How To Analyse A Query Through Prashna Jyotish, Natal Chart Through Uniques Methods Of Tamil Shastra


In this Article I am going to tabulate the Methods by which one can Predict any event using the Unique Techniques in Astrology 

Moon is the Karka for Mind and is the fastest Planet and moves through 3 nakshatras in approx. 2.25 days . Moon is swifter than sound and wind and  with  in fraction of a second can reach anywhere . I mean through imagination. For this reason Moon is the most important planet in Astrology. Placement of Moon and its Nakshatra Lord give wealth of information in the Prashna chart .

In the natal chart also Moon Acquires a special dimension depending upon it is malefic or the Benefic Moon.

Like wise Chandresh is the Rashi Lord or the nakshatra Lord  based on the time of Birth.

If a person is Born in the Morning hours from the Sun Rise to Sun Set of the Shukla paksha or in the Evening hours  that is Sun set to Sun rise of Krishna Paksh the Rashi Lord is taken as the Chandresh

If it is the other way that is the time of Birth is in the evening hours  that is after the Sunset to Sun rise  of Shukla Paksha or the Morning hours of the  from the Sunrise to Sun set  of Krishna Paksh then Nakshatra Lord is the Chandresh

If Moon is in own house the then Nakshatra Lord is considered as the Chandresh

Moon happens to be Ekadhipati being the Lord of only one house gets afflicted only once , that to if he is a Kendra Lord and a Benefic , getting Kendradhiati dosh, but just because he is Kendra Lord  we cannot say he is a benefic or a malefic Moon. One has to see the Moon is in Shukla paksha or in Krishna paksha. If he is in Shukla paksha he  is benefic and will get Kendradhipatidosh. Beneficiance is not taken from the Ekadashi to Panchami of Krishna paksha. There for the position of Moon depends upon the Tithi or the Lunar Day of the native

Prashna chart  and Other Unique methods of Prediction

  1. Prashna Triangle. The Time of query is the main parameter and with help of numerology one can find out the planet influencing the query (My Research) 
  2. Direction Analysis through the Naisargik and Tatlika Chakra and the planets influencing the query as per the same
  3. Dasha and Disha are 2 important Parameters in Astrology  and the Direction a native is facing at the time of the query acquires an important dimension and in Prashna chart considered as the Arudha Lagna as per the yama chart . Mathematical Arudha Lagna does not give the accuracy in the Predictions . Similarly placing the Gold Ring in the yama chart decides the Arudha Lagna , we can use either of the 2 methods 
  4. For Dasha the Dasha, Bhukti and the Antra play important role in the Prashna chart
  5. Ashtamangala Number  Mostly used in the South India.. The native is asked a number between 100-999 . The  numbers in this represent the past, present and the future  and the Numbers are taken as per the Vedic Numerology . The Number is also multiplied by 45 and divided by 8 (Ashtamangala ) and the remainder is found out  and the Predictions given accordingly.
  6. Colour of Clothes at the time of the Query by the native . The planets influencing are considered accordingly.
  7. By the first Letter spoken by the native for Query again to find the Arudha Lagna 
  8. By the Body parts Touched at the time of the Query , this calls for the spristanga rashi and one of the 6 parameters in the Prashna chart to decide the Strength of the Prashna chart . Also as per the  Tamil Techniques the Direction and the Body parts touched by the native give wealth of information about the native 
  9. Method Based on the elements , as per the first letter word  we have to see in which element the first letter word is falling  as per the below

 Vovels     Jeeva        Ill health

Air           Vayu         Bad results 

Fire          Agni          Bad and violent

Either      Akash        Very bad 

Water     Jal             Very good

10. By the Number between 1-108  . Divide the number by 9 and the quotient represents the sign and the remainder the Navamsha , Adding one to the sign is Arudha Lagna 

11. Omens and Shakuns at the time of Query . The Positive and negative results can be predicted from the shakuns and the omens accordingly.

12. Pancha Pakshi . This Technique is very much used in the south India and there are 5 Birds and the Bird ruling the Day and at the time of Query are seen to be friends or Foe and given the results accordingly.

13. By the Breath of the Astrologer from the Right or the Left Nostril  on a particular day at the time of the Query.

14. By the first Foot left or Right at the time of Entering the Astrologer premises

15. Prashna chart with the 5 limbs of the, along with Yama chart, 6 Rashis, Uday Lagna, Arudha Lagna, Chaitra Rashi, Spristanga Rashi, Navamsha Lagna and the Natives Janma Lagna are the Most important Parameters to give Predictions through Prashna chart

16. Relating the Planet to Planet analysis between the Prashna chart and the Birth chart to find the area of Concern . The Chandra Balam and the Nakshatra Balam have also to be seen at the time of Query.

