As Predicted Mars, Saturn and Rahu The North Node On The Steering Wheel For A Rough Ride

Read My Article “The Fear Of An Earthquake Looming And Study Of Terrorism, Political Turmoil’s and World Economy” link…. I have written  a number of Articles on the global events and ever since Mars and Saturn have met in the sign Sagitarius  on the 7th March 2018 there have been Untoward happenings in the Globe . Now Look at the present scenario in the month of April 2018 the time frame from the 8th to 23rd April is a malefic one . I have Listed what ever has happened till now  and the same below 

  1. States gear u for Bharat Bandh today, Centre Asks Authorities to beef up Security link  Read My Article “The Fear Of An Earthquake Looming And Study Of Terrorism, Political Turmoil’s and World Economy” link
    In the foundation chart of India the Mars and Saturn conjunction in the 8th house and the 8th Lord in the 6th House in Transit over the natal 8th Lord Jupiter and in Retrogression may pose 3 kind of threats for the Country. Strikes, Terrorism, War Like activities and a Strong Earthquake specially between the 8th April 2018 to 11th Aril this month although malefic period till 23rd April 2018 as mentioned by me in my article stated above . The Transit of Rahu over the 5 planets in the 3rd house of boarders also attracts Brawl between India and the Neighbouring Countries The Dasha is also of Moon-Rahu Unfortunately. Difficult time for Narendra Modi till Nov. 2018. The significations of the th house may erupt suddenly again for the Ram Mandir after Mars Transits in the sign Capricorn for 187 days till 6th Nov. 2018
  2. Trump ready for WAR: President vows ‘forceful’ response to Syria chemical attack link US is running the Dasha of Mars -Moon- Mars and all the 3 are connected to the 7th house of Wars . Moon and Mars are well placed from 6th Lord Saturn in the D6 Chart but both Moon and Mars in the 8th house of the D6 chart Bound for action. Neither the 6th, 12th or the 8th Lord is afflicted , Hence US may Get success here . In the D11 chart for Wars . Moon and Mars are both ill placed from the 10th Lord Jupiter hence achievement in his outcome of Ventures may pose issues and the Brawl between the Nations may take an ugly dimension, But Dasha Lords are placed in the house of Gains . Dasha of Rahu starts from 11th Oct. 2018 not good for US and May suffer losses . These predictions are purely Based on the Foundation chart of US Taken BY K N Rao. Please read My article . Read My Article “The Fear Of An Earthquake Looming And Study Of Terrorism, Political Turmoil’s and World Economy” link and other articles connected to the Gulf War on my webpage. The Transit of Mars and Saturn in Sagitarius is taking lace in the 4th house of Russia and they are also the 6th and the 8th Lord of the foundation chart are bound for Trouble and the Country involved in War like situation
  3. India WAR GAMES: Thousands of jets and troops in drills amid fears of ’Chinese threat’                                          Read My Article “The Fear Of An Earthquake Looming And Study Of Terrorism, Political Turmoil’s and World Economy” link
    The planetary positions after 2nd May 2018 will be parallel to the Indo-China War at the time of 20th Oct. 1962 and in March 2019 they could Prove fatal in this Brawl between them
    Read My Article “The Fear Of An Earthquake Looming And Study Of Terrorism, Political Turmoils and World Economy” link… Proving on dot  The lanets Mars and Saturn conjunction bring Volatility Like the earlier times in the year 1961 as  Exlained in my earlier articles and a arallel henomena before the Market Breaks like the earlier times .

    5.  China Vows to Fight Trump Tariffs ‘to the End’ as Tension Rises My Article “Saturn and Mars Conjunction Proves Venomous. Mars May Prove Ammunition Dump From 2nd May to 6th Nov. 2018 for 187 Days” link :…018-for-187-days/ explains very well all the happenings across the globe specially the Trade wars between the Nations along with Brawl between the nations .

    6. Read My Article On Salman Khan “Salman Khan “Depressed” After Court’s Verdict. What Stars Foretell ? ” link…t-stars-foretell/
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    I have not used the Birth details and this Proves that the Prashna Jyotish by Tamil Principals is the Backbone of Astrology and Proves my Predictions on dot.
    Now the News “Live News Coverage from India Today Television” link…/live-news-coverage-from-i…/ar-AAmNIGL…
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    Salman Khan Blackbuck Case Live Updates : Salman Khan To Spend Another Night In Jail, Bail Hearing Put off Till Tomorrow…/salman-khan-bail-hearing-live-will-s… Read this prediction for the Jail and the Bail roves on dot. Read this Specially what I had written much before the Verdict  for his Bail Court Verdict at 15-00 hrs Leo Lagna and 0th Lord Venus .
    1. Rahu in 12th house
    2. Lagna Nakshatra Ketu
    3.Lagna Lord Sun in 8th house in Mercury Nakshatra who is also in 8th house
    4. Moon afflicted Badly and not in Kendra
    5. . 7th Lord Saturn posited in 5th house is and is stronger than Lagna Lord bad for Salman
    7.In the Natal Chart Ketu over Venus at exact degrees in the 10 house in Capricorn, difficult situation, since Rahu in 12th house
    .8.DBA Planets signify Bail Since Ven-Ven-Venus and Strong and Making a Rajyoga , this Parameter is extremely good for Salman

    7.China Responds to Additional U.S Tarrifs In Briefing 

    All this predicted in the Articles Mentioned above . The Fear is of the 2 Eclipses in the Month of July 2018 and Mars activating the Eclipse  points and proving ammunition dump and  187days  in Capricorn the darkest sign of the Zodiac may prove most venomous  for Tug of War between the Nationsin the Korean peninsula,  Indo-China, Gulf Countries  The Main Leaders Trump, Xi, Kim and Puttin will be responsible for the same it so seems

    Financial Markets behaving erratically and specially in the resent Scenario when the North Node has turned direct and has the capacity to turn the tables up side down and the Market may surge till 11th April 2018 in the present scenario. The Phenomena has been seen at earlier times as well

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