Donald Trump Threatens US will DECIMATE North Korea if Kim ‘doesn’t make a deal’ What Stars Foretell ?

Read this News “Donald Trump threatens US will DECIMATE North Korea if Kim ‘doesn’t make a deal’ ”  dated 17th May 2018 

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Read my Articles all Proving on Dot The Situation is becoming Precarious it so seems as Mars is approaching Ketu and reaching the Retrogression point and then closest to Earth
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.Brawl between the nations may take an ugly shape in the Globe specially pertaining to the Gulf Countries., Korean Peninsula, India also could have strained Relations with China . The Countries responsible for an aggressive stance will be US, China, Russia, Iran and the other Gulf Countries
. Stock Markets and the Financial Markets could be influenced with dimension. Trade wars taking the most ugly shape , but till 27th June 2018 the Market could also improve it so seems , specially till 8th June 2018
. The Promises made when Mars was exalted may be broken specially those made when Mars and Ketu are not close degrees and not in the same navamsha .Please note this Parameter. Specially in regard to Brawl between the nations. Mars and Ketu Conjunction and in the same navamsha will be from the 28th May to 10th of June , they will be degree conjunct on the 8th June 2018. Mars and Ketu degree conjunction will take place 3 times the will be in degree conjunction on the 7th-8th June 2018. Mars and Ketu will be degree conjunct 3 times in this Transit of Mars and the Eclipse point will be activated 3 times , hence the Mars becomes 3 times more powerful then when it was with Ketu in Feb 1962.
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Lagna and the 10th House are dagdha Rashis and poor for good fructifications.
Moon connected to Mercury debilitated and Moon depositor are debilitated , Moon also has aspects by Saturn retrograde
Yama Lord Sun connected to 8th Lord Jupiter in Retrogression
Dispute will prolong since the Lagna Lord and the Moon are in 6/8 axis
Mars the Karna Lord with the 6th and the 7th Lord when goes in the 6th house of disputes will escalate the issues after 2nd May 2018 to 6th Nov. 2018 and specially when the Summit of Kim and Trump Takes place around the 1st week of June 2018. On the 8th June 2018 Mars and Ketu will be degree conjunct .
Day Lord Venus is ill placed from the 9th house , 9th Lord and the Yama Lord Sun
If the Summit takes place other than the time frame mentioned from 13.13 hrs to 14.40 hrs . it will be a failure completely
The Uday Lagna is Leo Dagdha , The Arudha Lagna is Sagitarius having Mars and Saturn and the Chaitra Rashi is Capricorn having Ketu and Most malefic for the future after 2nd May 2018 for 187 days ” link…/moon-kim-summit-on-the-27th…/ 20th April 2018
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Let us now analyse if the Summit between Trump and Kim would take place on the 12th June 2018 in Singapore 

Panchang of the Day

The Day is Tuesday and the Lord is Mars  .

1st Probability of the Summit could be after 10.00 am  The Lagna rising will be Cancer from 09-24 hrs to 11.26 hrs  and during this time the Day Lord Mars will be placed in the yama of the Sign Gemini  the 12th house of the event chart and having aspect of Retrograde Saturn who is the Lord of the 7th and the 8th house and has aspect on the 8th house Aquarius with its 3rd eye, Hence this is a Venomous combination for Good Fructifications of the Summit , If the Summit takes place in this time frame It be a malefic one 

2nd Probability

 Between 11.26 to 13.19 hrs will be Leo Lagna  and the Day Lord Mars will be in the yama of Gemini till12.58 hrs  and will be the 11th house of the event chart and aspects by Saturn as the 6th and the 7th Lord does not give  good Fructifications more so the Day Lord Mars is ill placed from the 7th Lord and the 7th House Aquarius and Represents Kim  The Yama Lord Mercury is also ill placed from the 10th house and the Lord Venus , Saturn is also similarly ill  placed  
After12.58 to 13.19 hrs  The Yama Lord will be Sun and is ill placed from the 11th house and its Lord Mercury, but this Time Frame is better than the above combinations for a summit , since Sun is with a Exalted Planet 
3rd Possibility 
13.19 to 15.11hrs of Virgo Lagna  and t5he Yama Lord Sign is Leo and the Lord is Sun, Yama sign has aspects of Strong Mars as the 8th Lord and the Yama Lord is ill placed from the 10th house and the Lord , Hence malefic combinations 
4th Possibility 
15.11 to 17.09 hrs  with Tula Lagna  and Leo Yama sign is good but unfortunately the Yama Lord is with Moon in the 8th house cancels all auspiciousness  permanently. After 15.58 hrs to 18.58 Hrs will be of Virgo Yama  and Libra sign till 17.09 hrs  This is also not good since the Yama Lord is ill placed from the 10th house and the 10th Lord . The Day Lord is also ill placed from the Yama Lord 
Hence it seems if the Summit takes place for which now the Possibilities are poor  the same may not bring Auspicious results between Kim and Trump and the Brawl between them may take an ugly dimension it so seems 

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