Enigmatic Lunation Chart of the 17th March 2018 What It Foretells ?

As per the Mundane Astrology Principles Paksha Kundali is Instrumental for giving accurate short term Predictions . Our Stalwart Hardeo Sharma Shastri Trivedi Predicted the wall street collapse in Oct. 1987 much in advance , demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya was hinted by referring to communal tensions in Utter Pradesh and dismissal of Kalyan Singh in precisely in the first fortnight of Dec. 1992. Stock Markets and Financial Markets behaviour is also depicted by the Lunar Charts.. The Full Moon and the New Moon Charts called the Lunar charts indicate the happenings in the fortnight . The House where the Lunation takes place is of utmost importance. Let me also include the  Text  of the Article “Horoscope Of Chaitra Shukla Paksha Pratipada Pieces New Moon Chart: What It Foretells ?” https://www.astrodocanil.com/2018/03/horoscope-of-cha…hat-it-foretells/ dated 8th March 2018. Since it is a Lunation chart also I will give the Fortnight predictions also as per this chart as well and already indicated the period from 23rd to 10th April 2018 most venomous 

Features of the New Moon Chart of the 17th March 2018  

The chart is below 

The Panchang of the Day

The Day is Saturday and the Lord is Saturn placed in the 4th house of the chart with Mars in affliction. Mars is the Debilitation Lord of Saturn and Saturn is the Exhaltation Lord of Mars hence Mars acquires a special dimension more so he is the 3rd and the 8th Lord / The Day Lord Saturn is also placed in the malefic Yama of Scorpio is not good at all since the Yama Lord Mars is Placed in the 4th house afflicting Saturn. The Connection of the 3rd and the 8th Lord Mars in the 4th house is the most malefic parameter in the chart. The Placement of the 6th and the 8th Lord in the Kendra is the Most malefic  parameter in the chart. Being the 3rd and the 8th there could be tensions and brawl with the neighbours

4th House significations

4th house is land crops, agriculture industry , mine and minerals, real estates, hotel industry, weather conditions, landslides, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes , floods, school and colleges, opposition parties, throne of the king, general happiness , Trade and Agriculture  may therefore suffer.

The Karna is Kimstughana and a Malefic one and the Lord is the Sun  and also the 10th Lord of the Chart is a Malefic one . The Lagna Lord and the Luminaries together with Venus the 2nd and the 9th Lord is Placed in the 7th house . The Lagna Lord Mercury is in Debilitation and is with Exhalted Venus at very close degrees  and this Conjunction of 4 planets has aspects of the Yama Lord Mars who is most malefic for the Chart being the 8th and the 3rd Lord. The Planet closest to the MEP is Mars  being the Yama Lord and the 8th Lord it acquires the most important dimension. From the planetary positions it is obvious that Mars takes the lead and will trigger the events  when it joins the Saturn house and the hence in Capricorn and Aquarius during the year . Unfortunately Mars will be in Capricorn for 187 days since Mars will go in Retrogression on the 6th June to 27th August 2018 and During the Eclipses in July 2018 it will be activating the Eclipse points again and again 

Planet Mars

Mars represents Armed forces, naval and air commands, It is a planet of war or strife and represent violence in every form including fires, explosions, armed conflicts. It also represents the dentist, surgeons, assassinations, coup, burglary. Accidents, murders, abduction, rape is all signified by this planet is the most maleic component in this chart for the year . Political disturbances. Air and Train Crashes ,Typhoons cannot be ruled out in the year. Mars is most malefic when closest to earth .

The Exchange of the 2nd and the 7th Lord Venus and Jupiter is a benefic one and indicates major economic reforms, but since Venus has aspect of Mars there may be hurdles achieving the same as well. The Malefic  Influence on the 4th house in the Rashi and Navamsha indicates Tragic  Accidents . Earthquakes cannot be ruled out . Venus the 9th Lord in the Rashi and Navamsha is afflicted by Mars . The Affliction in the 4th house and on Saturn indicates the Sufferings for the Farmers and the Labour Class. The Lagna and the Lagna Lord Mercury is under affliction, hence the general condition of the Country may not be good and 4 Planets in the 7th house the significations of the 7th house may be prominent in the year. Mars  will be in Planetary war with Saturn on the 31st March 2018 . Mars aspects Rahu placed in the 11th house by 8th strongest aspect , hence there may be change in the agreements and contracts with foreign govt., the alliances with the foreign nations may be adversely influenced along with foreign trade . The Financial and the Stock Markets may be influenced adversely after 23rd March and  then after 10th April 2018 when Mars aspects Rahu degree-wise. When ever Rahu will be in a Venomous state it will adversely influence the Financial Markets and the Stock Markets with Intensity specially after 2nd May 2018 for 187 days till it is in conjunction with Ketu in the house of the public money the 5th house . 

7th house significations 

War, Battles, foreign secret agents, International affairs, International disputes, Death of Secret enemies or their down fall, Agreements alliances , Marriage and divorces, Since the Depositor of the Venus is ill placed from it Divorces of Celebrities Foreign Trade  will be in the lime light and since has aspects of Mars. Since the Luminaires are in the 7th house the efforts of the Govt. may be for economy reforms but there may be hurdles for the same. The Planetary war of Mercury and Venus in the 7th house of the chart indicates the financial markets will be influenced during the year with intensity . The Longitude difference of the Planet of the Stock Market Mercury is more than the Venus hence losses in the planetary war. 

The Nodes Rahu and Ketu 

The North Node is Placed in the 11th house  and Ketu in the 5th house . 

Significations of the 11th house and Rahu

Crime ,War, Violence , disasters of the worst kind specially when in venomous state of motion. It is a planet of  aggressiveness and stands for rebellion and mutiny. Political lots, spies, imprisonment. Rahu has the capacity to turn the tables in the Stock Markets , hence the most sensitive parameter in the chart for the financial Markets . Foreign Trade may suffer to an big extent 

Ketu and 5th house 

Planet of destruction, war, secret plots , drugs, espionage, bankruptcies. Sikh insurgency. being placed in the 5th house danger to the ruler of the country after 2nd May 2018 for 187 days. 5th house is the Stock Markets , speculations , scandals, Schools, Cinema Entertainment industry . Hotel Industry  and will be adversely influenced when Mars joins Ketu

In the Current Scenario Rahu and Ketu are adverse as per the Following Charts

The dates 23rd to 28th March  2018 are most sensitive concerning the worldly events and specially for the Financial Markets and a down trend and the Nifty may break the 10080 mark and even break the 10000 levels . The Mars and Saturn conjunction in the 4th house will not let the permanency of the 4th house affairs. A Earthquake of Intensity cannot be ruled out  and in this connection the 31st March and 10th April 2018 will be most prone.

World Affairs 

The Trade wars between US and China will take a new dimension as already predicted by me in my earlier articles and will continue to be the Breaking News  when Mars and Saturn are very close from the 23rd March to  2nd April 2018. The Brawl between the Nations will also take a new dimension and take an ugly shape, may be it is  Trump- Kim, Trump- Xi or Trump – Puttin.  Earthquake and Natural disasters with magnitude cannot be ruled out .

I normally write in detail when the event is about to happen and has a link with my earlier predictions 


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