Predictions For Gauri Lankesh Murder Mistery Proves On Dot By Prashna Jyotish

by anil aggarwala

This is with Reference to my Article “Gauri Lankesh Murder Mistery : Stars Foretell Using Prashna Jyotish By Tamil Texts Culprits will Be Caught” link…s-will-be-caught/ dated 6th Sept. 2017. As the Title of the Article indicates that the culprit of the Murder will be caught , the Same have been caught exactly as per the Predictions by Prashna Jyotish by Tamil Texts . In this article I had also used by Research of Nava-Navamsha  and Navamsha Degrees and Proves on dot  

I am reproducing the Article here again below 

On Tuesday evening, Gauri Lankesh had just got out of her car and entered her Bengaluru home at around 8 when she was shot dead. CCTV footage shows a man wearing a helmet walking up to her and firing.

As per the above report she was shot dead at about 8.00 Pm on Tuesday  when she just parked her Car at her Residence in Bengaluru

Since  the query is Murder of the living being  I have rectified the time to 19.55 hrs. as per Mook Prashna since the Navamsha has to be of Mars for such an act.

Let us have a look at the Prashna chart below 


The Day is Tuesday and the Lord is Mars and Placed in the 6th house of the Chart with Rahu in Forward motion along with stationary 7th Lord Mercury and the 6th Lord Sun and  these planets have aspects of Saturn from the 9th house who is in fallen State, There is Return aspect of Mars and Saturn. Mars is placed in the yama of Scorpio and the Yama Lord is Placed in the 6th house and ill placed from the Lagna and Lagna Lord Jupiter . The Yama sign Scorpio has the Gulika Lord Saturn.

Tithi Is Poornima  and the Nakshatra is Shatabisha and the Lord is Rahu most malefic and Karka for Jail placed with the Day Lord Mars and the 7th Lord Mercury the Culprit and the Murderer in the Prashna Chart at the time of the event along with 6th Lord Sun.

Thefts and Murder etc. are connected to the 7th house and the 7th Lord acquires a special dimension to give the results . As Per Shastra when the 7th Lord is placed in the 6,8 or the 12th house the Prashna relates to such activities more so here Mercury is the most important planet acquiring a special dimension since in Stationary mode , hence the whole Prashna revolves on this Planet along with other planets associated 

The Culprit

According to Shastra the  7th Lord Mercury and the Planets Placed in the 7th house acquire a special dimension for the significations of the Culprit 

Who is the Culprit

Since the Dual Lagna is rising the Culprit has been visiting and trying for the aggressive attacks earlier also ,7th lord was retrograde  till 5th Sept. 2017 till 16.58 hrs . hence the Culprit is also involved in such acts and  this is the third time he has acted since earlier occasions he must have failed . Dual Lagna also suggests the Person behind the act has been visiting periodically  or at intervals Hence Mercury acquires a special dimension being the 7th Lord and also the Dwadamsha Lord 

Mode of Murder  Jupiter placed in the 7th house , hence in front of the main entrance of the house and in the open public

Identification of the Culprit

Name of the Culprits Starting from  N or T or  Letter P,D

 Caste Since the Lagna Lord is Jupiter he is Bhramin

Sex of Culprit Since the 7th Lord is  with Mars and Sun the Male Planets the Sex of the culprit is Male. There may be 3 Males Involved in the Act of Murder 

Age of the Culprits  Young and since Jupiter placed in the 7th house the age will be around 30 years . Team Leader Sun will have an age of  48 years due to Placement of Sun

Clothes worn By the Culprits  Leader Safforn , Green unwashed  and Yellow

Relation of the Thief with the Deceased , if Lagna, 7th house  or the 10th house happen to be debilitation signs of the Planets then  we can take the significations of that planet and the Planets concerned  here is Mercury Debilitates in the Lagna , hence the Culprit seems has some  contact  with the deceased . He can be a friend or even a Relative Since Mercury signifies the same . Mercury is in close Degree conjunction with Mars . The Signification of Mars may come to light on the 16th Sept. 2017 or the 26th Sept. 2017 and will be vital information for the Case.

