Salman Khan “Depressed” After Court’s Verdict. What Stars Foretell ?

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I have not used the Birth details and this Proves that the Prashna Jyotish by Tamil Principals is the Backbone of Astrology and Proves my Predictions on dot.

Now the News “Live News Coverage from India Today Television” link

Salman Khan To Spend 2nd Night in Jail, Bollywood Backs “Bhai” In Blackbuck Case link

Salman Khan Blackbuck Case Live  Updates : Salman Khan To Spend Another Night In Jail, Bail Hearing Put off Till Tomorrow 

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan – convicted for killing two endangered blackbucks 20 years ago – will have to spend another night in Jodhpur Central Jail as Qaidi (prisoner) No. 106, after a court today said his bail plea hearing will continue tomorrow. The court on Thursday found him guilty of killing two blackbucks in 1998 and sentenced him to five years in jail. The Court will give its verdict on the bail tomorrow  after 10.30 hrs 

Let us have Look at the Panchag of the Day

Lagna Gemini till 12.35 hrs 

The Day is Saturday and the Lord is Saturn  and is Placed in the Yama of  Mercury till 12.26 hrs 

The Tithi is KP-7 

Nakshatra is Moola Lord is Ketu who will be placed in the 8th house in the Gemini Lagna Chart till 12.35 hrs. 

Yoga Parigha

Karna  Bava and the Lord is Sun

Sun Rise is 06-26 hrs  and from 10.30 hrs to 12.26 hrs  The Day Lord Saturn will be in the Yama of Mercury who is debilitated and Retrograde  and with Sun the Karna Lord 

Will the Actor get Bail 


Lagnesh and Moon are not in movable signs

There is Ishraaf Yoga of the Lagna Lord and the 6th Lord Mars 

Lagnesh is Placed in the 10th house with Sun and aspected by Mars the 6th Lord 

There is Ithasala of Moon and Mercury   and Mercury is Retrograde .

Close Ithasala of Mercury and Saturn

The Decision will come at 11.10 hrs and then the Lagna Lord of the Rashi Chart and the Lagna Lord of the Dreshkanne chart is ill placed from the 6th Lord Mars in the D6 chart , hence adverse decision. 

Sun is Judge and Placed digbali in the 10th house and the Lagna is adhomukh and Sun has the Ray of 5 Hence 5 years imprisonment

Moon is placed in the Dagdha Rashi and with Malefics  who become strong Placed in the dagdha Rashi and In Krishna Paksha. Moon is also in a Adhomukh Rashi  and downward looking 

DBA Planets Ketu-Mer-Mer not connected to the relevant houses

Rahu Kalam till 11.06 hrs 

Chora Panchak till 12.34 hrs .

Sun in Vish Ghati 

Venus in Mrityu Bhag and has poorna ithasla with Saturn the day Lord and also with Moon and Mercury also has Poorna ithasla with Moon

Lagna in Rahu Nakshatra, Lagna Lord in Saturn Nakshatra , Moon in Ketu Nakshatra

Lagna Lord weaker than 7th Lord and in 6/8 axis 

Lagna Lagna and Moon under affliction

Sun the Judge in the Navamsha of Saturn and Saturn in the 5th Navamsha hence the Imprisonment will be of 5 years , also Sun is digbali and adhomukh and has Rays of 5 hence 5 years imprisonment 


The Lagna Lord Mercury and the Moon are in the Kendra

The Day Lord Saturn is placed in the yama of Mercury and Placed in the 4/10 axis

12th Lord of the Birth chart Venus is not afflicted in D8 

Good Tara Balam and Chandra Balam

Nut shell

The Negatives are stronger than the Positives , but one Parameter can save the Native is the Moon and Mercury in the Kendra , although the chances are low but cannot be ruled out for the Bail and the Mercy of the Judge. Mars the 6th Lord is in the 6th Navamsha the verdict can be delayed by 6 days also. 

Moon is in own Navamsha and Moon Takes one Ghati  48 minutes  and Moon has completed 3.5 Navamsha  hence the decision with in  2hrs and 48 minutes  from the time of the opening of the Court hence after  13.18 hrs. This time is Important 

Decision coming at 15.00 hrs rediction added at 14-00 hrs when the Court announced that the Verdict is coming at 15.00 hrs 

Court Verdict at 15-00 hrs Leo Lagna and 0th Lord Venus .
1. Rahu in 12th house
2. Lagna Nakshatra Ketu
3.Lagna Lord Sun in 8th house in Mercury Nakshatra who is also in 8th house
4. Moon afflicted Badly and not in Kendra
5. . 7th Lord Saturn posited in 5th house is and is stronger than Lagna Lord bad for Salman
7.In the Natal Chart Ketu over Venus at exact degrees in the 10 house in Capricorn, difficult situation, since Rahu in 12th house
.8.DBA Planets signify Bail Since Ven-Ven-Venus and Strong and Making a Rajyoga , this Parameter is extremely good for Salman  for Bail


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