Mars-Saturn Dreaded Conjunction On 7th March 2018 As Per Jahangir Nama

As per the Panchanga at the time of Ingress the Planetary positions are most Venomous with Leo Lagna . The Day Lord Mercury is placed in the 8th house in Debilitation and is placed in the Yama of Mercury itself and the 2nd House, hence the Significations of the 2nd House will be highlighted and since placed in the 8th house is absolutely most malefic malefic Parameter . The Karna Lord Venus is also Placed in the 8th house as the 10th Lord is another most malefic Parameter. The Conjunction of Mercury and Venus with minimum longitudinal difference is another Parameter which can not be ignored .The Lagna Lord Sun placed in the 7th house of Wars and having aspect of Mars , Saturn and the 8th Lord Jupiter  shows Difficulties for the King , In fact Mars also aspects Sun just before leaving the sign Scorpio and the Moon is in Debilitation placed in the 4th house , Thithi  is KP-6 hence Moon is also very weak 

Mars Ingress in the Sign Sagitarius will take place on the 7th March 2018 18.27 hrs. till 2nd May 16.15 hrs  2018 and Mars and Saturn in the Sign Sagitarius degree conjunct at 15 .00 degrees in the nakshatra of  P Shadha on the 3rd April 2018, they will be in the 5th Navamsha of Leo could trigger the events related to Explosions, Bombing, Escalation of the Brawl between the Countries specially in the Korean Peninsula, Indo-China Relations, Gulf War US Taking an Aggressive stance cannot be ruled out since it will be running the Dasha Of Mars -Moon -Mars and all the 3 Dasha Lords connected to the 7th house of Wars , May be it is in The Korean Penunsula , Related to the Gulf Countries specially Syria  . ISIS and Terrorism will also take a higher dimension. Saturn will be on the brink of the Completion of the 90 year cycle from the year 1929 in mid 2018 and early 2019, hence Stock Markets could take a Reversal and suffer specially when the North Node is Adverse , since Rahu has the Capacity to turn the tables upside down . I had Predicted  the Dancing of the Stock Market and Reversal of the Crypto currencies between the 1st Feb to 16th Feb. 2018 and Proved on dot till date the 12th Feb. 2018 and seems it will continue as and when the North node is in most venomous condition .

Read My article “59 Years Back Roman God Saturn Was Fallen In Scorpio on the 2nd June 1958: Unfolded ?” link…ne-1958-unfolded/ dated  11th June 2017  and the Stock Market behaved exactly as predicted and Parallel to the time when Saturn was fallen in Scorpio in June 1958 and then when it went back in Sagitarius and Mars and Saturn were in Conjunction in Jan. 1960 the Market started to take a Reversal and when Saturn and Ketu were in Degree conjunction and Mars was in Square position the Market had a  Crash on the 28th May 1962 Known as the Kennedy Slide of 1962 also known as the ‘Flash Crash of 1962’. Hence there is Possibility of the Stock Market Reversal with Volatility  when Mars and Saturn join in Sagitarius from the 7th March to 2nd May 2018  and then a  depression and instability  from the 2nd May to 6th Nov. 2018. The Degree conjunction of the Mars and Ketu in the sign Capricorn and the Lunar Eclipse where Mars is activating the Eclipse Point may prove most venomous for the Stock markets in July-August 2018. The  90 year cycle of Saturn  will be  completed  when  Saturn will be with Ketu degree conjunct and Mars in the Square position . This position may be like the 24th Oct. 1929 Deep Depression it so seems . Hence From 2nd May 2018 to 6th Nov. 2018  unstable Market with Volatility and even fall and then when the Conjunction of Saturn and Ketu takes place in 2019 similardeep depression like the  24th Oct. 1929 it so seems and is my research. BITICON WILL ALSO BE ALL TIME LOW FROM 7th March  onwards specially till 2nd May 2018. As mentioned the stock market and financial markets will also see Volatility and may not cross the highest point before 7th March specially till 2nd May 2018. There is no text available and written by Stalwart Astrologers which could help us evaluate the planetary positions , but with what ever has been written By the Most Famous Pandit Hardeo Shastro Trivedi and My Research I am giving my predictions . Please excuse me if My Predictions on the Stock Market go wrong specially when Mars and Saturn are conjunct .