Aspects on Moon . Moon has aspects of Sun, Mars and Mercury the Weapon has been buried underground

Nakshatra of Moon Shatbisha The act has been done by 3 Persons  and gone in South Direction and Efforts to Trace the culprits will be successful

Direction where Culprits have gone and Distance 7th Lord in the Fixed sign nearby and with in a Distance of of less then 13 Kms .

Timing of the Events

Whether the Culprits will be caught ?  Lords of the 2 or 7 are combust then the Culprit will be caught . Here they are with in the range of Sun specially Mars, hence when Sun and Mercury are degree conjunct the culprit will be caught . Lagnesh Joins the 7th house , then the culprit is caught , Here this is also indicating the same. 7th Lord Mercury with 9th and 2nd Lord Mars in very close degrees , the Culprit may be caught while trying to Flee in another city after may be when Mars and Mercury are degree conjunct  on the 16th Sept. 2017 or when Mars Joins the Navamsha Lagna in Scorpio after 17th Jan. 2018 and Mars is in the Jyestha Nakshatra  and between the 16.25 degrees to 20 degrees Between the 14th Feb. to 19th Feb. 2018 

Using Navamsha Degrees  Using Nava- Navamsha 

The Final Possibility of the Culprit being caught Finally . The  7th Lord of the event chart and  the Dwadanmsha  Lord is Mercury and in 2.675 Navamsha in Navamsha   and as per Mercury taking the time for Fructifications the Time Taken will be 2.675 x 2= 5.35 = 5 months and 11 days from the 5th Sept. 2017 which is 16th Feb. 2018 with in 72 hours from this date and when Moon is at the Lagna Degrees of  27.51  in the 4th house of the Chart and hence the Sign Aquarius  or joins Pieces of the Event Lagna 

Important Dates  26th -21st -26th Sept. 2017 for some clues

When Mars goes in the 7th house on the 13th Oct. 2017  and then 6th Oct.2017 for the clues and the Tracing of the culprits. Navamsha Lords is Mercury and is in the 5.35 Navamsha , hence after 5 months and  11 days the culprit may be caught as explained above

Nut Shell

The Time Period after the 17th Jan.2018 to 19th Feb. 2018 the Culprit will be caught for sure and most likely after 14th Feb. to 19th Feb. 2018 

Let us have a look at the chart of the 18th Feb. 2018 when the Culprit is caught  and exactly matching my Predictions as per the Media Report “Breakthrough in journalist Gauri Lankesh murder case with first arrest dated 2nd March 2018

A Special Investigation Team probing the September 5, 2017 killing of journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh (55) outside her home in Bengaluru, carried out its first arrest in the case on Friday afternoon.

K T Naveen Kumar, 37, who was arrested on February 18 by the Bengaluru police for illegal possession of bullets, has been named as the first accused in the case. The SIT arrested Kumar, a resident of Maddur in Mandya, after informing a magistrate’s court in Bengaluru that it had found evidence of Kumar’s involvement in the Gauri Lankesh murder in the course of the investigation of the illegal arms case for which he was arrested on February 18.

The Chart Below of the 18th Feb 2018

I have used the Same Lagna and the same degrees of the Ascendant . The Following Parameters Prove on dot as Predicted by me 

  1. The Name of the Culprit matches My Predictions K T Naveen Kumar . I had Mentioned Name of the Culprits Starting from  N or T or  Letter P,D
  2. I had Mentioned  that the 7th Lord Mercury and the Dwadamsha Lord will be combust on the day of the Same being Caught. Have a Look in the above chart they are combust and in the 12th house of Jail
  3. I had Mentioned that the Age of the Culprits  Young and since Jupiter placed in the 7th house the age will be around 30 years . Team Leader Sun will have an age of  48 years due to Placement of Sun. Exactly matches the same 
  4. Mars in Transit in the Navamsha sign and around the 20 degrees as mentioned by me . In the above chart Mars in Scorpio the Navamsha sign and in Jyestha nakshatra 
  5. Moon is in the Lagna of the event chart when the Murder took place as predicted by me
  6. In the Timing of Events it is clearly pointed out by me that the Culprit will be caught around the 14th Feb to 19th Feb. 2018
  7. My Research of Navamsha Degrees and Nava-Navamsha Proves on dot 

ASTROLOGY IS MOST AMAZING . Using Tamil Texts all the secret of the event can be opened  what ever the case may be.

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