Mars Ammunition Dump Degree Conjunction With South Node Ketu In June, July and Sept. 2018 Most Venomous

‘Trump Tempers His Optimism on North Korea: ‘Only Time Will Tell’ link

President  Donald Trump tempered his optimism on North Korea on Sunday the 22nd April 2018, saying that “only time will tell” how things turn out, as US lawmakers sounded skeptical about Promises made by Pyongyang ahead of possible historic talks between the Countries leaders .

Trump is Blowing hot and blowing cold . There seems to be no confidence for the peaceful summit ahead  in June 2018

Economy in North Korea is suffering and Kim wants to take this route and may again take a U Turn unexpectedly.
This will be a Miracle if Kim abandon’s his nukes , since all the major wars in the world have taken place when Mars and Ketu were conjunct and near the Eclipses . Also the Principle of Mars proving Ammunition dump activating the eclipse point will also fail, when North Korea Foundation chart crystal clear shows the Dasha and Antar Dasha of Planets connected to the 7th house shows country involvement in war like condition. Further the Placement of Mars in the 12th house making him a first class War mongering Country  as per K N Rao. and Natal Mars aspects the 7th house by 8th strong aspect. The Transit Mars and Ketu in the square position from the Natal position in the 3rd house of the neighbours in very close degrees on the 8th June, 20th-28th July at the time of the Eclipses and then on the 26th Sept. 2018 when Mars will activate the Eclipse point of the Lunar Eclipse of the 28th July 2018 could prove most venomous . I utterly fail to give the explanations how this Man all of a sudden will give up his Nukes. This is something I cannot digest as per Astrology principles , but certainly good for the world . I wish My Predictions go wrong for the Brawl between Trump and Kim.
In My Article “Roman God Saturn, Red Planet Mars, South Node Ketu In 2018-2019: What They Have Up Their Sleeves ?” link…up-their-sleeves/ dated 23rd Dec. 2017 I have analysed that all the major wars have taken place when Mars and Ketu were in conjunction and Mars proved as Ammunition dump and activated the Eclipse point at the time of war. In the Present Scenario the Dates 8th June, 20-28th July and then 26th-27th Sept. 2018 can prove most venomous in this respect .
On the 28th July 2018 at the time of the Lunar Eclipse Mars will activate the eclipse point even before the Eclipse on the 8th June 2018 and then between the 20th-28th July 2018 and then 26th-27th Sept. 2018. This Eclipse of the 28th July 2018 ios exactly taking place after 65 years from the 27th July 1953 when the Korean War came to a halt and the Sour relations have been there for 65 years , at the time of the Halt of the war Mars and Sun was with Rahu in Cancer and Moon was with Ketu in Capricorn at 10 degrees conjunction

The end of the Korean War took place on the 27th July 1953, let us have a look at this chart as well

The War came to a stand still when there was an Eclipse in the sign Capricorn and Mars was debilitated 

Now have a look at the chart of the 28th July 2018 of the Lunar Eclipse falling after 65 years from the day of Halt of the war

 I have Actually taken the Ascendant of North Korea for analysis of 1.46 degrees of Scorpio in the above 2 charts for comparison. North Korea also has a sadesati  since Saturn is in the 2nd house from the natal moon in scorpio

Look at the Degrees of the Eclipses in both Cases is same 10-11 degrees in Capricorn is most Crucial for a big change as well, Mars is Exhalted and at the eclipse point of 10 degrees is most Venomous for a Treaty it so seems 

Let us also study the Significations of Mars and Ketu to fine tune the Predictions 


Mars represents armed forces, army and air commands, criminals. It is the Planet of war or strife and represents violence in every form including fires, explosion and armed conflicts. It also represents assassinations, coup. It represents proxy war and Terrorism in all forms , Manufacturing and Industrial Products . Mars also represents mass murders , political disturbances, Air and Train Accidents, Typhoons, volcanos, in minerals it represents Copper and Gold as well . It is believed in Astrology that when Mars is near earth and hence when at 180 degrees to Sun all Wars have followed. After 26th June 2018 Mars will become Retrograde and start its journey to be closest to Earth and reach 180 degrees from Sun between  the 20th July to 28th July 2018 . In the 20th century Mars was closest to Earth  on the 20th Nov. 1990 at 190 degrees  and the historic UN Security Council Resolution sanctioning use of force against Iraq for its aggression against Kuwait was made on the 29th Nov. 1990 when Mars was at 178 degrees from Sun, Mars was then in Earthy sign Taurus in Moon nakshatra Rohini at 11 degrees . The Chances of The Gulf war therefore are all the more apart from the other Wars in the Korean Peninsula and Indo China Relations


It is a significates  spiritual salvation Like Mars it is also karka for destruction, war Secret plots ,, sudden success and sudden failure, Espionage , Bankruptcies  The Conjunction in June, July and Sept. 2018 therefore may not bring good results more so Uranus laced in the Sign Aries and at 8.3 degrees and has very close aspect of Mars in Retrogression at 10 degrees. Pluto is Placed in the sign Capricorn the sign of its fall  with Mars , it is like Saturn, it rules over death, misery, the under world. It represents the techniques of making Bombs, Hydrogen bombs and Nuclear devices and Mars is conjunct with Pluto, Mars and pluto will be degree conjunct on the 28th Oct 2018

The planetary positions are therefore  not conducive for Compromise  on the 28th July 2018 on the Lunar Eclipse day rather they are in aggression and the Brawl in the Korean Peninsula may take an ugly dimension and also relating to the Gulf Countries  . Mars  Very strong , Ketu over Rahu and Rahu over Ketu reversal from the date of Halt of the war  on the 27th July 1953. 187 days from the 2nd May to 6th Nov. 2018 it so seemsto be most Venomous

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Let us see what emerges finally after 2nd May to 6th Nov. 2018 for 187 days the Crucial Transit of Mars
According to me there is a Treaty between the North Korea, China and Russia and for the time being Kim may take a back seat and supply his Missiles to Iran. Kim is a Hard Nut to Crack .
According to me things can change when Mars and Ketu are degree conjunct on the 3 dates
1.8th June 2018 at 13 degrees in the nakshatra of Moon . Mars also turning Retrograde on the 26th June 2018 could be another Parameter which could Prove explosive since Mars and Saturn bot will be in Retrogression till 27th August 2018 . Hence from 26th June to 27th August 2018 will be the most prone period for wars escalation
2. 20th July 2018 at 11.56 degrees in the nakshatra of Moon, just before the Lunar Eclipse of the 28th July 2018 . Mars will also activate the Eclipse point on the 28th July 2018, could prove Venomous for the Brawl between the nations and also in the Korean Peninsula
3. 26th-27th Sept. 2018 at 10.00 degrees, Mars and Ketu conjunction for the 3rd time can be most explosive not only for the Wars but for the Globe and there may be escalation of Political Tug of Wars, Break In the Financial Markets, Natural and Unnatural calamities
The Initiation will start from the 8th June it so seems and finally take an explosive shape around the Eclipses in July and then in Sept. 26-27th 2018.

8th June, 20th-28th July, 26th -27th Sept. 2018 most Venomous for Wars, Natural and Unnatural calamities, Political Tug of Wars escalation of the Brawl between the Countries,  Effect on the Global Financial Markets and weather cannot be ruled out , seems the Major Countries will instrumental in the escalation of the War and the Countries involved will be mainly US, Russia, China, UK and the Gulf Countries . As Explained above Korean Peninsula is also the area of Concern along with Syria 


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