to the Native a Faulty ones. The Native has confirmed that there was an abortion in the Month of Feb. 2016

Lagna aspected by 6th Lord Saturn and was with the Lagna Lord Mercury till 27th Jan. 2018

10th house in affliction hence the disease will aggravate due to the  Patient’s fault

Lagna and Lagna Lord weak and Mars and Saturn as the 6th and the 8th lord aspect the Kendras , the cure becomes difficult

Rahu is in the sign Cancer Wrong Medicines will be administered after 9th Sept. 2017

Moon aspected By Jupiter in Sukla Paksh and at Night time Ma Bhagwati will save the Querist

Lagna Lord in Movable sign and the 6th Lord in the Dual sign and slow moving and has not crossed 15 degrees  the cure will not be fast. The disease will be in full swing when Saturn reaches the 15 degree mark on the 13th April 2018 and will also be stationary . Full Care has to be taken at this juncture till it crosses the 15 degree mark on the 13th Dec. 2018. During this Period the Disease will be in full form and there can be relapse also 

8th Lord is stronger than the Lagna Lord , hence difficulty is cure

6th Lord Saturn is aspect by Dhoom from the 9th house Taurus and the sign is Face

LL Posited in the 4th from the 7th Lord is not good


Disease is other then expected  and Treatment has to be changed Preferably to Auryavedic or homeopathy

Yama Lord Mars aspects the Dhoom in the 9th house in Taurus and is the 2nd House of the Natural Zodiac and the Lord Venus is with Ketu Disease Karka, hence the Disease is Sours and wounds on the Face . Dhoom  is  Mums and Odema  and Mars is wounds, Blisters and Sours 

Jupiter in the 2nd House possible relief

8th Lord from the Lagna  is placed in the 6th of Moon is not good

Jupiter aspects 6th house Anemia

Gulika is Leo 6.32 Degrees , hence when Rahu ingressed in this Sign where Jupiter was Retrograde in Leo the Disease must have sprouted . The Navamsha of Gulika is Taurus and Lord is Venus 

Pran Sputha Virgo 26.20

Mrityu Sputa  Cancer 1.24

Deha Sputa 9.19 Since Pran Sputha is Greater the sickness will increase

Relaspe after 7th March 2018 and Spurious Medicines till 13th Dec. 2018, specially when Saturn becomes Retrograde on the 13th April 2018

13th April to 6th Sept. 2018 most crucial, till 14th Dec. 2018 not good at all.


Little relief after Mars leaves the sign Capricorn on the 6th Nov. 2018 and After 25th March 2019 and after 26th Jan 2020


Birth chart details and Analysis

25th Nov. 1980 02-12 hrs.

Corrected time  The Chart is below

At the time of the onset of Disease the Dasha was Mars-Saturn till 4-3-2016 and Now Rahu-Sat till 8-1-2019

At the Time of Query Just see the Planets on the 29th Jan. 2018

Parameters which acquire a special dimension in the Birth chart and the Prashna chart activation

1.Moon in the 10th house in the both cases in the Nakshatra of Rahu.

2.Moon Aspected by both Saturn and Mars the 6th and the 8th Lord in Both the cases.

3.Dasha at Onset of Disease Rahu-Sun-Rahu and Both are in Sarp Dreshkanne.

4.22DK Lord is also Sun and 64N Lord is Venus Placed in the 2nd House with Lagna Lord -Face in the Birth chart.

5.Transit Mars the 8th Lord over the Natal Sun Degree-wise. 

6.Transit Saturn over the Natal Mars Degree wise.

7.Transit Rahu-Ketu over the Natal Rahu-Ketu degree wise. 

