A Query On Child Birth By Prashna Jyotish Using UniqueTamil Techniques

In this Article I am going to analyse the outcome of the query of Child Birth raised on the 12th March 2018 at  20.51 hrs New Delhi using the Tamil techniques . I have the permission of the Native to put this analysis on my webpage 

The Native was facing 229 degrees  south west

Colour of Clothes Light and Dark Blue

Ashtmangala Number 426 

The Body Parts touched by the native at the time of the Query was Leg


1.Ashtmangla Number  426 total is of Jupiter is good but immediate future is not good since the Planet Saturn is Afflicted in the sign Sagitarius and Remainder is 2  Using the  Vedic Number Technique and is negative for the child Birth.

2.Prashna Triangle  The Planet influencing the query is Sun Placed in the 5th house of Children has aspects by the 5th Lord and the Karka Graha Jupiter and  Placed in the Lagna Promises a child Birth since aspects the 5th house , but in Retrogression. There is no good relation of the Lagna Lord Venus and Moon with the Karka Graha . 

3.Colour of Clothes Signify Saturn and Venus and are not placed well in the chart for good fructifications there is also a poorna ithasla yoga and a difference of  degree, hence happenings with in one week, month.

4. By the first Letter of the Word for the query W is Moon and is afflicted by Ketu , hence malefic for the query.

5.By Body Parts touched are also not condusive for good Fructifications

6. Pancha Pakshi  This parameter is also not condusive to give healthy results 


The Planetary Configurations are not healthy in this chart for the Child Birth 

8. The Breath of the Astrologer on Monday was also not from the Nostril which indicated good results  

9. Let us first Tabulate the Panchang Parameters before we analyse the Chart 

The Day is Monday and the Lord is Moon placed in the yama of Scorpio the 2nd house of the chart for the Family. Scorpio is  an evil Yama  and the Yama Lord is placed in the 3rd House with the 5th Lord Saturn for the child birth. Moon the Day Lord is with Ketu in the 4th house and Rahu in the 10th house in Venomous Motion, all these parameter are malefic one 

Tithi is KP- 11

Nakshatra  U Shadha

Karna Bava and the Lord is placed in the 5th house of the Child Birth is not good 

Yoga Parigha and Inauspicious and Lord is Saturn and Afflicted by Mars

Hora of Moon in affliction

The Planetary positions are not conducive for Child Birth due to the following Reasons and need a study properly

1.The Lagna Lord Venus is having Exchange with the 6th Lord is a dainya yoga and a malefic yoga for the child birth .

2.6th Lord in Lagna and Lagna Lord in the 6th house.

3.Lagna Lord is not connected to the 5th Lord or the 5th house  or aspect of Jupiter.

4.Moon is weak with Ketu and not connected to the relevant houses.

5.Beja Sputha the addition of the Longitudes of Sun+Venus +Jupiter are falling in Female signs in the D1, D9 and even D7 which shows the sperm quality is weak  for the Women to conceive, since the prashna was raised by a male.

6.UDay Lagna has Jupiter but in Retrogression hence 3rd attempt can bring success, they already have a child hence next attempt may bring success

6. Al is Virgo the 12th house

7. CR is Cancer and Having Rahu is good and shows the women has conceived , but unfortunately Rahu is Poison in the chart since instead of Retrograde motion it in in Forward motion and is most Venomous, hence abortion will take place.

8.Day Lord is Moon and Afflicted in the chart and Placed in the yama of Mars a Malefic hence no fructifications immediately. Mars is also before the 5th house and under affliction by Saturn, hence some complications before delivery .

9.There is Poorna Ithasla of the Venus Lagna Lord and the 5th Lord Saturn But Venus is in apoklima house , hence no fructifications and shows ill effects after 1 Week/ Month since there is a difference of 1 degree in the above plantes 

10.Sun with Jupiter ithasla  is also there but Sun is separative Planet Placed in the 5th house. 

11. Second Child is also seen form the 7th house and the  Lord Mars is with Saturn in the Dual Sign Sagiatrius a prishtodayo sign is not conducive to give good fructifications  5th and the 7th Lord are in the Prishtodayo sign is not good at all.

12.Lagna Lord Placed in the Apoklima house and ithasla with 5th Lord no good results for Conceiving and the Birth of a child.

13. 5th Lord in the Navamsha of Sun no pregnancy.

14.DBA Planets also do not promise the query for Child Birth.

15.Navamsha Venus and Mars in own Navamsha is extremely good and Jupiter in the Lagna of the D1 Chart shows the Promise.

16. Rahu in the Arudha Lagna  confirms pregnancy  but since poison there will be abortion. This the Main parameter in the chart on which the Chart revolves .

17.The Day Lord and Hora Lord Moon not connected to the 5th house or Jupiter and is afflicted with Rahu and Ketu who are adverse at the time of the Prashna , More so the Native is facing the South West  direction and is governed by Rahu the worst Parameter for Child Birth, As Per Tamil Jyotish If Rahu is placed in the UL, AL or CR then the Women in question is Pregnant , Here the CR calculated is Cancer and  since Rahu is there the women in question is regnant but since Rahu is adverse  there will be abortion. 

18. Study of the Saptamsha Chart also indicates the above 

19. Timing of the Abortion  The Sexual Union between the couple took place on the 12 March 2018 in the Morning hours and was a conducive date as er the Menstruation cycle, Hence the First Month and is Governed By Venus  and Venus has Ithsala with Saturn as explained above and difference is 1 degree and hence it will take 1 month for the abortion since the second Month is governed by Mars and as explained Mars is before the 5th house afflicting the 5th Lord hence exactly after1 month abortion will take place . Amazingly the Querist confirmed the Abortion on the 13th April 2018 Morning when Saturn was also in Stationary mode . 

Conducive Periods for Conceiving as below  for the Future . It can only be after Rahu leaves the sign Cancer on the 25th March 2019 and when Mars and Venus meet in good Houses

 Possibility in Aries Sign 23rd July to 9th August 2019 in the Cancer sign

Most effective Mars and Venus in Leo the 7th house of your chart and the 11th house of the Prashna chart between the 16th August to 30th August and also till 10th Sept 2019 on the 14th Day of Menstruation .


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