A Query Of Marriage By Prashna Jyotish And Natal Chart Through Uniques Methods of Astrology

 In this Article I am going to discuss the query raised by a native for her marriage , although there was no correct time of Birth available I corrected the same through Prashna Jyotish. First of all let us analyse the situations as per the Parameters available on the day of the Query on the 24th April 2018. 16.18 hrs . The Chart is Below.

  1. Prashna  Triangle. The planet influencing is Moon and Placed in the 12th house in the nakshatra of Ketu who is placed in the 5th house of the chart in the sign of Capricorn and having exchange of nakshatra with Moon clearly shows that some ill effects of the 5th house have taken place, since the question is pertaining to Marriage it indicates disturbed thought process for the Marriage and some relations break also Moon  placed in the 12th house as the lord of the 11th house of desires and one of the houses for successful marriage. The Native confirmed the same latter 
  2. 2. Direction Analysis . The Native was facing East at the time of the query hence the planets influencing as per Naisargik and Tatlika Chakra  are Sun –Jupiter and if the query  pertains to Debt and Partnerships , courts then it will be achieved. As far as the query for marriage is concerned the 7th Lord Jupiter in Retrogression placed in the 2nd house and has mutual aspect with Exalted Sun as the 12th Lord from the 8th house is clearly showing the breaks in Marriage taking Place , since Jupiter the 7th Lord is in Retrogression has not become direct hence there will be minimum 2 breaks in the Marriage Relations after fixing up the alliances . The Native confirmed the same latter 
  3. 3. The  Ashtamangala Number between 100-999 , 777  mentioned by the native. Moon indicating the same situation as before and Present is not good more so the Planet Moon is Placed in the 12th house has exchange of Nakshatra with Ketu placed in the 5th house shows the mental thoughts and the Thought Process is extremely bad to give good results for the Marriage . The Remainder is 5 signifies Venus who is strong in the chart and shows the quest for marriage . Unfortunately the Planet has no connection with the  Lagna, Lagna Lord or the Moon. The Placement of Venus in the 6/8 axis with Saturn shows Breaks  and Quarrels in Marriage Alliances.4. Colour of the clothes shows the effect of the Venus and Saturn and they are in the 6/8 axis is not good for Marriage related queries and Breaks and Divorces if Marriage takes lace 5. Touching the Hair and Head facing the East on Tuesday , then evil takes place since the query is for Marriage it is not a good omen for good Marriage , but it predicts monetary gains 6. By the first letter of the word ‘M’ is Pavarg and signified by Saturn and Either and hence the results will be extremely bad 7. Pancha Pakshai   The Ruling bird of the Day and the Bird at the time of Query are not Friendly  and only 40-45% results can be positive, since the Strength is low the  Marriage Parameters do not indicate good fructifications for Marriage alliances  8.Kaal Chakra As per this Chakra the 7th Lord Jupiter is placed in wanderings in the west Direction  is not good for good fructifications.
  4. 9.  Omen and Shakun . The Native has come after the 3rd Contact with me  and also with a time gap . The Native went to wrong address, all this points out she will have to work very hard to secure a spouse for her marriage . Nothing will come in her life if she does not take the things seriously and intelligently
  5. 10. Prashna chart The Day Lord is Placed in the yama of Virgo the Lagna of the Prashna chart and the Yama Lord Mercury in debilitation Placed in the 7th house indicating the query for Marriage and since has aspects by the Day Lord Mars who is also the 8th Lord  placed in the 4th house with R Saturn  is not good for the query of Marriage and shows malefic results and seems already 2 Breaks have taken place due to the 6th Lord in retrogression The Uday Lagna is Virgo, the Arudha Lagna Taurus and  has Venus the Karka for Marriage is strong but ill placed from the Day Lord Mars shows some breaks concerning marriage , Since Mars is also afflicted and with Saturn in the 4th house Retrograde there could be repeated times the break have taken place and minimum 2 since Saturn is the 5th and 6th Lord and still in Retrogression. The Day Lord is also ill placed from the 9th house and the 9th Lord Venus and 9th house is also the house of Father , Sun is Exalted and in the 8th house of total loss, hence the native does not have the blessings of her father, This indicates that the Native father was strong but some untoward happening occurred with him . In the D8 chart of Accidents the Saturn aspects Sun and also ill placed from the 9th house and the 9th Lord Venus hence the Father must have suffered due to some chronic disease . In the D12 chart the 9th Lord Venus is in Rahu-Ketu axis  and 9th Lord and Sun are both having aspects  by Saturn from the 8th house , shows amazing results relating to father Chronic Disease and may be Cancer . The Native latter confirmed the same The Prashna chart shows that there has been stoppage of Marriage after the alliance, also the Planetary positions indicate that the marriage may not be a fortunate one for the Native . Lagna Lord Mercury and the 5th Lord Saturn inimical ithasla and Saturn Retrograde there have been 2 occasions when there has been break . See the degrees of Saturn and Mercury and both in 4/10 axis and an inimical ithasla and a secret enemity Lagna Lord and the 7th Lord in 6/8 axis indicates disputes and quarrels  and the native will always have conflict with the Spouse Saturn in the 6/8 axis with Venus shows divorce more so the 8th Lord aspects the 7th house and the Court Proceedings become very bitter also if Marriage takes place , more so the Retrograde 7th Lord has aspects by 12th Lord Sun from the 8th house further adds fuel to the fire. UL Virgo, Al Taurus and CR Virgo the Future is also Bleak since has aspects of Debilitated Mercury Mercury in the 7th house gives early marriage but since Debilitated it may give break and give a bad taste , In the query pertaining to marriage when the Lagna Lord in placed in the 7th house the native  may  secure a spouse with great difficulty  and since Mercury is debilitated , hence bad results even after lot of efforts . The Lagna is even and the Lord is also in even sign the native may have had  alliances for Marriage which broke. Benefic in the 2nd house the Native will predecease the husband  after enjoying in life , Saturn is in the 4th house spouse will be from a low caste

