Fate Of Missing Person Through Prashna Jyotish By Tamil Texts

In this Article I am gong to Predict the fate of the missing person since the 7th Feb. 2018 through Prashna Jyotish by Tamil Texts and my research Techniques. The Chart of the Missing person at the time of the Last contact is below 

Prashna Triangle 

As Per My Reasearch  the Planet influencing the query is Venus who has just ingressed in the 2nd house and is the most important planet in the Chart. Just Before the Event Venus the Karka for Marriage and the 10th Lord was with the 6th and the 8th Lord Showing Concern about his  Career. placement  and since at the time of Missing Venus is aspected by Malefics Mars, Saturn and Jupiter , shows some uncomfortable Position in the Career and some undesirable change .

Panchang of the Day

The Day was Tuesday and the Lord is Mars  placed in the Yama of Pieces and the Yama Lord is Jupiter Placed in the 10th house with Moon  the 7th Lord and Moon in the Nakshatra of Rahu who is Placed in the 7th house of the Travel and Path in most venomous condition. The Parshna Moon and the Yama Moon are also in the 2/12 position showing that the change and Transfer for the missing person was not acceptable to him and was in an uncomfortable position, Since Rahu is in the 7th house of Path, it also signifies Jail specially when it is most malefic. The Karna Lord is  Sun and Totally Eclipsed by the Nodes in the Lagna and for Good Fructifications it must have relations with the 10th Lord and here it is 2/12 and Venus the 10th lord has just changes shows difficulties in the Fructifications.

Lagna is the Missing Person and the Lagna Lord is in the 12th house , hence displacement from home  and is the Ketu Nakshatra who is most venomous placed in the Lagna with Karna Lord afflicting it badly for completion of the task to join the Job. Just see the MEP and Ketu is at the MEP most malefic Parameter . All the 3 Planets close to the MEP.

2nd house is family and family members , has aspect of Malefics Mars and Saturn  and closest aspect of Saturn from the 12th house , Venus is also aspected by Jupiter the 12th Lord hence the native may be habituated to the significations of Drinks , 2nd House is also Eat and Drink and may be a Alcoholic. 3rd House is short journeys and also Transfer in the Job here since the 3rd and the 12th Lord is Placed in the 10th house .

4th house is motherland and home ,and the Lord is placed in the 8th from it in the 11th house.

5th house is kidnapping  and aspected by 11th Lord and the 5th Lord is also under the aspect of Mars and Saturn , hence some major constraint due to his Alcoholic nature . 6th house is illness and aspects by all the 3 planets , Mars, Saturn and Jupiter , hence illness due to consuming  excessive alcohol.

7th house course of Journey and his path and as already explained above Rahu is most malefic here and a also signifies poison, 10th house from Moon is Rahu hence due to uncomfortable transfer he has consumed excessive alcohol on the Way to his destination. 8th house is obstacles, Torture, insult, death, Lord is Placed in the Lagna with Ketu most malefic parameter .

9th house is long journey and the Lord of the 6th and the 9th is placed with Sun and Ketu again most malefic parameter to complete his task.

10th house  has Jupiter and Moon Benefics in the 10th house will not let him move or Travel, More so the Lagna is also in a Bhandan Yoga .

11th house our desires. Mars the 11th Lord aspects the Exhaltation sign of Moon , hence a Young Male will exploit the situation and take out his money to give him alcohol. Mars and Saturn aspect Venus the native was on his way by Train and may have come across a Young male who is exploiting him. Lagna and Lagnesh indicate that he ha been kidnapped and his money taken away by him , The Missing Person has been induced by this young Person with amlefied intentions on the way.

Mars is a Male and a young Person may be in Police, Army, Security Guard and s Kshatriya.

No Journey and No Return

  Since the Lagna is in Kartari yoga and the 7th house has Rahu most malefic and the Lagna Lord in the 12th house a very slow moving planet. The Lagna Lord Saturn has no connection with the 3rd and the 9th Lord hence the journey has not taken place , Ketu in the Lagna Kidnapping for Ransom

Whether  Missing Person is safe and will return

Lagna is Movable but Malefic in the Lagna and most venomous, Moon in movable sign but with benefic in the 10th house hane no travel and Rahu again in the 7th house as poison and at the MEP no Return and difficulties to the missing person. Saturn in the 12th house aspects the 6th and the 9th . the missing person is ill. 6th and 9th Lord has poorna ithasla with Moon. The day Lord Mars is ill placed from the 12th house and the Lord hence the Missing person is strong and under Kidnapping and Placement of Rahu-Ketu in the 1/7 axis is most venomous for his safe return  till these planets are there in these signs , The Navamsha is also on the verge of Changing  and in that case the Cancer sign will be rising having Saturn and Ketu  just after few minutes  since the Lagna is 19.00 degrees and at 20 degrees the Navamsha will be Cancer in just 3 minutes 

Where is the Missing Person

The Missing Person has been Kidnapped and kept in a basement, depleted building, under ground, secret room, tunnel, pits, near ponds, rocky area and those people who work with firearm, weapons with in a range of 30 Km from the city of Start in the East Direction may be at the very first stop of the Train, Navamsha is also Common so he is shifted to different places , The Possibilty is more towards the South since the Main Culprit is Mars 

DBA Planets

Rahu-Venus-Jupiter, All have been explained above 

The Native had to reach a destination by Train and seems due to his alcoholic nature has been trapped by a young man with above mentioned significations shortly after he boarded the train and is under his Captivity  and is being served with Alcohol and even women and all his money is being ripped off. 

Till date there have been o information about him

In the cases of Missing Persons it has been observed that when Rahu is placed  in a venomous condition it becomes extremely difficult  for the missing person to return dsafely and the whereabouts may not be known at all.

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