‘Godman’ Gets Life in Jail for Raping Teen As Predicted, Planetary Positions Reveal Some Amazing Combinations

by anil aggarwala

“Asaram Bapu gets life term in minor rape case ” link https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/newsindia/asaram-bapu-gets-life-term-in-minor-rape-case/ar-AAwjv8m?ocid=spartanntp 

I had written on my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/astrodocanil/  at 11.30 hrs. on the 25th April 2018                                                                      

I have no back ground data of the case and predicting as per the time of the verdict purely. Verdict coming before 12.45 hrs seems to be difficult and may come when the Lagna is Rising is Cancer with Rahu in Lagna and Exalted Sun in the 10th house, hence Punitive Punishment for the Culprit and since the 6th house will be rising in the navamsha at the time of the Verdict and Jupiter has rays of 10 the 3 People will get 10 years imprisonment each it so seems .The Day Lord and the Yama Lord is Mercury till 12-00 hrs and then Sun Exhalted and Sun has Rays of 5 and since exhalted can give upto 5×3= 15 years Hence the Imrisonment between 10-15 years depending upon the time of the verdict but seems the verdict will come after 12.45 hrs when Jupiter navamsha is rising, since Jupiter is also Karka for children and this man exploited the children, If the Verdict comes latter then Saturn Navamsha will be rising and then the Imprisonment will be 5×3= 15 years , since Saturn is in the 5th Navamsha , and Retrograde . Saturn Navamsha starts from 12.56 hrs hence Minimum 10 years and Maximum 15 years. This Could be death like situation 

I again wrote at 12.55 hrs.

The Verdict has not come till 12.55 and now the Navamsha of Saturn is rising at the time when the Verdict will be announced and since when the Court started the Lagna was Gemini and Mercury and Saturn had Poorna Ithasala and Saturn is also the 8th Lord now when Cancer Lagna is rising and the Navamsha of Saturn a Punitive and a strict Punishment and may be life term and Minimum 10-15 years for Asaram it so seems



I confirmed again at 14-35 hrs.

Astrologer-astrodocanil- www.astrodocanil.com Life term will be given it so seems as per the Planetary positions the Lagna is that of the Dwadamsha of Sun hence Life term


I am now writing this article at 21.00 hrs on the 25th April 2018 and found some amazing Planetary combinations when I compared the Planetary Positions at the time of Rape on the 15th August 2013 and today when the Leo Lagna had just appeared at the time of the Verdict  on the 25th April 2018 at 15.25 hrs. as per  “Asaram Case Verdict LIVE Updates: ‘Godman’ Gets Life in Jail for Raping Teen at Jodhpur Ashram” https://www.news18.com/news/india/asaram-bapu-rape-case-verdict-live-updates-godman-sentenced-to-life-imprisonment-says-rajasthan-dgp-1728595.html
The Case was Taken up by the court when Gemini Lagna was rising and was about to Change to Cancer Lagna  and the verdict came when Leo Lagna was rising after Lunch when the verdict came 
The Chart is Below 
Also have a look at the chart of the 15th August 2013 when the Rape took place , I will construct the chart of the Leo Lagna with the same Ascendant degrees of 22.34
The Dwadamsha of Sun at the time of Rape was Gemini and the Court started when Gemini sign was rising and clearly indicated a life term for Asaram Bapu, but today the 25th April 2018 the Dwadamsha of Sun was Leo hence the Verdict had to come when Leo sign was rising after Lunch and confirmed that Asaram Bapu will get a Life term
Now also see some amazing Planetary Positions at the time of Rape and the Verdict 
Planet                  At the time of Rape                            At the time of Verdict                         Remarks
Sun                       Cancer 28.23                                          Aries 11.02                                  At the time of Rape Saturn 11.5 degrees in Libra.
Sun at the time of Verdict aspects degree-wise  Saturn at the time of Rape and Sun also comes over Rahu at the time of Rape
Rahu                     Libra 17.10                                            Cancer 17.05 and over the Sun at the time of Rape in close degrees . Rahu in Kendra from Rahu at the time of Rape exact degrees and in Both cases Influencing the Sun, Meaning Sun at the time of Verdict over Ketu at the time of Rape and Rahu at the time of Verdict over Sun at the time of Rape  in close degrees 
Mars                    Gemini  27.34                                      At the time of Verdict 26.40 in Sagitarius  Degree-wise aspect at the time of Verdict 
Moon                   Scorpio 6.49                                          Moon in Kendra from Moon at the time of Rape. At the time of Verdict Venus aspects Moon degree-wise
Rahu at the time of Verdict in Cancer over the Mercury in Cancer at 18.11 degrees  and Rahu 17.05 degrees 
Venus                   Virgo 4.07 degrees                               Venus  in Taurus 6.45 degrees 
Jupiter                   With Mars in Gemini                            Jupiter aspects Mars and Jupiter at the time of Rape specially Mars very close degrees   
From the above it is clear that the Planetary Positions play important role to give the effects , Here the Main Parameters are the Sun aspects Saturn at the time of Rape degree-wise  and  Rahu- Ketu Role over the Sun in both cases and , Mars the Planet of Act degree wise aspect on the Mars at the time of the act.
Life Term is seen from the Dwadamsha of Sun sign rising at the time of Verdict , both the Dwadamsha of Sun at Rape and Verdict are rising at the time when the hearing started and ended , When the Verdict was decided Sun was Exhalted and placed in the 10th house , hence strict and punitive punishments ,  Rays of Sun are 5  and Exhalted we have to multiply by 4 and not 3  which I took by mistake hence Imprisonment for 5×4=20 years and there are 3 Persons getting the Imprisonment  since Saturn is Retrograde the 7th Lord  hence 3 Natives and the main culprit gets Life Imrisonment and the rest 2 get 20 years imprisonment .
Astrology is most amazing 

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