Priya Prakash Varrier’s Viral Song In Trouble: What Stars Foretell ?

by anil aggarwala

Priya Prakash Varrier, who told India Today that she is happy and excited about her newfound popularity, is now facing an unfortunate scenario. link

A complaint has been filed against the song Manikya Malaraya Poovi in Hyderabad by a youth group of Farooq Nagar. It was her appearance in Manikya Malaraya Poovi that shot Priya to viral fame. They have claimed that the song is hurting the sentiments of the Muslims since it is about Prophet and his wife.

Only a written complaint has been received by the police. However, no FIR has been filed against anyone yet.

Priya Prakash Varrier became a nationwide sensation after a small portion of the song Manikya Malaraya Poovi, a melody from the upcoming Omar Lulu film Oru Adaar Love, went viral on social media. The expressions of Priya Prakash Varrier has made many across the country swoon.

The actress who was initially cast for a small role has bagged the lead character after her video went viral on the internet.

Priya Prakash Varrier’s 18 year old  viral song in legal trouble; complaint alleges lyrics hurt Muslim sentiments link . A complaint has been filed  against the viral song featuring Priya Prakash Varrier for hurting Muslim sentiments at Falaknama Police Station on the 14th Feb 2018 around the 10-05 Am. The Complaint says nothing against the actress.

Featuring internet sensation Priya Prakash Varrier, the song garnered millions of views in just two days of its release. Varrier, a Malayalam actress, shot to fame overnight after a ten-second clip of hers in which she winks, went viral on social media. The song is a typical love song which features school-going couples and budding romance.

Omar Lulu, the director of the movie, has clarified that the song is another rendition of an old song from the 70s. He tells News18 that it is a typical love song and is being sung by people from all communities in the film. He also says that there is no question of removing the song from the film as nothing against any religion.


Let us have a look at the planetary positions to evaluate the consequences of the Complaint as per Prashna Jyotish. The Exact time of the Complaint is not know but from the Twitter the Time is 14th Feb. 2018 around the 10-05 am.

–  A complaint has been filed against the viral song featuring Priya Prakash Varrier for hurting Muslim sentiments at Falaknama Police station. The complaint says nothing against the actress.

Please be informed that the Predictions will change if the Time is before 10-00 am since then the Lagna will be Pieces  and may also be in Gandantha .One Common parameter remains which is also crucial for the Plaintiffs that the Lagna Lord in both cases is in the 8th house  and a Malefic Parameters for the Complaint and the Success for the Plaintiff 
The Day is Wednesday and the Lord is Mercury placed in the 10th house under affliction and is placed in the yama of the 3rd house of the chart and the Lord is again Mercury placed in the 10th house under affliction
The Tithi is KP -14 and a Rikta Tithi and is a malefic one 
The Karna is Vishti is good for Fights .
The Lagna Lord is Mars and placed in the 8th house  showing the cause of the complaint, Insult, Tensions and also the Failure of the Plaintiff the Querist and the Complaint maker.
4th house is Judgement and Rahu in Adverse condition shows unexpected Results of the Complaint. Since the Lagna Lord and the 9th Lord are not connected the enemy will proceed further due to False allegations specially till Rahu is adverse till 16th Feb. 2018 and in extreme Cases till it is in Transit in the 4th house . We have also to see the Other Parameters for the Complaint 
Benefics in the 7th house take away the fighting spirit of the Defendant  and gives benefic results to the Plaintiff.
Between the Lagnesh and the 7th Lord 7th Lord is connected to the 10th Lord hence the Opponent is at fault
Benefic Yogas for the 7th Lord/ house  is good
7th Lord and the 10th Lord are in ithasla hence the Plaintiff may lose , more so the Lagna Lord in the 8th house, Lagna , Moon in movabale signs , Saturn in the 9th house though the Dispute may proceed further since the Lagna Lord and the Moon are not related  and Mercury is under affliction in the 10th house , the Lawyer will take up strongly the case in question. Lagna and Moon in movable signs another time will be given by the Police to the Plaintiffs to give some support to the complaint . The Police may not be able to take  firm decision since Mercury under affliction in the 10th house 
Since the Strong 7th Lord is related to the 10th Lord by 3rd aspect, it may favour the Defender .. Malefic Moon in the 10th house favours the Opponent and hence the Defender . The Defender may also get Success in appeal if Required .
Timing of the Results 
Mars is in the 6th Navamsha hence after 6 days from the 14th and hence 20th Feb. 2018 some Conclusive results . There is Poorna Ithasla of the 7th Lord with 10th Lord and also with the 8th Lord  and Moon also has ithadla with 8th Lord hence after 5 days to 7 Days the Outcome may be seen in a Nut shell.
In case of Pieces Lagnaif the Time of Complaint is before 10-00 am then  the Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord have Poorna Ithasla , hence a compromise also there is Mars in the 9th house does not favour the Plaintiff and Lagan Lord Jupiter in the 8th house. There May be minor Changes in the Movie and the Case may be closed  it so seems , In Both cases the Defender has an upper hand though the Plaintiff may start with Aggression
The Native is 18 years of Age as mentioned in the media but no Birth details , hence since 18-19 years of Age the Nodes are playing an important role in her life specially after the 9th Sept. 2017 when Rahu has ingressed in the sign Cancer from Leo and also shows she has Sun close to the Nodes forming a Rajyoga and In Transit the Roman God Saturn in Transit would be aspecting her Natal Sun and Jupiter around the Time when Rahu ingressed In Cancer in Sept. 2017 . I expect Priya coming out of any allegations shortly. According to the Planetary Positions at the time of the Complaint and the Slow Moving Planets she seems to be born in Sept. 1997 when Rahu is in Leo and has just ingressed in this sign, since then Rahu is In Leo and in Close degrees with Sun it has to be around the 13-15th since then Rahu and Sun will be in close degrees . Also The Acting shows the Connection of the Mars and Venus connection in her chart and exchange of Navamsha of the 2.
Astrology is amazing 

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