    Mars in the 4th house the women will only marry a person who has lot of riches and due to so many complications she may not be able to secure a spouse., Bride also short lived, Sun in the 8th house the Native will soon become  widow  and hence can get married twice . Moon in the 12th house destruction of Happiness.

    Yoga Sputha is the addition of Longitudes of Yama Shukra, Lagna Lord and the Venus and  is 3s 28.29  degrees hence the sign Cancer and Rahu is Placed there in Forward motion is extremely bad for Marriage. For Marriage queries Rahu the U karka for Marriage should be well placed and not under affliction, here in the chart he is also the Dara Karka as per Jaimini Suthra  , hence it is extremely bad Combinations for Marriage. Rahu is also aspected by strong 8th aspect of Mars the day Lord and the 8th Lord   

    Lord of the Navamsha is Jupiter and the sign is Pieces and the 7th house of the chart and a Bhadak sthan and Debilitated Mercury is placed in the Prashna chart is most malefic parameter

    Lagna Lord Mercury and the Saturn 5th and 6th Lord inimical and secret ithasala is most malefic parameter for finding and securing a good husband till Saturn is there in this sign till 25th Jan 2020 and malefic till Saturn is Retrograde till 6th Sept. 2018.

    11.Mathematical Navamsha  Results As per the same the Lagna in the Navamsha is Pieces in the 2nd Navamsha and is signified by Nakshatra of Rahu and the same is placed in the 11th house of the Prashna chart having aspects of the 8th Lord Mars is most malefic Parameter in the Prashna chart to give good fructifications for Marriage. More over Rashu has a Venomous motion for 2 days 