Hence till the Dasha of Jupiter acute Problems Till 8th JAN. 2019 as per Birth chart and as per Prashna chart till 19th April 2019

D3 Dreshkanne Chart 

The D3 Lagna Has a Debilitated Jupiter and Saturn the 6th Lord is not good for the native and shows Poorva Punya Dosha

Mercury and Venus are placed in the 6th from Ketu is not good since venus is the Lord of the 2nd House and the Face  along with Lagna Lord Mercury, more so the 5h Hous has Ketu and the 5th Lord has gone in the 6th from itself and in the 10th house  indicates that the native will have to bear the Karmas of the Poorva Janma

The Main Planets in the D3 to be seen are the Ketu, Jupiter , Rahu and Saturn, Here Rahu is in Sarp D3 and 85D and Ketu is Placed in the 64 Navamsha hence extremely bad for the Cure specially Taurus is the Face

ASht Lakshami Puja is Reccomended

D6 Chart

Lagna rising is of Capicorn

In this chart 6th Lord is the main Planet  and Mars is the Curing Factor, here they are placed in 6/8 axis is extremely bad for a Cure . There is also malefic influence on the 6th house and the Lord Mercury , hence does not safeguard against the diseases specially when the 2nd Lord Venus is aspecting the Lagna from the sign owned By Mercury who is placed in the 8th house .

Relation of the LagnaLord of the Birth chart Mercury, Lagna Lord of the D3 chart Saturn is to be seen w.r. t Ketu for cure and there they are placed in the 6/8 and 2/12 axis respectively 

Since they are ill placed there will be no resistence and difficulty in the cure of the disease .

Venus the the Lord of the 64 N  placed in it with 8th Lord of the D1 shows disease of the Face

Ketu is to be seen w.r.t 6th Lord of the D1 Saturn and they are placed in 2/12 axis hence status quo Gain and Loss.

D8 Ashtamsha Chart

 8th Lord is placed in the Lagna Moon

10th house has Rahu-Ketu and the Lagna Lord of D1 , sudden events

Planets afflicted By Rahu, Ketu and Saturn are Mercury and Jupiter , Saturn is Placed with Jupiter in the 12th house and aspects the 2nd House and ill placed with respect to Venus the Lord of the 2nd house of the D1 chart

Vedic Progression chart for the Year Starting from 25th Nov. 2015 to 25th Nov. 2016  Year of Disease sprouting 

Lagna is Libra the 2nd House of the chart and depicts the Face  and the Nakshatra is of Rahu , Lagna in Mrityu Bhag. 10th Lord and Moon in the 12th house with 6th Lord of the Birth chart and the 6th Lord of the Progression chart and degree conjunction and Both in Mrityu Bhag  crystal clear shows Disease sprouting 

The Running Year from Nov. 2017 to Nov. 2018 . From the 7th March to 6th Nov. 2018 is the Most Precarious time since Mars will join the 4th house and the Querist has to make sure the medicine given to her are not Fake and Spurious

Mars Transit in the Capricorn from the 3rd May to 6th Nov. 2018 will be trouble some , hene the native has to resort to Auryavedic Treatment rather then The Normal Treatments 

Vedic Progression chart for Nov. 2018 to Nov. 2019 the 38th Year can be most trouble some it so seems since Moon In Mrityu Bhag, Lagna Lord in Mrityu Bhag and Natal Lagna Lord Combusted 

Nut shell

The Disease will take a chronic shape after 7th March and from 3rd May to 6th Nov. 2018 and some relief after 6th Nov. 2018, 8th Jan./19th April 2019 but till Saturn leaves the sign Sagitarius it could pose difficulties till 25th Jan 2020

As per Natal chart Saturn-Jupiter till  from 8th Jan. 2019 will be better than Saturn-Rahu for Relief , More so Jupiter is in the Kendra and may give the divine blessings

Advise  AshtLakshami Puja on Friday in the evening hrs. in the 2nd Hora and Aurya Vedic Treatment, or Homeopathy

Till Saturn in the 4th house in the Prashna chart can give troubles since also the 6th Lord of the Birth chart

Avoid the Following Directions for Sleep South West Direction and North west  Direction since in the Yama chart Saturn and Rahu are Placed respectively 

Avoid Black , Brown, Pink Color Clothes 

Propitiation on a Shasti Tithi after Sun Rise for Lord Kartike 

God Bless

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