My Research Of Red Planet Mars and Roman God Saturn Driving The Financial Markets Proves On Dot

by anil aggarwala

Astrology is amazing an what ever has been predicted in my Articles is proving on dot of the Financial Markets research. Saturn and Mars Declination Periods Prove on dot and  drive the Financial Markets like a sine curve.  My Research of the Planetary cycle of Saturn also proves on dot  for the 30,60 years and now on the verge of the start of the 90 year cycle parallel behaviour as per the 24th Oct. 1929 great depression

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The Mars and Saturn conjunction is on the steering wheel for all the global events
I have Predicted about the Global Economy long back and N Number of Articles have been written much in advance of the Financial Markets breaking
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Read this Para in this article “Mars Ingress in the Sign Sagitarius takes place on the 7th March 2018 18.27 hrs. and Mars and Saturn in the Sign Sagitarius degree conjunct at 15 .00 degrees in the nakshatra of P Shadha on the 3rd April 2018, they will be in the 5th Navamsha of Leo could trigger the events related to Explosions, Bombing, Escalation of the Brawl between the Countries specially in the Korean Peninsula, Indo-China Relations, Gulf War . ISIS and Terrorism will also take a higher dimension. Saturn will be on the brink of the Completion of the 90 year cycle from the year 1929, hence Stock Markets could take a Reversal and suffer specially when the North Node is Adverse , since Rahu has the Capacity to turn the tables upside down. Read My article “59 Years Back Roman God Saturn Was Fallen In Scorpio on the 2nd June 1958: Unfolded ?” link…ne-1958-unfolded/ dated 11th June 2017 and the Stock Market is Behaving exactly as predicted and Parallel to the time when Saturn was fallen in Scorpio in June 1958 and then when it went back in Sagitarius and Mars and Saturn were in Conjunction in Jan. 1960 the Market started to take a Reversal. Hence there is Possibility of the Stock Market Reversal when Mars and Saturn join in Sagitarius and then around the 25th March -May 2019 the 90 year cycle of Saturn may be completed it so seems and hence a Deep depression then. At this Point Saturn and Ketu will be conjunct in Sagitarius “
7. Roman God Saturn, Red Planet Mars, South Node Ketu In 2018-2019: What They Have Up Their Sleeves ?…up-their-sleeves/ . At the time of the Great Depression on the 24th Oct. 1929 Mars and Ketu were conjunct in a Cardinal sign Libra , Now on the 8th June and then again at the time of the Lunar Eclipse on the 28th July 2018. Hence these dates may prove detrimental for Global events and the financial Markets of the world
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Read this Para—- “Satrun on the driving seat what it has up his sleeves is unpredictable , in the year 1958-1959 there was a surge in the Market of US, Jupiter was aspecting the Leo sign by Retrograde aspect and was about to fall in it , normally when Jupiter and Saturn in Fiery signs the Market drops, it was the reverse , Saturn in Watery sign and Jupiter in Virgo about to Fall in Leo did the Miracle in 1958, Now Saturn in Sagitarius and about to fall in watery sign and Jupiter no connection with Fiery sign , hence it may be unpredictable. The Market may move , but seems it may break after reaching a Top figure of 9850-9900 or even more to unexpected figure till Saturn is in Scorpio and then break from here after crossing Aries Navamsha , There are no researches and , no astrologer works on the Fallen Saturn in Stock Markets , how it may behave is unpredictable since Fallen Planet is most venomous and can go in any direction. As far as the Declination is concerned it is the same as the 1958, which indicates the Markets may surge beyond expectations and would behave like the year 1961 pattern when Mars and Saturn were conjunct and the Market started to take a reversal”
This Article was written 10 months back when nobody could dream about the Stock Market behaviour

In current scenario the Period from 23rd to 28th March and then from 31st March to 10th April 2018 is most prone Period for Financial Markets . The Most sensitive period in 2018 will be the 187 days of Mars stay in Caricorn from the 2nd May to 6th Nov. 2018 for the Fall and Melt down of the Global Markets and a Trade war with Magnitude . Saturnwill complete its 90 year cycle in 2019 parallel to the 4th Oct. 1929 it so seems 


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