  6. 12..D30 Trishamasha  There is Debilitated Venus in the Lagna, weakness of self due to significations of the Planet Venus , weak Lagna and also the Lagna Lord Mercury in the th house in Debilitation with Rahu-Ketu are strong Negative parameters for the Marriage of the native 
  7. 13. Astrologers Breath Negative on the day of the query. 14.. Hora  of Venus has no connection with Lagna Lord or Moon and is inimical to the day Lord Mars .
  8.  DBA Planets Ketu-Ketu-Sun Rahu-Mercury  Not good at all .15. Timing of the Prashna  The Navamsha rising in the Navamsha is that of Jupiter and is in the 8th Navamsha hence it will be a bad period till 8×3= 24 months  hence after 24th April 2020 could be a chance to secure a spouse though there may not be very good relations between the Native and the spouse. No alliances should take place till Rahu is in the Yoga Sputha  till 25th March 2019 In a Nut shell the Planetary Positions are not conducive for Good Marriage Fructifications although some Period after Saturn leaves the sign Sagitarius on the 25th Jan. 2020 could give Marriage
  9. Birth chart Predictions  I am not disclosing the Birth details for the Reason best known and for secrecy of the Native although I have the permission of the native to  put it on my webpage At the time of the Query I matched the 5th anter dasha Lord to be connected to the 7th House same as the Prashna chart and corrected the Birth details. The Dasha at the time of the Query is Rahu-Ketu-Rahu-Mercury-Mercury, In both cases the 5th Dasha Lord is Mercury and related to the 7th house , in the Prashna chart in the 7th house and in the Birth chart Mercury with the 7th Lord Moon also Mercury is also the 7th Lord from Moon in the Birth chart time rectifications are perfect . Also I have Matched the other events after construction of this chart and found amazing matching Results as per  other Varga charts specially of the chronic disease of the Father  as per the D8 Chart of the Birth . The Native is Born during the Day time on the Wednesday in Shukla  Paksha , hence Moon, Jupiter and Mercury become strong to give results good or bad . The  Garbshisha Planet Venus Maha dasha Lord is ill placed from 7th Lord from the Lagna, 7th Lord from Venus  and the 7th Lord from Moon.The Antar dasha Lord Jupiter the Karka for spouse in the case of Girls is in most malefic condition and aspects all the 7th Lord from Lagna, Venus and the 7th Lord from Moon clearly denying good combinations for Marriage alliance . Jupiter is afflicted badly due to the following Parameters. 1. Jupiter is Retrograde 2. Jupiter is Fallen 3. Jupiter is with Ketu 4. Jupiter is afflicted by 10th strong aspect of Saturn Retrograde . Being the Karka for Spouse and in the 4th house does not give good fructifications for Marriage . Mathematical Navamsha  The Sign rising in the Navamsha is Taurus  in the 6th Navamsha ands as per the Mathematical Navamsha the 6th Navamsha Nakshatra Lord is of Jupiter and as explained above Jupiter is in most Venomous state to give marriage , hence3 the Marriage may not be a good one for the native .

    The 4th , 8th, 12th from Venus afflicted along with 10th from Venus , Rahu is Dara Karka in the chart  and also crossing the 7th house in Transit at almost same degrees on the 13th May 2018

    MCL of the 7th house Ketu denies Marriage

    7P is Taurus and Jupiter has come back from the sign Taurus in Aries and Fallen

    Shukrarudha is Aries and has Ketu and Jupiter Most malefic

    Dispositor of Venus is afflicting Ketu and the Planet afflicted by Ketu is Jupiter and  has come from Taurus the 7P is extremely bad for Marriage

    The Dasha of Moon, Rahu and Saturn most Malefic for the Marriage being the 3,5 and 7th Nakshatra Lord from Venus the Lord of the 7th Pada 

    As per Declination Venus will come in the 7th house after completion of 44 years and dasha then will be Rahu-Venus can give some inclination and some Affair for marriage which may not be good one  

    DPYH Vedic Progression chart current one from Dec. 2017 to Dec. 2018 nak. of Rahu in the 8th house very bad

    Next year Nak. Jupiter in the 2nd house Jupiter fallen and with Rahu-Ketu aspected by both Mars and Saturn  again most malefic  for expansion of the family. 

    Next year in Nak. of Saturn and then year Dec. 2020 to Dec 2021 could her marriage alliance in the dasha of Rahu-Venus  when Venus will also be in the 7th house of Marriage as per declination, but not healthy combinations as the Dasha of Rahu-Venus seldom gives good Results pertaining to good Marriage alliances .

    D30 Trishamsha Chart In this chart the Lagna and the Lagna Lord have to be strong . Unfortunately the Lord of the Pieces Lagna is Jupiter and Fallen in the Rashi Chart and Placed in the 8th house of the Trishamsha chart . The Trishamsha Lords of the 6th and the 8th Lord of the Birth chart are Venus and Saturn respectively  and both are connected to the 1/7 axis of the Birth chart  The worst is Saturn also aspects the Trishamsha Lagna in the D30 chart  and is with Venus in the 11th house , The Cause is Greed . The 6th and the 8th Lord of the chart Mercury and Sun are placed in the trik Bhavas the 8th and the 12th respectively , Hence there will be no tranquillity in Marriage 


 Nut shell All My Predictions worked out on dot  for the Marriage earlier 2 Breaks and the father illness although she did not mention any thing regarding the same . Rahu-Venus can bring a bad name to her when Venus also is there in the 7th House as per declination and in the Vedic Progression chart the Mercury nakshatra and Venus aspects the 7th House can give a marriage alliance but Rahu is Posited in the 8th house of Scandals. Hence One has to alert from this Parameter Honestly Marriage is not the cup of tea for this native. In any case till 25th March 2019 she should not form any Marriage alliance since Rahu in Cancer sign is most malefic in the chart



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