17. Correction of the Birth chart with the help of the Prashna chart . 

I have been using all the above Techniques  and found most amazing accurate results 

Natal Chart or Birth Chart Predictions 

  1. The 5 Limbs of the Day. Gandanth of Planets, Rashi and Tithi , Dhan Yogas and other Yogas to be seen in the Chart , the most important ones is connected to Moon 
  2. Garbshishta Planets , analysing them in the Birth chart, Navamsha and the Dreshkanne chart. Atma Enters the Horoscope from the 5th house hence the 5th house acquires a special dimension and the Garbshishta should be analysed from the 5th and the 10th house as well  to see the strength of the Horoscope 
  3. Special Lagnas , Yogi Point, Yogi and Avyogi Planets , Dagdha Rashis, Exhalted and Debilitated Planets Giving Importance to Lagna, Lagna Lord  , Sun and Moon not to be in Sarp Dreshkanne 
  4. Dasha Sequence and Analysis of the Dasha by Tamil Methods , Bodhkan, Vedhkan, Pashkan and Karkan Planets . The Divisional Chart for the Particular Dasha is to be made like Saturn  D19 and there are special methods to calculate the same and unlike Parashar methods . For Dasha of Saturn-Jupiter  D16 of D19 to be drawn to find the concrete results 
  5. Mathematical Navamsha most Important to find  the strength of a Planet, Rashi Tula Navamsha and Tula Rashi Navamsha both to be seen to assess the chart
  6. For Wealth Venkataswara Hora to be drawn and Indu Lagna and Indu Lagna of the 2nd and the 11th house to be seen in the chart with respect to Jupiter . Labashama Chart and the D11 Chart  to be seen in a similar way
  7. For Profession the D6 chart of the D10 chart to be constructed to see the ultimate effects  apart from the 10th Lord , Saturn, Sun, Mid cusp Lord, 10th Pada, Vavasaha Balam along with Garbshishta Planets to be analysed in this chart .
  8. D22K, 64N and 85 along with Planets in Mrityu bahg to be seen in the chart . Specially the Mrityu Bhag Planets to be seen in the saptsalaka chakra to be seen for vedh by malefic or benefic planets for the Planet to give good or bad results along with the sign if it is of long or short assession. Dasha Chidra and the MMP Planets to be analysed accordingly 
  9. Vedic Progression charts by the Manu Smriti most important chart to give the Results of the year 
  10. Transit of Planets to be seen in 4 ways . Planet for the Lagna friend or foe, Planet in a Particular rashi friend or foe, Planet from the Natal Moon , and last but not the least the Ashtvarga Bindoos it has in that house. The Dual Transit of Saturn and Jupiter on a Particular bhava is most important . Also it has been seen the best Transit is when Saturn aspects any house by 10th aspect and the same house has aspects by Jupiter by 9th aspect would give strong results of the Bahva .Paraya of Planets is also important has to seen in accordance with the age of the Person. Sadisati and Effect of Eclipses in the chart to be studied 
  11. The Promise in the chart ,Conducive dasha and the Favourable transit is like the Passport, Visa and a flight available to travel to a destination
  12. Relating the Prashna chart, Birth chart and the Vedic Progression charts to give a consolidated Analysis of the Query. I have found these Parameters giving amazing good results though all this takes minimum of 3-5 hrs study of the chart and unlike like the Traditional astrologers giving the Predictions starting from the Lagna and the total scenario in just 10-15 minutes . any one can imagine what results could be achieved in just 10-15 minutes .
  13. Remedies Natural and From the 7th from the Moon and the 9th from Sun in the Prashna chart . Nature guides you at ever moment and the best way is to develop a communication with Mother nature and then most of the problems will be taken care to a good extent , Omens are the best in this respect .
  14. There is no match to Hard work, Passion and Confidence in life , then one can cross the most difficult bridge of Life this is the Nut shell. Life is like driving  a Car on the road and if you obey the rules one will reach the destination and if one disobeys then one will drive zig-zak and either caught by the Authorities or meets an accident , Slow and steadily one wins the race . The Astrologer part in the life of the native is to guide him when to take risk and when to take a back seat but work for the goal. Astrologer is a communication link between the native and God  and a Good Astrologer is therefore a boon  for the world who does his duties from the core of the heart and soul . Mantras and Japas build your confidence , but hard work is the key to success. Just Look at Japan . I visited in 1986  and found no person in the temple and found out why? The answer was the Natives don’t have time to come to the temple since they are committed to the Company they work, Committed to the Country they live in and Committed to the family , they just don’t go out on the Sundays since that is the day for the Family, though Friday is the day to Take Saki and Saturday depending upon the Native to go around to enjoy irrespective it may be enjoying by any means I don’t want to elaborate here they are Practical people and believe in Results .


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