Opposition Moves For Chief Justice Dipak Misra’s Impeachment; What Stars Foretell ?

by anil aggarwala

“Opposition Moves For Chief Justice Dipak Misra’s Impeachment” link https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/opposition-parties-submit-petition-to-rajya-sabha-chairman-for-chief-justices-impeachment-1840245 dated 20th April 2018

After deliberations for weeks, opposition parties today took the unprecedented first step towards Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra’s impeachment, submitting a petition with over 70 signatures to Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, who is the chairman of the Rajya Sabha in parliament. “We wish this day had never come,” the opposition said in a statement explaining the move and listing five charges against the Chief Justice. No Chief Justice has ever been impeached in the country. Sources say the Vice President will examine the motion and seek legal opinion.

The News comes at 13.10 hrs and hence the Opposition has moved after about 11.00 am and between 13-00 hrs 

Let us see the Planetary positions at the time of moving for impeachment issue of the CJI

Panchang of the Day

The Day is Friday and the Lord is Venus . Between 9.07 to 11.22 hrs. the Lagna is Gemini and the Lagna Lord and the Yama Lord both are debilitated  and placed in the 10th house  and this also shows the dispute may prolong and Results may not be fruitful for the opposition parties since the Lagna Lord is Debilitated and hence they may lose the petition.

Most probably the move must have taken place after the Gemini Lagna and hence when the Cancer Lagna was rising and having Rahu-Ketu in the 1/7 axis  and hence the time frame will be from the 11.32 to 13.42 hrs . Unfortunately there is Rahu Kaal from 10.43 to 12.20 hrs . and 11.22 to 13.42 hrs is also Agni Panchak. Abhijeet Muhurat is from 11.54 to 12.45 hrs. The Effect of the Abhijeet Muhurat is also coinciding with Malefic combinations. The Day Lord Venus will then be in the Yama of Sun who will be placed in the 10th house digbali and also Exhalted . The Day Lord  Venus will then be ill placed from the Yama Lord Sun, 10th house and also the 10th Lord Mars . The Day Lord Venus in this position will also be ill placed from the 6th Lord Jupiter and the 6th house. The Venus the Day Lord will also be ill placed from Moon and the Lagna Lord  shows total failure of the petition by the opponents .

Who is at Fault ?

Between the Lagnesh and the 7th Lord who so ever has aspects by 10th Lord is at fault  , since the Lagna is represented by the Plaintiff and the 7th Lord by the defender. The Plaintiff is at fault

Victory in the Court or by the President 

6th and the 11th denotes Victory in the Court  The Sun the Judge and the Yama Lord is ill placed from the 11th house /11th Lord and also the Day Lord  Venus . There are Malefics in the 1/7 axis  and the 7th Lord is Stationary and Retrograde , although the 7th Lord in retrogression is bad  and weak but since in Stationary mode and in the 6th house and also aspects the Moon placed in the 12th house the Results will not be adverse for the CJI and a Status Quo. Since Jan. 2018  several opposition parties have been pushing  for impeachment of the Chief Justice Dipak Mishra

In Jan. 2018 Rahu was around the 20-00 degree mark and since Rahu is also in the Lagna the Lagna degrees will be close to Rahu Degrees in Jan. 2018 and hence around 19.55 degrees of Cancer Lagna when they moved for Impeachment . The Chart is Below 

Dispute may prolong 

The Above analysis is merely on the assumption that the Move was after 11.22 hrs , if the same was moved before it then the Dispute will Prolong , but Saturn is Stationary and may quash the Case it so seems 

Querist will lose since the Lagna Lord is Debilitated if the Move is before 11.22 hrs and Gemini Lagna Rising and opponent will win

Nature of Judgement

Sun placed in the 10th house  shows severe and Punitive Punishment to the Plaintiff after 4-5 days it so seems on the 23rd-24th April 2018 since the Mars at the time of Start when the Opposition moved was in the 4th Navamsha    , hence the Impeachment may not be entertained and the Opposition party may face failure for the petition, Hence the time  for moving the petition is a malefic one and no concrete results for the Opposition party and hence may have to face humiliations 

After the Judgement which seems to be negative for the Opposition arty they may approach the Supreme Court . Mars and Saturn in the 8tth house in Transit and 8th Lord Jupiter in the 6th house till 2nd May 2018 is a critical one as per the Foundation chart of India and the Moment Mars goes in the 9th house and the Depositor Saturn in the 8th house  and retrograde will further escalate the issue it so seems and the opposition will not leave any stone unturned for the impeachment it so seems . The Issue may remain a hanging fire till 6th Sept. 2018 it so seems till Saturn is Retrograde 




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