CIA Chief Pompeo Lays Ground For Trump Summit To End 68 Years War Between Koreas: What Stars Foretell?

This is with reference to the Media News “CIA Chief Pompeo Met Kim to Lay Ground for Trump Summit” link dated 18th April 2018. As per the above link  CIA Director Mike Pompeo travelled to North Korea a few weeks ago to meet  Kim Jong Un to prepare for a possible summit with Donald Trump which could produce a deal. As per the link  Pompeo met Kim Jong Un  Over Easter weekend on the 1st April 2018 for the Upcoming Summit between the North Korean Dictator and President Trump. This News Comes when Saturn turned Retrograde and is in Stationary motion and hence will not let the things settle before 25th Jan 2020 it so seems . On the 1st April 2018 there was planetary war between the Mars and Saturn and then a Degree conjunction which is most Venomous for any treaty since both of them in a Prishtodayo sign and Saturn about to become retrograde  Mars Becomes extremely powerful since with the Exaltation Lord Saturn and Saturn with Debilitation Lord and the Depositor of  Mars and Saturn is Retrograde , hence there will be minimum 3 meetings to conclude the outcome.  

The Korean War took place on the 25th June 1950 and it would almost be 68 years in June 2018 when the Summit will take place between Trump and Kim. From this figure of 68 I am prompted to analyse the position of the nodes since they will be in the trinal position from the Date of the Commence of the war. Let us have a look at the chart of North Korea first below

Chart of North Korea as per the Book of World Horoscopes is Below 9th Sept. 1948 12-00 hrs.

The Present Dasha the Country is running is Moon-Venus from 28th March 2017 till 27th Nov. 2018. Both the dasha Lords are connected  to the 7th house of Wars. Mars is the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord  and connected to Rahu and 7th house hence this dasha may involve the Country in war mongering activities and can be explosive . Mars Ketu Combination in the 12th house is all what Kim is doing in the Present Scenario and Explosive for the Nuke Tests, specially  from the 2nd May 2018 to 6th Nov. 2018 when Mars and Ketu in Capricorn will be in the square position in the 3rd house of neighbours from the natal position of the Mars and Ketu degree conjunction in the 12th house of the foundation chart of the North Korea .

There will be exact Degree conjunction of Mars and Ketu in Transit  on the 8th June 2018 as per the Chart below. Unfortunately as per the News the Summit may take place in the first week of June 2018 when Mars and Ketu will be in Capricorn and in the same navamsha . This is self explanatory for the results 

Transit Chart when Mars and Ketu Degree conjunct and possibility of the Summit 

Let us Now have a look at the chart when the Korean War begin  on the 25th June 1950

From the  Charts above the Planetary positions are comparable specially of the Major Planets Mars, Rahu-Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn

  1. Mars and Ketu in an Earthy sign and even they were in the same Navamsha of Aries just before the war
  2. Saturn in Fiery sign and in square position from Mars in Navamsha  
  3. Jupiter in Airy sign in both cases on the 8th June 2018 and at the time of the Korean War 
  4. 7th Lord Venus was in affliction by Saturn at the time of War and again similar parameters 

Natal Chart Combinations of North Korea

The Sun-Saturn conjunction in the 10th house is Bhandan Yoga , unless this Country has support  will not be able to survive and has to be dependent upon other Countries . Navamsha Fiery and Rashi Watery  is not good for the Country and shows as per Placement of Mars , the Country is War Mongering . The Sun-Saturn in the Navamsha is aggravating the bhandan yoga and the Country is bound for Trouble .Mars is Totally Eclipsed in Rahu-Ketu axis and is with Ketu is Most Dangerous for the Country Trying More Nuke Tests in the South Sea. China, Iran, Russia will support North Korea , It is also possible that North Korea may supply his missiles to Iran. There is a secretive plan it so seems between these Countries to Handle the US, Japan and UK it so seems 

The end of the Korean War took place on the 27th July 1953, let us have a look at this chart as well

The War came to a stand still when there was an Eclipse in the sign Capricorn and Mars was debilitated 

Now have a look at the chart of the 28th July 2018 of the Lunar Eclipse falling after 65 years from the day of Halt of the war

The planetary positions are not conducive for Compromise  on the 28th July 2018 on the Lunar Eclipse day rather they are in aggression and the Brawl in the Korean Peninsula may take an ugly dimension . Mars  Very strong , Ketu over Rahu and Rahu over Ketu reversal from the date of Halt of the war  on the 27th July 1953. 187 days from the 2nd May to 6th Nov. 2018 seems to be most venomous and specially around the eclipses in July and when Mars activates the Eclipse Points and proves ammunition dump as mentioned in my articles . It will be a miracle if the 2 Countries  North and South Korea Join Hands and settle their score .

As per the Natural Zodiac Mars and Ketu become Yoga Karka in the 10th house of the natural zodiac since the 10th Lord Saturn in the 9th house and the 9th Lord in the 7th house, This parameter is the only parameter which can give divine blessing between the 2 Koreas , but weak chances , but cannot be ruled out . At the time of the Eclipses in July Mars and Venus are in 6/8 axis , hence very low possibility. Once the exact date  and time of the Meeting is known I will again write an article to confirm the above   

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