Saturn -Mars Conjunction

This Conjunction is considered most inauspicious. Even Jahangir-the Mughal King of India was afraid of this conjunction in the Transit. It is mentioned in the Jahangir Nama : “Since the Conjunction of Mars and Saturn, the 2 inauspicious planets had occurred, I ordered Gold, Silver and other metals and all sorts of grains to be given in aims to the poor and needy and distributed throughout the realm”

Battle of Haldighat 1576 : In the battle Rana Pratap was defeated by Akbar Mars and Saturn were conjunct in the Sign Sagitarius

21.3.1739 Nadir Shah’s invasion and General Massacare at Delhi. It was a fearful day in the history of India , Mars and Saturn were in the Dual sign Gemini. It has been observed that the Conjunction of these planets in the Dual sign is most venomous. The whole population of Delhi was put on sword. On this day Nadir Shah mounted the roof of the Golden Mosque in the Chandi Chowk-Delhi and Ordered the general massacare(Katle aam).  This Dark Day has become proverbial in the history of India and Nadir Shah stands for a symbol of  cruelty, anarchy and an incarnation  of devil himself. On this Day the main Features in the Transit were as follows .

1. The Conjunction of the Mars and Saturn in the dual sign in the 12th house from the Traditional sign of Capricorn  Lagna of India as Taken By Varahamihira

2. The Darkest sign Capricorn of the Zodiac is afflicted by  Ketu and Rahu in the sign Cancer 

3. Moon afflicted by Rahu

4.  Sun aspected by Saturn

5. Mars aspects Rahu by 8th aspect in Cancer

In the Present Context and the year 2018 The Brawl between Trump and Kim the  President of the North Korea Kim Tubby Tyrant may prove alike it so seems , due to the similar Planetary positions during the total Lunar Eclipse on the 27-28th July 2018 and specially after Mars ingress in the Sign Sagitarius on the 7th March 2018. The Indo-China brawl, Gulf war, ISIS Terrorism may also sprout with dimension

Just for reference  the Blue Start Operation took place in the Golden Temple  when Mars and Saturn were conjunct in the Sign Libra.

Attack On America 9/11 also took place when Mars and Ketu were Conjunct in the Sign Sagitarius on the 11th Sept. 2001 and Saturn in the 6.8 axis from it in the sign  Taurus. Mars and Ketu were almost Degree conjunct at 7-9 degrees and in the same Navasha and Rahu was in the Venomous state with Moon 

Coup In Bangladesh on the 15th August 1975. Mars and Ketu were conjunct in the signTaurus and in the same Navamsha  and were at 3.5 degrees and 6 degrees 

Please refer to my Article “Roman God Saturn, Red Planet Mars, South Node Ketu In 2018-2019: What They Have Up Their Sleeves ?” link…up-their-sleeves/ dated 23rd Dec. 2017. Mars the Red Planet has been instrumental in Triggering the War since connected to Ketu in all the cases discussed in this article may it was WW1, WW2, Korean War, Indo-China War or the Gulf War . Even at the time of the great Depression on the 24th Oct. 1929 Mars was Conjunct Ketu Degree-wise at 19 degrees in the Sign Libra . In the Present Context Mars will be Degree conjunct with Ketu  at 11.5 degrees in the sign Capricorn on the 20th July 2018.This Conjunction will take place in the 3rd House of the North Korea Foundation chart and Squaring the Natal Mars and Ketu Degree Conjunct in the sign Libra at 10.5 degrees is the most Venomous Transit for a War like situation, Coup and Down Fall of the North Korean Regime

The Gulf War is also on the Cards with the involvement of Israel, Iran, Turkey, Syria  in the Middle East it so seems and the Brawl between the Countries may take an ugly shape when Mars and Saturn are degree conjunct in the sign Sagitarius  and escalate when Mars Joins Ketu for 187 days from the 2nd May to 6th Nov. 2018 it so seems .

The Oil Prices may also Surge 

Industrial Production may suffer

Strikes and Demonstrations 

Explosions and Blasts


Political Tug of War

Unfortunately the Conjunction of the Mars and Saturn is taking Place in the 8th house of the India Foundation chart and in the 12th house from the Sign Capricorn taken For India and also Some Part of Asia can Prove most Venomous  and may Trigger Natural and Unnatural Calamities including Strong Earthquakes . Jupiter as th 8th Lord Placed in the 11th from the 8th house in the 6th house in transit will further add fuel to the fire . Neighbouring Countries may be the main source of trouble along with Terrorism

The Dasha Of Moon -Rahu and Rahu over the 5 Planets in the 3rd House of the Foundation chart which is also the 7th house from the Capricorn sign may prove to be most Venomous for India till Mars is in the 8th House in Transit . The Narendra Modi Govt. may face the toughest time of the Tenure specially till Sept. 2018. 

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