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Trump And Kim ‘Expected Summit’: What Stars Have Up Their Sleeves ?

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 Some Media links on the latest for the Summit between Trump and Kim in Singapore on the 12th June 2018 The Latest: Trump to Meet Abe Before ‘Expected’ Kim Summit link What Letter? Trump Proceeds Like Summit With Kim Is Still On link Please refer to my earlier Article “‘Red Planet Mars On […]

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How To Enter In A ‘Horoscope As Per Tamil Classics’ In A Nut Shell

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Please refer to my Earlier Article “Garbshishta Planets Play Prominent Roles In Life”…inent-roles-life/ to connect with this Article  to understand it well along with another Article “How To Analyse A Query Through Prashna Jyotish, Natal Chart Through Uniques Methods Of Tamil Shastra” link…of-tamil-shastra/ ‎ I am adding here some text below for the Garbshishta […]

Analysing a Oath Chart

Kumaraswamy’s Floor Test Today, BJP In Race For Speaker’s Post: What Stars Foretell ?

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Kumaraswamy’s Floor Test Today, BJP In Race For Speaker’s Post link  Many Twists and Turns still on the Cards  in The Karnataka Elections and seems the New CM Kumaraswamy days are also numbered  As per his Natal Chart  He has Saturn and Sun in the 7th house of Alliances and Saturn will be closest to […]